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For anyone trying to lose weight, you’ll know how difficult it can be and hopefully these amazing celebrity weight loss stories can inspire you to keep it up. Whether they’re slimming down to play a perfectionist ballerina or bulking up to a gladiator-esque stature, celebrities often need to change their shape drastically—and on short notice—to ace roles (or meet the expectations of a critical public). She once claimed that she never wanted to be skinny and the 25 year old daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne has waged a long, public battle with her weight.
She’s checked herself into rehab for drug and alcohol addiction three times but now, according to an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, it looks as though Miss Osbourne has embraced a healthier lifestyle, which helped her lose weight – a whopping 42 pounds to be exact! Kelly says she began to lose the weight when she competed on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars”, in which she got her exercise and danced her way to third place. And while she’s not a big fan of exercise, Osbourne swears by the Bar Fitness Training Method, a class she takes for 60-minutes, three days a week.
Kelly reveals that her weight loss is due to her becoming more conscious of what she eats and what she doesn’t.

An average day eating-wise for Osbourne consists of an egg-white omelet with turkey bacon for breakfast, a chopped salad with tomatoes, salami, mozzarella and garbanzo beans for lunch and a turkey burger with a salad of steamed vegetables for dinner. But now, Kelly Osbourne, the former wild child is slimmer than ever and photos of her dramatic weight loss have caused quite a controversy on the net. Her fitness training exercise program now also involves the fat-blasting ballet-meets-yoga-meets-Pilates exercise Bar Fitness Method. When she can’t make class, Osbourne gets her fitness training exercise done by hiking trails near her parents’ California home with mom Sharon and a fitness trainer.  Her exercise program consists of doing push up, sit ups and walking and by the end of the day, she’s gasping for breathe.
She lost nearly 40 pounds on the Blood Type Diet Plan but she gained it back before 2009’s Dancing with the Stars. Her new lifestyle has made the 5’2 singer lose weight (she went from a size 14 to a size 2, from 160 pounds to 118 pounds)! Many people have a dramatic weight loss while on DWTS but after the show ends, they generally gain it all back and for Kelly to have kept it off is an accomplishment.

Also part of her weight loss program from Miss Osbourne is to eat just a little bit of something that has no carbs and no sugar in it before she goes to sleep because it keeps one’s metabolism going. A friend once told her to take a diet supplement called Adderall, an ADHD drug that suppresses appetite a couple of years ago.
These pictures really prove that you CAN lose weight and look awesome – no matter how big you are right now.

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