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Our online food diary lets you record what you’ve eaten and find out how many calories you consume.
You can add foods from our database of over 60,000 UK foods and from our recipes or food plans. See the calorie and nutrition info for over 60,000 UK foods – including basics, brands, fast foods and restaurant foods.
Food favourites feature to make it easier for you to add foods you have often to your diary.
Food journal facility, so you can write about how your diet is going and pinpoint what triggers certain behaviour. Access to hundreds of articles including taste tests, healthy diet info and advice from respected dietitians.
But the best thing about the Weight Loss Resources' food diary is that you can try it for free. The number of food servings a person needs depends upon their sex, age, body type and physical activity. Review - Amy Winehouse at ICA, Londonby Chris Elwell-Sutton This stunning performance from Amy Winehouse could not have come at a better time for her, or indeed for her long-suffering fans. MPs broke cover for the first time to insist that Mr Clegg must go - with Vince Cable being tipped as his most likely successor. Here's a sobering thought: beach weather is nearly here, and the diet you've been meaning to embark on since January remains in the planning phases.
You really don't want to expose those extra pounds to the world, but you do want to put on your swimsuit and feel OK about it.
Despite what many nutritionists have preached for years, low-calorie diets can be healthy if you do them right, and can work wonders on pounds and inches in just a few weeks.
Clinical experience shows that somebody with a serious commitment to weight loss can lose up to 20 pounds - and two to three dress sizes - in two months. Best of all, if a crash diet is done right (and you make permanent changes to how you eat) it can yield results that will stand the test of time just as well as those slow and careful, long-term diets that emphasise depressingly incremental drops in weight. Conventional wisdom says that rapid weight loss leads to rapid weight regain, but a new generation of science is showing that slow isn't necessarily better.
In fact, fast weight loss - if achieved with a healthy, caloriecutting food-based diet - can bring long-term success equivalent to the more gradual weight-loss programmes, which is reason for procrastinators everywhere to rejoice.
National surveys show that people who do manual jobs - construction, farming and domestic work - are often heavier than people who sit in front of a computer screen all day. Indeed, physically strenuous jobs carry a 30 per cent increased risk of obesity in the U.S. Of course, comparisons like this don't factor in social class, or whether you eat chocolate or take a run after work, but that's the whole point - compared with factors like what we snack on, hard manual labour just doesn't make as much of a difference.

Even if your day is spent shovelling gravel, you're still going to develop a pot belly if you lunch on pizza and fizzy drinks every day.This is not to say exercise is bad - exercise is, of course, important for maintaining health, strength and vitality.
My laboratory summarised 36 years of published studies on exercise and weight, conducted between 1969 and 2005, and found that adding even an hour of exercise per day results in an average fat loss of just six pounds over the course of several months - hardly the benefit one would expect from all that work.Perhaps more importantly, most of the studies managed to get people to exercise only 30 minutes a day, at which point the average weight loss goes down to three pounds.
Men and women ranging from thin to slightly overweight volunteered to train for a half-marathon in a study lasting 40 weeks. The heavier subjects within this group were only slightly overweight, but even so, they were the ones who dropped out before the training was halfway through.
Which brings us back to dieting and how to make it really work and, in particular, how do you avoid common concerns like weight-loss plateau (when the body adapts to the lower calorie intake and slows down the metabolism accordingly)? Many popular diets don't cut as many calories as is needed, because they don't deal with the hunger factor well enough to go further. These diets do achieve short-term weight loss with a combination of small calorie cuts and low-sodium meals that cause water excretion, but once water balance stabilises, you begin to feel like your dieting is getting nowhere. The first principle of successful dieting is to get calories low enough to cause ongoing, serious fat loss. Several studies have shown that at this level of intake, calorie requirements don't decrease anywhere near enough to make your weight plateau, meaning fat continues to be pulled from fat cells and real weight continues to slide off. The second principle involves eating the right foods at the right time; if you don't, counting calories won't cut it because you will be too hungry or unsatisfied to see it through. Based on research studies, it's clear that liquid calorie diets - from meal replacement drinks like Slim-Fast - do work, but they are so desperately boring that few people can stick to them. To enjoy yourself more, go the real-food route and maximise benefits by ensuring every meal and snack you eat combines at least two of the properties that numerous research studies have shown cut hunger and increase the feeling of being full: high fibre, high protein, high volume and low glycaemic index carbs.
Greater weight losses than this might occur for a week or two if you put yourself through the wringer of fruit juice fasts, purges, or harsh detox programmes, but you won't lose any more fat - just water, intestinal contents and sometimes muscle.
The bottom line is that regular workouts are great for health and strength, but if you want to lose weight, the really important thing is what you eat.
Stock up on the good foods that help with weight control, and then keep those calorie counts down to make weight loss a reality this time. The singer has developed a reputation for cancelling shows through " exhaustion" or "illness", only to be spotted later, apparently engaged in a one-woman mission to keep north London's pubs and off-licences in business.
A crash diet seems to be your only option, but aren't crash diets unhealthy - not to mention ineffective - after the first week?
In fact, for some people, healthy crash dieting may work even better than a diet that lasts all year.A recent study from my laboratory at Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts, found that the slow and careful approach seems to be sustainable only by those dieters who are not sidetracked by rich food, party snacks and other common food challenges in daily life. The drumbeat of get moving to lose weight has become so loud that almost everyone blames his or her weight problem on not spending enough time working out. But when it comes to weight loss, it doesn't seem to be the panacea that it is often made out to be.

One research study in The Netherlands also highlighted the problem that simply starting and sticking with a serious programme of exercise is easier after you've lost some weight.
It's not that the overweight people were lazy, just that exercise is much harder if you are carrying around even 20 excess pounds - the equivalent of a large backpack full of textbooks - while you do it.
In practice, this means getting daily calorie intake down to 1,200 calories a day if your starting weight is 8.5 to 11 stone, or to 1,800 a day for those weighing 14 to 17 stone. My experience of helping people lose weight showed that eating three meals and two to three snacks every day and spreading calories evenly from morning to night is about as important as choosing the right foods when it comes to suppressing hunger. It's a physiological fact that the human body is capable of losing only a maximum of about three pounds of actual fat per week, even if you eat nothing at all. The recommendation is to eat 3 to 5 servings of vegetables and 2 to 4 servings of fruits daily. A small amount of oil or fat is needed but it should be used sparingly due to the high energy content.
Nor did the singer cover herself in glory at her outing last week at the Eden Project, if reports of drunken gibberings, forgotten lyrics and spitting into the crowd are anything to go by. Unfortunately for anyone longing for results by next weekend, such diets are pure snake oil.
But at the ICA last night, as part of the ongoing iTunes festival, the 23-year-old provided a spectacular reminder of exactly why she was declared best British female artist at this year's Brit Awards, and why she is the bookies' favourite to scoop this year's coveted Mercury Music Prize. Winehouse appeared on stage 50 minutes late, flanked by a nine-piece band decked out in slick black suits that were in keeping with the soulful Sixties vibe of her acclaimed album, Back To Black. Her tiny physique clad in a black and white vintage dress the straps of which fell down repeatedly throughout the show, Winehouse achieved instant forgiveness for her poor timekeeping as soon as she opened her mouth.
Tears Dry On Their Own, which made good use of the band's brass section, showed off Winehouse's breathtaking voice. Live, even more so than on CD, Winehouse's voice was truly soulful, not only because of its similarity to the sounds of the black soul singers of the Sixties, but also because of its effortless emotional expression, giving the impression that with the aid of a couple of drinks, Winehouse was offering us a genuine glimpse into her troubled soul. Pop stars and intoxicants have always gone together, leading some to imagine a causal connection between drunkenness and musical success.
But while it would be wrong to praise or trivialise Winehouse's well-documented problem, it has to be admitted that her mild intoxication last night added something to the performance.
Her sultry, glassy-eyed glare and the tipsy sexiness of her movements on the Sixties-style Me And Mr Jones gave her an intensity and air of abandon that would have been unthinkable had she been completely sober.
A dramatic change of pace came in the form of an excellent cover version of You're Wondering Now by The Specials, which saw hilarious ska dancing break out among Winehouse and her band.

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