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Fresh juices are best drunk on an empty stomach, at least 20 to 30 minutes before food, especially for detoxifier juices.
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If one of your goals is to lose weight then juicing can offer a great alternative to regular diets. When people reduce their calorie intake their body can suffer from a degree of malnutrition.
It’s also important to vary your juices so you aren’t always drinking the same thing. Lots of people add citrus fruits to their juice like oranges and lemons as these fruits seem to help preserve the juice. Whatever your circumstance, it’s important to realize that juicing can be a useful tool to help you lose weight. At Best For Juicing you will find a variety of information about juicing including how to choose the best juicer, starting juicing, the health benefits of juicing and many many delicious juice recipes!
Vegetable Smoothie Recipes – How Vegetable Smoothie Recipes Can Help Your Health and Help You Lose Weight Fast. If your primary reason for juicing is to lose weight naturally, the first step you should do is to detoxify your body. If you have to drink juices after meals, do it only after one hour or more to avoid the juices interfering with your stomach’s digestion of food.

The reason that juicing is such a great way to lose weight is because it maximizes the nutrients your body is getting in relatively few calories.
Combining a calorie controlled diet with exercise reduces your calorie intake and raises the amount of calories you burn. The less food you eat the more important it is to make sure you are getting all those essential vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids.
First thing is that vegetables tend to contain a higher concentration of nutrients compared to fruits.
Variety is supposed to be the spice of life but variety in the fruits and vegetables you juice will ensure your body gets a little bit of everything it needs.
Sometimes it’s handy to be able to make up juice to consume later at work or while you’re not at home.
You need an abundant amount of know-how and dedication to see results in your fitness plan.
Proper cleansing of your body system allows it to better absorb the nutrients from the healthy food and juices that you’ll be taking to attain weight loss.
Even with standard recipes, you are free to adjust the proportion of ingredients to suit your own taste. Juicing really works well as a diet plan because it packs so many nutrients into small space.
If you’re mainly juicing fruits with little or no vegetables then you’re probably missing out. The best juice to consume is always fresh but putting bottled juice in a fridge or cooler will help to keep it fresh for a while.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a city or town with a juicing bar then perhaps this will be an option for you. My life completely changed after I bought my first juicer and I hope juicing will change your life too. Now that you have decided to juice your way to a slimmer and healthier body, you might find yourself asking the above questions. There are juicing recipes for body detoxification, weight busters, energy booster, and stress buster as well as for beauty and anti-aging.
As you begin to juice regularly, you will find that juicing is fun as you experiment with your own juicing recipes.
Lots of people tend to like more fruit in their juice, especially in the morning and the sugar in fruit can provide an energy boost. The question of how long juice lasts after juicing is an interesting one and depends on factors such as freshness of ingredients, heat generated during juicing and oxidization during juicing. You may even be fortunate enough to have a small kitchen at work where you can prepare fresh juice. There is nothing stopping you simply replacing your dinner with a juice while eating a regular breakfast and lunch.

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