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My goal here at A Girl Worth Saving is to make the Paleo lifestyle straightforward, fun and savory, so to get your year started off right, I want to offer you a real solution for being the leaner, healthier youa€¦easily and tastily! Even though this plan is for 7 days, there is a good deal of wiggle room since there will be leftovers for several of these meals. Our nutritionists have verified that these recipes do not include gluten-containing ingredients.
Enjoy deliciously tender, slow cooked shredded beef for everything from Street Tacos to hearty Firehouse Chili.
One of our favorite things about this classic southwestern comfort food is the authentic cornbread crust, made with buttermilk. Better than take-out, this easy crockpot recipe has the Chinese taste you love while sticking to your clean-eating plan. Sign up and we'll send you the latest recipes, menu plans, fitness tips, and workouts each week.

You can enjoy those for lunches and even breakfast, to cut down the amount of cooking required. My problem is I don’t eat stuff like mushrooms, brussel sprouts, kale, Thai, cauliflower, squash.
We’ve cleaned up her version but kept the spicy goodness, making this chili recipe a family favorite. The marrying of ginger, soy, and garlic, makes for a mouthwatering dish, but black pepper is the main player of this meaty recipe. Dress it up any way you choose, from a dollop of Greek yogurt or sour cream to a little classic guacamole. To make it even easier, Ia€™ve built recipes into the plan to help you enjoy some of the best tastes that Paleo has to offer. I personally love to make up larger portions of recipes so that I can pop leftovers in the freezer for a day when I dona€™t have time to cook.

Made with all the right seasonings, and then baked into bell peppers, these are filling and delicious and will keep your diet on track without making you feel guilty. All the recipes are packed with loads of flavor while still being a part of our clean-eating meal plans. There is no magic order to these; unlike some a€?diets,a€? you dona€™t need to eat certain foods in a certain order. Grab your shopping list and choose from any of the following entrees, sides, snacks, and desserts.

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