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By beating all five of the biggest diet plans that offered food delivery and were reviewed, Nutrisystem finished on the top of CBS MoneyWatch list for the least expensive meal delivery weight loss program.
To judge the most cost-effective home delivery weight loss program, CBS MoneyWatch did analysed eight of the major diet plans by poring over clinical studies, tallying membership fees and food costs and interviewing leading nutritionists and weight-loss professionals.
I don’t have to think about what to eat, how many calories it is, I just have 2 smoothies a day and the weight is just falling off. 15 kilos now! Herbalife Formula 1 comes in 5 mouth watering flavors, including Cookies ‘n Cream and French Vanilla.
To be able to legally label this as Meal Replacement – it has to provide all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins for a complete meal – and Formula 1 does!
Usage: Blend or stir, 2 scoops or 2 tablespoons of Herbalife Formula 1 Shake Mix with 300mls of skim milk, soy milk or unsweetened fruit juice.
For weight management, replace 2 meals a day with a shake, as part of your Weight-Management Program.

For general good health, enjoy 1 shake a day as a meal replacement, or in addition to your regular meals. Formula 1 contains 9 grams of high quality soy protein, per serving, Formula 1 will help you feel full and satisfied. It will Kickstart your Metabolism and feed your body the nutrition it needs, while reducing your appetite and helping you lose fat. It’s rich in vitamins and now contains the added benefit of Aminogen, a naturally derived ingredient that helps the body break down food protein into free-form amino acids. Contains Calcium Caseinate, a calcium source which may be more suitable for those with lactose intolerance.
It is rich in vitamins and minerals, including antioxidant vitamins C and E, which can help protect against your cell damage. I began using Herbal Aloe Drink and Florafibre for a one week cleanse and then I started on the Shape Up programme with Herbalifeline as a supplement.

I have been on the products now for 16 months and have added Formula 4, Chitosan, NRG, RoseOx*, Tang Kuei Plus, Protein Bars and Instant Herbal Beverage to my daily programme. It offers a mix of 10 days of fresh frozen foods and 18 days of ready-to-go nutritionally balanced meals, plus free shipping and a gourmet money back guarantee. At Nutrisystem we pride ourselves on great tasting foods that will satisfy dieters' cravings, along with optimal nutrition and value," said Joe Redling, Chairman and CEO of Nutrisystem, Inc.
I choose which meal to have each day depending on what my plans are – sometimes it’s breakfast at the local cafe! I have so much more confidence and my friends tell me that my skin and hair look healthier and that I am an inspiration to them.

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