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Losing weight on the QMed program involves other medical options BEFORE we talk about what to eat. A Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) is a medical weight management program where patients consume 800-1100 calories per day. During a VLCD, you will replace what you normally eat with medically balanced and proven Optifast shakes and bars.
The OPTIFAST Program is a medically supervised weight management program that closely monitors and assesses progress towards better health and emotional well-being.
Narrowing your food choices helps you work towards weight loss and management by controlling the amount and types of food you eat.
To help you achieve and sustain better health through nutrition, you must make exercise and lifestyle changes.
Receive the benefits of individual and group counseling by experts who understand your challenges. First of its kind: OPTIFAST was the first comprehensive formula diet program for weight loss.
Ongoing Support: included both during and after weight loss to help you achieve and maintain success.
Lasting Success: 5 year follow-up studies show that over 50% of people who complete the OPTIFAST Program are able to keep enough weight off to improve their health long-term. Although some individuals may be skeptical about following an all-Formula diet, most people find this aspect of the treatment to be the easiest part because there are no food choices to be made.
The active weight loss phase is followed by a 4-6 week transition period during which participants gradually add self-prepared foods back to their diets.
QMed has sourced options for our patients that provide the correct calorie and nutritional foods delivered directly to your door every week.
For patients that are comfortable following a meal regiment that allows for more choices, our staff will work with you to put together a menu that fits your particular needs. Studies have shown that patients who log their food in a diary are 4 times more likely to meet their weight loss goals.A  The Body Media body arm band has various options to log and track your meals on a smart phone or from your computer or iPad. Through your local Safeway stores we can help you tailor a menu program, and for a minimal fee as low as $4 per delivery, your food will arrive at your doorstep within a 1 hour window of time.
All our food options involve restricted choice, food tracking and low glycemic food choices. We’ve done internal studies with our patients who have started an hCG diet at other clinics.
The Optifast program does two things well: 1) calories are maintained at 800-960 per day for a defined period and 2) the scientifically based formula provides the correct amount of proteins and carbohydrates the muscles of your body need to get the correct amino acid and protein combinations, in order to withstand the low calorie period for a defined time frame.
In most cases, after about a week on a VLCD, your appetite will be reduced to the point that you no longer feel hungry. Because of the large amount of weight loss possible with a VLCD, our medical team will monitor you very closely.
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By purchasing the Fit Body Boot Camp Groupon Promotion, you’re also entitled to downloading your own copy of the Unstoppable Fat Loss Formula eBook.
In The Unstoppable Fat Loss Formula, fitness author and founder of Fit Body Boot Camp Bedros Keuilian delivers the shortcut to breaking through your fat loss plateau and finally losing the 20, 30, 40 pounds, or more that's just been impossible for you to diet off. After over 15 year in the fitness industry and having worked with over 5,000 thousand clients seeking to lose weight and keep it off Keuilian came up with a nutrition plan that's easy to follow and addresses every reason why you may be sabotaging your fat loss goals. In this e-book, readers will find actual 21 day fat loss meal plans and grocery shopping lists that are calorie specific and designed to help you lose fat while maintaining muscle tone. To instantly download your copy of the Unstoppable Fat Loss Formula eBook just enter your email address below.
The fat to muscle to hormone connection, known as Metabolic Syndrome is explained more HERE.
Depending on your health, dieting history, economics, medical clearance and your goals, we have a program for you.A  Our doctors will discuss with you the many different food options to help you lose weight, keep it off and improve your overall health.
A VLCD is an aggressive weight management program designed for severely overweight people or for those who need to lose a large amount of weight quickly and safely. OPTIFAST is recognized as the gold standard for medical weight loss formulas because of the high quality nutrients it contains. The program, which usually lasts 12-26 weeks, utilizes a full meal replacement plan that transitions to self-prepared a€?everydaya€™ meals, in conjunction with comprehensive patient education and support. It remains the gold standard for this type of obesity treatment and is the program that others attempt to emulate. While on vacation you will lose weight, improve your health, and learn new, healthier eating and activity skills so that when you return to self-prepared foods, you are better equipped to manage your weight long term. Participants graduate to a maintenance diet rich in fruits and vegetables, grains and low-fat proteins.
These fresh and delicious options take choice out of the equation, and ensure that you are getting a well balanced meal delivered directly to you. With patients that are making their own food choices, we are requiring electronic food diaries that track and count the carbohydrates, proteins, fats and sugars in your meals.
With a VLCD combined with hormone therapy as needed (testosterone, bio-identical hormone, etc), monitored medical care, and prescription medication, we can help you lose fat, maintain muscle and change your lifestyle. Our providers may prescribe appetite control medications or injections to assist you through the initial first few days of transition.
You will require frequent evaluation in our clinic along with periodic blood analysis and other medical testing to ensure that you maintain optimum health throughout the weight loss period.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. The fat burning meals and nutrition programing delivered in The Unstoppable Fat Loss Formula are based on cutting edge science and copious amounts of new research conducted by Keuilian and his team of highly skilled diet and fitness experts. Included in the e-book are self-motivating strategies, easy to prepare and delicious recipes, and an accountability program to help you stick to the program and get the fat loss results you've always wanted. Before a VLCD diet is prescribed, there are a series of medical and personality tests offered to our patients to determine their medical capacity and ability to be successful on a restriction program.

Most of our patients have seen their weight rise due to a number of factors including poor food choices. It often contributes to the development of a variety of other health problems such as high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. During treatment they will have learned techniques to include small amounts of their favorite foods into their new healthy lifestyle. For three meals a day or 21 meals per week, budget $159 to $179 per week paid directly to the food vendor. The idea is the severe calorie restriction required on anA hCG diet plan will leave your muscle mass intact and only burn fat. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
This nutritious formula only contains 800 -1000 calories per day, which is the key factor in successful weight loss.
Optifast is a great program to reset your relationship with food, remove choices and rapidly lose large amounts of weight. With the help of specially trained health care providers, OPTIFAST treatment addresses the causes of obesity as well as its consequences.
This is most likely due to more stable blood sugar levels, consumption of a balanced diet, decreased weight, and increased activity level, even though the actual calories consumed are reduced.
Putting patients on Dexa scans before and after a one month period ofA hCG, we saw an equal amount of muscle mass to fat mass loss. The challenge of a VLCD and restricting calories below 1200 for women and 1500 for men is losing fat without losing muscle mass. The prepared and delivered meal replacements are often prescribed after a VLCD program such as Optifast.
Going on a VLCD program is extremely aggressive and should only be attempted with medical supervision. Muscle is critical to boosting metabolism and reversing the effects of Metabolic Syndrome (more on Metabolic Syndrome HERE). The Prepared and Delivered Meal Replacements make a great transition back to normal food choices for our patients. He dropped to 249 pounds in 30 days with 17 pounds of fat loss and 14 pounds of muscle mass.
The program is only used for a limited time and is only prescribed in conjunction with reintegration and education programs as well as ongoing maintenance meals to ensure your long term success.
We are very cautious and monitor your lean muscle mass at the beginning and throughout your program to ensure you are responding correctly to the reduced calories. With the average American spending $25.95 per day or $182 per week, these PDMR programs are not only comparably priced but balanced and delivered at about 1200-1500 calories per day.

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