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More celebrities and former dieters turn to emotional management techniques like hypnosis for managing their cravings, maintaining motivation and managing their weight. Recently, more and more stars have embraced more healthy, holistic ways of staying fit - rigorous gymming, yoga, meditation and new age tactics like hypno-dieting.
Here are some celebrities who have recently spoken up about their experiences of using age old hypnosis and meditation techniques - Jessica Alba, Madonna, Richard Gere, Sting, Halle Berry, Samuel Jackson, Ellen Degeneres, Drew Barrymore, Ben Affleck, Lily Allen and Tiger Woods. The Duchess of York, actress Sophie Dahl, and Spice girl, Geri Halliwell turned to hypnosis to lose weight. She thinks it was well worth it - she quickly went from a hefty size 12 to a slim size 8- just in time to make much gushed about appearances at Paris's Fashion Week. The site boasts of an innovative new feature, an interactive 4-question profiling quiz that tells people whether hypnosis will work for them after evaluating their age and concentration skills. Weight Loss In Your Sleep is an interactive new program designed to help weight conscious people control cravings, remove bad habits and program themselves for a healthier lifestyle.
In addition, the site contains articles and profiling quizzes to help people determine whether hypnosis is the right tool for weight management for them. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. As Popdust previously reported, Mayra Rosales unwittingly shot to fame after she was embroiled in a bizarre murder case.
The then-1,200 pound woman faced years in jail after confessing to causing the death of her youngest nephew, Eliseo—claiming she had rolled over and accidentally suffocated him. However, there were a number of glaring inaccuracies in Rosales’ story and a subsequent investigation found that it was actually her sister Jaime who caused the boy’s demise after beating her son to death with a hairbrush—she is currently serving a 15 year prison sentence. Mayra’s story made headlines around the world and TLC produced a one-hour special, following the 32-year-old as she underwent a number of ground breaking surgeries, extensive rehabilitation and physical therapy in her bid to lose weight and adopt her incarcerated sister’s surviving nephew and nieces. By the time Half-Ton Killer: Transformed, aired last December, Mayra had lost an astounding amount of weight and was almost unrecognizable from the hugely obese, bed ridden woman who was willing to take the rap for her sister’s crime.

Fast forward seven months and Mayra’s transformation is complete as evidenced by photos posted on her Facebook page.
It’s like night and day as you compare photos of Mayra then to the smiling, beautiful, confident woman she has become—but, don’t take our word for it, check out the gallery below.
Subscriptions Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. The key to weight control is balancing our energy (food) intake with how much energy our body burns (physical activity). The singer lost 80 pounds while on the weight watchers program and has kept it off ever since. During pre-launch testing of the quiz, it correctly predicted the weight loss results for an astonishing 87% of the test audience. The program retails for $19.95 and uses self-hypnosis recordings to achieve weight loss results.
These charts help you reach your exercise goals by providing you with clear visual accountability of your progress.
Exercise is no exception and this should help you stay on track to help changing your body for good. To lose weight, you must burn more calories than you eat. Exercise is a key way to do this.
Muscles cells burn more calories than fat cells throughout the day, even while you are resting.
However yeah Thnkx for spending the time to discuss this, I really feel strongly about it and love reading more on this topic. If you look at Jennifer Hudson before and after losing her weight you'll see a huge difference. This helps boost your metabolism. How much exercise you need to make a difference in your weight depends on how much you eat and what activity you are doing. If attainable, as you turn into expertise, would you mind updating your weblog with extra details? A medium-sized adult would have to walk more than 30 miles to burn up 3,500 calories, the equivalent of one pound of fat.

Walking a mile a day for 30 days will achieve the same result, as long as you don't eat more than usual. If you eat 100 calories a day more than your body needs, you will gain approximately 10 pounds in a year. The combination of exercise and diet is the best way to control your weight. AEROBIC EXERCISE Aerobic exercise is exercise in which you are continuously moving a large muscle group such as in your arms legs and hips for a period of time.
Walking can be a good exercise to start with. Every week increase the time you spend with the activity, do it more often or add a second activity.
You can increase the speed of your activity or the difficulty of the activity, such as going up hills. STRENGTHENING All adults should do exercises to strengthen the muscles at least two days a week. Make sure to do exercises that work on all the parts of your body. If you are doing a regular program of strength training (weight lifting), your muscles will get bigger. It is possible that your overall weight will increase, because muscle weighs more than fat.
Your body composition is a better indicator of your overall health than the number on the scale. If proper technique is followed, most people of any age can safely lift weights.
It is important, however, to check with your doctor before you start to train with weights.
Also, consult an experienced personal trainer or coach prior to beginning a weight lifting program. This can help prevent injuries and the loss of muscle strength and endurance that occurs with bed rest and inactivity. Exercising and eating right must become things that you do without question, like bathing and brushing your teeth.
Don't try to do too much too soon and don't quit before you have a chance to experience the rewards.
You can't regain in a few days or weeks what you have lost in years of sedentary living, but you can get it back if you keep at it.

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