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While many of the weight loss products currently on the market right now were made by third-party companies, modern medicine (the one which is made possible thanks to government grants) has a few tricks up its sleeve. There are so many different pills being produced nowadays that the concept of “having a pill for everything” has already made its way into popular fiction a while ago. Having the right nutrition and planning ahead are some of the most important factors on which your weight loss success hinges. Weight loss is one of the most mentally-pressuring processes anyone can be asked to go through, and in order to come out on the winning end you’ll need to learn how to be in control of yourself, how to react when you feel those seemingly-uncontrollable urges and impulses. Regardless of which weight loss program you intend on following, they won’t be able to hold your hand forever. Around 70% of Americans are either overweight or obese, which is why people are constantly looking for ways to get rid of unwanted fat and weight without having to starve themselves. Experts recommend that individuals begin with a low dose of only 3.75 mg of Phentermine and 23 mg of topiramate for a span of 14 weeks. Many individuals report that they successfully lost weight in just 2 to 4 weeks of taking Qysmia. One of the unique benefits of working with a physician to manage your weight loss program is that you may qualify for prescription appetite suppressants.
For patients who are not good candidates for prescription medications, we recommend a natural appetite suppressant called Capsiate Natura. If this is an immediate medical concern, please call our office at 720-382-2218 where you can be connected to a provider. Phentermine works by stimulating the hypothalamus gland, the area of the brain responsible for controlling hunger and the release of certain neurotransmitters, among many other functions.
It is very important that your Vitality Health provider check your progress at regular visits to ensure the medication is working properly and is not causing unwanted side effects. Qsymia is an FDA approved prescription medication that contains phentermine and topiramate extended-release. The doses of topiramate alone that are used to treat epilepsy or migraines are usually higher than that in Qysmia. The best candidates for this medication are those with a BMI>35 or patients with comorbid metabolic issues such as diabetes.
Please discuss any side effects with your Vitality Health provider so they can assist in making the necessary changes.
Tenuate, chemically known as diethylpropion, suppresses the appetite by affecting the central nervous system. Along with moderating dietary intake and increasing physical activity, motivated and determined patients will benefit from the assistance of Tenuate. It is approved for use in patients with BMIs over 30 or in patients with BMI of 27 and one other comorbidity pertaining to obesity. Recently approved by the FDA in 2014 for use in obese and overweight adults, Contrave (naltrexone and bupropion) is a combo medication used to decrease appetite and food cravings.
Contrave also comes with an online support program through Harvard University called Scale Down. FDA approved in December of 2014, Saxenda is one of the newest additions in obesity medicine. Vitamin B12 is a natural vitamin that is important for many daily functions and cells in the body such as nervous tissue and red blood cells. Indeed, there are quite a few medical weight loss options available to those who need to drop some pounds, ranging from metabolic rate testing and weight loss group discussions all the way to weight loss surgeries. Well, as it happens, there are actually pills which can be used to help you lose weight, with the most commonly-used ones being appetite suppressants, fat burners, and metabolism boosters. There are actually medical weight loss centers which provide individual meal planning services, something which can be done either in a group or during a one-on-one sit-down with a nutrition expert. While diets and exercise plans may be important when losing weight, they mean nothing unless you are capable of following them all the way. At some point, the work will be done and there will be nothing left to do but maintaining your body. Qysmia is a weight loss pill approved by the FDA or Food and Drug Authority, categorized as a diet medication.

Based on the reaction of the client to the drug and the assessment of the expert, the dose may be increased up to 100%. You must have an examination with the doctor to determine if you have any medical conditions that would prohibit you from using these drugs. Capsiate is derived from natural capsinoids and is the purest extract of CH-19 Sweet Peppers.
We can give you our spiel on how we’re the best weight loss clinic in Ohio, how we do things the right way, and how you should sign up today. At Vitality Health, we use a multifaceted approach to all the areas of life that contribute to obesity and disease. These special neurotransmitters cause the body to engage in a fight or flight response, which over powers the messages of hunger, thus assists in you eating less. For successful results, phentermine should be taken while engaging in physical activity and healthy food choices. Phentermine has been around for decades and works by decreasing appetite and thus food intake.
Typical metabolic issues that improve with weight loss include glucose control, lipid abnormalities, and hypertension. This stimulation results in an increase in blood pressure and heart rate, which dramatically lowers the appetite and at the same time increases the body’s ability to burn fat. Please inform your healthcare provider of all the medications you are currently taking and report any potential side effects immediately. In trials, patients on Contrave lost an average of 8% more weight over 56 weeks than patients on a placebo. Whether you have a small amount of weight to lose or want to become healthier to assist with comorbidities like High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol or elevated blood sugar levels, this program can help you.
We here at Vitality Health want to enable you with the tools you need to sustain a healthy lifestyle and live a high quality of life. When used in conjunction with diet and exercise under the care of a physician, it can be used to increase your energy by stimulating your metabolism and even help you lose weight. Methionine, inositol and choline are a group of enzymes and amino acids that help break down fat and aid your body in maintaining a healthy liver. Here is a look at some of the more commonly-used medical methods to lose weight which you can easily sign up for as well. Most of the existing pills on the market have actually been demonstrated to be effective, but be careful which ones you choose to go with as some of them have nefarious side effects that nobody should be forced to deal with. In addition to simply making a plan, they will also have you write a food diary, teaching you how to make detailed analyses and descriptions of what you ate during the day. Behavioral training will help you maintain control over yourself and manage your actions even during periods of great stress. But how precisely are you supposed to keep track of yourself and know if you are doing well or not? Net, individuals who have problems like high cholesterol, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes will also qualify. The dosage can continually increase over the next 2 to 4 weeks based on the response of the client.
People will get the most benefits by taking the drug with a low-calorie diet as well as regular physical activity.
Additionally, according to the new FDA guidelines, you must have a starting BMI (Body Mass Index) of 30 or more, (or 27 with one additional health risk factor). We prefer that you just meet Drew and see the difference Vitality Health has made in his life. Over the years he had tried multiple diets and programs, like Weight Watchers, without much success. We do not believe in fad dieting, but rather working with individuals on education, nutrition and lifestyle. When used in conjunction with diet and exercise can assist in an individual losing weight or managing obesity. Phentermine uses both the central nervous system and the hypothalamus to help diminish appetite.

Topiramate has long been associated with decreased caloric intake, but may have other metabolic effects as well. Contrave is approved for an unlimited amount of time with a diet and exercise program approved by a practitioner. Saxenda works by mimicking the intestinal hormone GLP-1 that tells the brain the body is full. This program using nutritional supplementation products depending on the individuals needs.
They also help in detoxifying the body and maintaining healthy hormone levels, such as estrogen. In the end, individual meal planning will take care of the nutrition aspect of the weight loss process. To answer that question, one of the most popular medical weight loss measures are self-monitoring tools which allow you to remain accountable for yourself.
There were studies conducted which showed how individuals successfully lost 10% of their weight in a span of one year.
Other things to watch out for include memory problems, diarrhea, depression, nausea, slowed movement and dizziness. If the person does not achieve the desired results, it is important to wean off the medication to prevent seizures.
Before taking the medicine, consult your doctor especially if there are other medications that you’re currently taking to prevent heart problems. Within the program, you’ll learn dietary changes, activity guidelines and healthy parameters that are tailored to you.
It also works to help Beta Cells (cells responsible for making and releasing Insulin) normalize blood sugars. Otherwise said, these tools will give you everything you need to keep track of what you are doing, allowing you stay responsible for any missteps you may take; there is no way you can truly lie to yourself, and knowing with certainty that you are making bad decisions will make you think twice about whether you really want to go down that road. Individuals with hyperthyroidism and glaucoma are also asked to refrain from taking Qysmia.
Both Phentermine and topiramate can cause loss of appetite as a side effect which is why the drug is very effective as a weight loss product. Individuals taking MAOIs or monoamine oxidase inhibitors may experience adverse reactions when taking the drug. Unfortunately, like most people struggling with obesity, he didn’t get any lasting results from either the diet or the exercise. In some cases medication may be used to help control appetite and cravings while rewiring behavioral patterns. Saxenda is not approved for patients with a history of Thyroid Cancer or Diabetics taking Victoza. There are also associated risks that come with the product so it is best to get familiar with the labels, contraindications and drug-to-drug interactions. Individuals with irregular heartbeats, heart problems and clinically depressed should also refrain from taking the medication. We recommend it for people who do not want to or cannot use prescription medications, and even normal weight patients gain benefit from using Capsiate. Our sophisticated analysis includes a total body composition scale that shows weight, fat percentage, muscle mass levels and internal fat that increases risks of disease. When January 2015 rolled around Drew decided it was time to start at Vitality Health and finally get the results he deserved. He was started on FDA approved weight-loss medications, underwent some nutritional counseling, behavior modifications, and utilized occasional meal replacements. Within a few months Drew not only lost a significant amount of weight, he lost a tremendous amount of fat from around his organs, dramatically improving his overall health and decreasing his risk for heart disease, diabetes, stroke and liver dysfunction. Since starting with Vitality Health Drew has lost over 120 pounds, has gotten off blood pressure medications and is able to work out regularly.

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