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We compare the two popular diet pills Adios and Zotrim, to see which is most effective in helping you lose weight.
Competition between these two diet pills has become very fierce, with stores such as Boots, Superdrug and other major supermarkets now stocking a wide selection of over-the-counter and herbal weight loss remedies. Adios is a fat burner that combines four herbal ingredients -butternut, boldo, dandelion root and fucus, all of which claim to boost metabolism and burn body fat. Some of these ingredients directly act as a mild thyroid stimulant, which help you burn calories at a faster rate. Adios also comes packaged with a sensible slimming plan, which should be followed in order to lose the most weight possible. Adios has been tested as side-effect free and is also suitable for vegetarians, and people who suffer from nut allergies. Unfortunately Adios will not stimulate fat loss in those who continue to eat the same diet and exercise level as before. Zotrim on the other hand, although slightly more expensive, offers both fat burning qualities and appetite suppression. This is achieved through a unique formulation of three proven weight loss ingredients, which help slow down digestion, leaving you feeling fuller for longer.
It also contains the caffeine fuelled guarana extract, which has a highly positive effect on metabolism. There has also being eight successful clinical trials on Zotrim, all proving without a doubt that the formulation promotes rapid fat loss, without changes to diet or exercise. One notable study proved that continued use of zotrim also kept the weight off, something which many diet products have been unable to replicate. More recently, Zotrim has been tested and endorsed on Professor Regans Diet Clinic, shown on the BBC in April 2009.
Lose a stone in 2 months or get a full refund – which really means if you don not lose your target amount of weight in a specific timescale they will give you back the membership fee.
Membership costs as little as ?29.99 which will entitle you to 4 weeks access to the diet plan.
Tesco Diets has been in existence for several years and is one of the most consistently successful and cost effective diet plans available to UK dieters. There are many slimming success stories featuring real life and ordinary people – rather than the celebrity endorsed.
The information given on this site should not be considered a medical diagnosis, nor is it intended to treat.The information on this website is consumer based and although impartiality is paramount some remuneration may occur. Slimming pills can be divided into two categories - prescription drugs approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) in the US and herbal remedies, which are not classified as drugs and therefore not regulated by the FDA. The main difference between the two is that prescription slimming pills have been tested in a full range clinical trials, and scientific claims can be made for their efficacy and safety.
Newly released is Alli, a half dose version of Xenical that is available without prescription from Boots online. Note that all of the above drugs (with the exception of Alli) should be prescribed by a doctor and only taken if you have a Body Mass Index of 30 or more, or 27 or more with related health problems such as diabetes or heart disease. Weight Loss Kit - Available from Home Herb, this kit contains dandelion root, Yerba Mate and other herbs reputed to boost the metabolic rate, reduce appetite and increase your energy.
Boots sell a range of herbal slimming supplements including Metasys Capsules, Apple Cider Tablers, BioFirm Danish Detox Plan, Adios, Potters Femmeherb slim aid, Zotrim, Dietrim and Lipobind. Appesat - Appesat is a new herbal diet pill made from seaweed plant extract, that makes the stomach think that it is full. Hoodia Gordonii - There is strong evidence to suggest that Hoodia Gordonii, a substance derived from a cactus, works as a powerful appetite supressant.
AyurSlim - A herbal formulation said to aid fat burning, lower cholesterol and reduce cravings for confectionery.
Planto-Slim - These capsules contain konjac-glycans powder, which help to quell hunger pangs. Carb Lock - Carb Lock is said to work through the idea that carbohydrates and starch need a digestive enzyme for their absorption known as amylase.
Products to help you take control of your own wellbeing, including Laboratory Tests (eg YORKTEST food intolerance indicator), 'At Home' Tests (eg Homocysteine Test, Bowel Disorder Test, Diabetes test and many more). All their products are produced in GMP and FDA approved facilities situated in the UK and America, and Bauer provides customers with excellent after sales service via telephone (normal UK office hours) and online form.
Bauer produces a number of other successful products including Capsiplex and Proactol XS and have enough confidence in their supplements to provide customers with a 60-day money back guarantee.
PhenQ is designed to be an all-in-one weight loss solution that offers the power of multiple supplements in a single pill.
Although PhenQ is not necessarily the only diet pill that offers such a combination of features, products that give such a varied range of benefits are certainly in the minority. As already stated, the theoretical benefits of PhenQ are very good indeed, but the theory will only become a reality if the product contains a combination of ingredients that are capable of providing such results.
Capsimax Powder: A proprietary blend that provides caffeine, capsicum, piperine, and vitamin B3. Calcium Carbonate: Scientific study carried out at Creighton University (USA) suggests supplementation with calcium may encourage weight loss. L Carnitine Furmarate: An amino acid that can support the fat burning process and help protect against diet-related fatigue. Side effects are unlikely to be a problem, but Bauer warns the formulation is unsuitable for pregnant women or mothers who are nursing a child. The PhenQ formulation contains some effective ingredients that should be able to produce the kind of results Bauer promises. Last year there is little doubt that raspberry ketone was the most popular diet tablet on an almost worldwide stage. Now it appears to be the turn of Garcinia Cambogia and it looks set to even eclipse the success of raspberry ketone as its fat inhibiting, fat burning and appetite suppressing capabilities look to be superior in certain areas.
Has the potential to be one of the fastest selling non-prescription diet tablets in not just the UK but the world over. It is formulated in the UK and ships to all countries that allow free trade, there is also a money back guarantee on all orders.

It is classed as a superfruit (as is raspberry ketone) it is grown in South East Asia and has been used in traditional cooking for centuries.
Its appearance is similar to that of a pumpkin, it is usually either yellow or green and occasionally pink.
Take one capsule in the morning before a meal – it is import to take at least half and hour if not 45 minutes before eating the capsule works best on an empty stomach.
Although results obviously vary there have been reports of between 4lbs and 10lbs per month if used as suggested. As alluded to above the best example of a UK oriented brand is Garcinia Cambogia Extra – including additional 200mg of raspberry ketone. It is priced at ?34.99 which is excellent value considering there are two superfruits in their correct dosage present.
There are also discounts available on multiple month packages – for example a 6 month package works out around ?17 per bottle.
Acide Hydroxycitrique, AHC, Brindal Berry, Brindle Berry, Cambogia gummi-guta, Garcinia Cambogi, Garcinia cambogia, Garcinia gummi-guta, Garcinia quaesita, Gorikapuli, Hydroxycitrate, Hydroxycitric Acid, HCA, Kankusta, Malabar Tamarind, Mangostana cambogia, Tamarinier de Malabar, Vrikshamla.
XLS Medical Fat Binder is the current darling of the media with regular prime time TV appearances in the UK. Often confused with XLS Calorie Reducer – a similar but completely different product. XLS Medical Fat Binder is made of Litramine a plant extract and is gentle on the digestive system. Its complex organic structure reacts with the unwanted fat in food and form a large sticky fat-fiber combo which is too large to go through the thin and delicate walls of small intestine. Besides fat control, this product keeps surveillance of hunger frequency and thus cut off further calorie intake. XLS medical fat binder applies circulation technology to promote an orderly release of Litramine and then fat-soluble vitamins from body.
Those who have BMI index below to 18.5 should refrain from availing XLS Medical weight loss formula. This product is available for purchase from official website and through many third party stockists and outlets. The product is extensively marketed and a favorable review has been published in the popular for weight management solutions journal Obesity, which is the official journal of The Obesity Society published by Wiley-Blackwell.
Following these results of clinical trials, reports, reviews, and user feedbacks one can assume that this product is definitely worth a try for those who are serious about losing weight. We wouldnt prevent a purchase but there are alternative products that do they same thing but basically better and cheaper. Carrying on from the above comment – PhenQ is arguably the best example of a commercial fat blocking diet pill. You may have heard about Quantrim, the new diet tablet that has just been released into the UK market. There is currently a special offer on the official website – Buy One Get One Free on selected packages. Quantrim has been coined the seaweed diet tablet with an obvious reference to one of its ingredients – bladderwrack (proper name Bladderwrack Fucus vesiculosus) is a variety of seaweed that inhabits the North Sea.
The other Ingredient that is somewhat playing second fiddle to bladderwrack is plant called Cleavers Galium aparine – or just cleavers for short.
It has the ability to reduce bloating – one of the commonalities to being overweight is fluid retention.
Increase metabolism – speed up the way in which the body can process newly introduced food, vitamins and minerals.
Burn fat – Quantrim can help to burn calories and fat from the stubborn areas such as stomach, buttock, upper arms and thighs. Made from completely natural ingredients it will not pose any health problems if taken as suggested. Chantelle was snapped leaving her house clutching a bottle of Capsiplex while preparing to drive to the shops for the weekly shop.
Chantelle recently gave birth to a baby girl and is said to be horrified by the baby weight that she not be able to get rid of. Capsiplex is a natural slimming supplement made from red hot chili peppers (capsicums) that can help reduce your calorie intake by 280 a day. Capsiplex is arguably the best selling and most popular diet pill used by Brits – it does not require a prescription and does cause side effects if used in accordance with manufacturers directives. Capsiplex has been responsible for several other celebrity weight loss successes, with the most notable being former Emmerdale actress Roxanne Pallet.
Diet Advisor offers consumer advice about weight loss, diet and slimming and the various products that are available to either buy or obtain via prescription.
The makers of Adios have recently started a mass media campaign in response to the release of Zotrim. Although the boost in metabolism will help burn more calories, it will not be enough to give dramatic results on its own. It was concluded that Zotrim was a safe and effective way to lose weight, and beat many other hopefuls which were almost twice as expensive.
However, Zotrim has the medical backing, the proven formulation and the fact that you can get results without changing your diet or lifestyle. Manufacturers of herbal remedies may rely on smaller scale clinical testing, or on anecdotal evidence to support claims that they promote weight loss. Xenical works in your digestive system to block about one-third of the fat in the food you eat from being digested. There are side effects associated with all these drugs, it will be still necessary to diet and exercise, and with Xenical and Alli in particular you will need to follow a low fat diet. Other slimming products are also available including Bladderwrack (for cellulite and an underactive thyroid), and Psyllium Husk, a concentrated form of fibre to fill you up and aid the transit of food through the alimentary canal (especially useful if you are following the Atkins Diet). In addition, when you shop with Boots online you still get advantage card points and lots of weboffers including 3 for 2 and save 20% on healthcare. Appesat works by stretching the wall of the stomach, which stimulates receptors in the brain to think that the stomach is full.

Certain members of the bean family actually block the action of amylases, so the theory is that a large portion of the carbohydrates eaten pass straight through the digestive track and out of our system without being digested. However, it is possible that Bauer considers PhenQ to be their most effective weight loss product to date because they have created a dedicated website for it rather than include it in the inventory available at their main online store.
Many similar products focus on appetite suppression and fat burning and, perhaps, offer one or two additional features for added support.
This alone should be enough to help most people lose weight because if the body does not get enough (food-provided) calories it will begin burning its fat. Bauer has added it to PhenQ as the main metabolism booster and fat burner, but a-LACYS RESET is a versatile ingredient that reduces oxidative stress and may have the potential to delay the ageing process. All four can support fat burning by boosting the metabolism and piperine has an added ability—it improves the absorption of other ingredients.
Many experts believe calcium may also be capable of discouraging the growth of fresh fat cells. Caffeine also possesses appetite supressing abilities and can further assist weight loss by speeding up the metabolism.
Chromium has the ability to balance blood sugar levels and has been a popular fat burning ingredient since the 1950s.
Many customers state PhenQ has helped them to lose weight and Bauer is offering a 60-day money back guarantee.
Each bottle has a price tag of ?45.95 (correct at the time of this review) and should last for 30 days when used in the recommended manner. The phenomenon that started in the US quickly spread in to Canada then across to Europe and the UK, France, Germany and Italy and touched Australia. It can rival some of the strongest fat burners with the added advantage of not being stimulant based – so no jitters, no insomnia and no nausea.
Perhaps even more importantly there are no free trials that have the propensity to not be exactly free.
It ias only very recently that is has been found to have a profound effect on body in terms of inhibiting the production of fat cells. The main function of this dietary supplement is to control and restrict the assimilation of dietary fat in body which induces extra weight in body.
Regular intake of this weight loss supplement control cholesterol and blood sugar levels and thus keeps the sugar cravings away. With regular exercise and recommended food intake regular intake of XLS-Medical will help its consumers in 3-times faster weight loss than normal dieting formulae. It is a combination diet tablet that also includes a well researched and expertly put together diet program by the well versed and world renowned Dr Alfred.
Its benefits have been harnessed by many civilisations over several centuries as a not just a weight loss aid but for its over all health benefits. It grows naturally in North America and Eurasia and also has tremendous weight loss benefits.
When we take on food the food that we do not need gets stored as fat reserves Most us eat more than we need hence a major reason why we are overweight. Quantrim contains an ingredient that help to reduce out appetite so that we do not feel the need to snack. Rather than risk extreme measures such as surgery or liposuction she would prefer to use something that is slightly more natural. Discuss with your doctor whether any of these drugs are right for you before ordering them online. The drug's effect is similar to that exhibited by gastric balloons, which are inserted surgically to create the same effect. In clinical trials, it has been shown to remove on average over a quarter of undigested fat, which equates to almost 150 calories per meal. In addition, they enclose food as it travels through the digestive system, leading to a reduction in the absorption of calories. Products that offer several combined benefits generally offer dieters the best chance of success and the five weight loss benefits attributed to PhenQ should (in theory) ensure excellent results. However, PhenQ is designed to accelerate the normal fat burning process and prevent the body from replenishing its stores of fat. Nopal extracts are usually associated with fat blocking and appetite suppression, but the ingredient also appears to be capable of discouraging fluid retention. Anyone who has existing health problems or is taking medication should discuss the matter with a doctor prior to commencing supplementation. This product has everything going for it and customers who buy it and try it have nothing to lose. There are no gimmicks, you buy it, you use it  and hopefully it works but if it does not you get a refund.
We are also less likely to eat a large food portion, this cuts daily calorie consumption significantly.
All articles, reviews and images are the property of Diet Advisor and cannot be used by any third party unless permitted to do so. It works by blocking the nerve cells that release and reabsorb serotonin, a brain chemical connected with appetite. The other two benefits promised for PhenQ (boosted energy and improved mood) should prevent any energy dips that may result from a low-calorie lifestyle and lessen the likelihood of diet-related crankiness. An increase in muscle mass is much to be desired because each additional pound of muscle gained will burn an extra 6-10 calories per day. Clinical trials have been carried out, with volunteers losing an average of 21 lbs over a three month period.

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