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The Body Makeover Diet is based upon low-calorie meals with a total daily intake of no more than 1200 calories. It is vital to understand that every person has a unique natural body shape and metabolism.
By designing a custom diet and exercise program to suit your metabolism and blood type, the Body Makeover Diet will allow you to lose weight efficiently. The key to the body makeover diet is understanding that your own unique metabolism and body type react to the proper combination of foods for your metabolism rate. With the six week body makeover diet plan you don’t simply count calories and reduce food consumption. Michael Thurmond also believes that frequent eating speeds up the dieter’s metabolism, so that he or she will burn calories more quickly. The Six Week Body Makeover Diet is intended to help people lose a lot of weight in a hurry.
The 6 Week Body Make over program provides an eating plan for each meal, tailored for each person’s unique metabolism, such that they can lose up to 30 pounds in six weeks. The plan explains how to use the right foods in the right combinations, the right amounts, and at the right time of day in order to make your metabolism run faster and burn more calories. Individuals on medication or with special medical conditions should consult with their physician or health care specialist before beginning this ambitious weight loss plan.

The Dukan Diet plan has also been successful, but these two diet plans differ significantly.
The information on this website is for general informational use and is not intended to constitute medical advice, probable diagnosis, or recommended treatments. To succeed on this diet plan, it will be important to learn about your individual body type and how your metabolism breaks down the food you are consuming. To get started, the 6 Week Body Makeover program begins with a questionnaire, which helps you understand which type of metabolism you have and the foods that are best suited for it. Therefore, the number of calories consumed throughout the day is low, but they are distributed evenly between five or six meals. Michael Thurmond says this tricks the body into thinking that plenty of food is available so it will stop storing fat. For example, eating fish can slow the aging process as well as improve the look of the dieter’s skin. The plan uses a variety of diet and exercise techniques to boost metabolism and burn more calories.
In addition, the plan offers dietary advice for participants who suffer from food allergies, hypoglycemia, and high or low blood pressure.
Lots of people have been able to burn off fat and speed up their metabolism by applying the principles of this diet and exercise regimen.

Foods that are low in calories and high in protein like egg whites, fish, vegetables, and some fruits are normally part of the diet. When you understand your body and why you tend to gain weight, you will then understand that there are proper ways to deal with your daily life based on your own unique metabolism. Because these foods contain high levels of calcium, participants should consider taking calcium supplements while on the diet to prevent calcium deficiency. Proper hydration is key to many of the body’s functions, and water promotes weight loss and general good health. The program promises that a person’s body will change shape dramatically in just six weeks. 2 minutes agoWebMD --> How to make a healthy, delicious, and satisfying salad -- in 5 steps.

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