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We know some people struggle to keep their weight down after faddish diets, and not everyone is a suitable candidate for surgery.
The Hospital Group’s Made to Measure programme is a new approach to intensive, non-invasive weight loss, offering a personalised solution when ‘one size fits all’ diets have failed. Made to Measure – a hormone naturally present in men and women, which has the effect of increasing the metabolism.
We administer Made to Measure orally in carefully controlled doses during the three stages of the diet plan.
The plan starts with an in-depth consultation with a Hospital Group doctor, who will examine you, take your medical history and answer any questions you may have about the treatment. During the two-day Loading phase, you consume a large quantity of high-calorie foods to prepare for the very low-calorie intake that follows, as well as a daily dose of Made to Measure. Your diet is individually planned for you, and on this extremely restricted intake, you should lose 1-2 lbs a day. The key to the widely-recognised success of the Made to Measure diet is the Stabilisation phase, lasting a further 21 days, during which you will continue to take Made to Measure under close supervision. Under a normal course of treatment, women can expect to lose 20-28 lbs and men 30-38 lbs, provided they stick to the Made to Measure programme. Our new weight loss program consists of a series of injections to suppress appetite and increase your body’s metabolism.
If you’re looking for an energy boost and would like to try and shed some pounds at the same time, then this could be the treatment for you.
The injections and intravenous infusion deliver a wide variety of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals and amino acids directly into the body’s bloodstream for maximum absorption. The IVitality weight loss program last for 4 weeks, and patients will have a one-to-one consultation with a nurse prior to treatment.
Anne found the diet hard to follow at first, she could have few treats and found it difficult to count calories but as the weeks went by and the weight fell off, Anne got used to eating smaller portions and even had a new appreciation for food. Kate said the best part about the IV diet program was the time – just 4 weeks to get you on track. The thing Kate loved about The Hospital Group’s diet program was how we took every week at a time.
So, ripping the chassis back to bare metal wouldn’t be worth doing unless I also took a chance to reduce weight. NWUK teamed up with International presenter and weight loss expert Pete Cohen in 2010 because both felt that a joined up approach would help them to support more people in their quests to lose weight and keep it off for good. Pete who was featured on GMTV  (see here) and is known for his fun, positive attitude towards changing negative behaviours has a highly successful ON LINE weight loss course which has helped people all over the world lose significant amounts of weight. The Instructor provides the client with a pack which contains 6 factsheets, a before and after card and 4 specific weekly workout plans to follow.
The Client also gets a THREE MONTH MEMBERSHIP of the Weight loss guru programme which is packed with resources such as recipes and a support blog as well as the step by step plan.
The programme works by taking the client through 3 stages to make sure they are prepared to get going, understand all the tools and then ready to embark on the initial 21 day plan.
Whilst going through the 21 day plan they receive a daily e mail from Pete and are asked to make simple daily changes using the tools & techniques they have learned.
At the end of the 21 days they feel energised, have lost weight and, most importantly, will have changed their attitudes too.
Instructors wishing to teach the programme are provided access to an on line training programme and access to the Weight loss guru for 3 months in order to fully understand the concept and be able to guide their clients through it – to launch the programme call Kaye on 0845 260 9339. This entry was posted in General Nordic Walking, Nordic Walking Instructors and tagged Nordic Walking, weight loss by Gill Stewart.

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Last week Imogen Edward-Jones embarked on a six-week weight loss programme under the eye of Bodydoctor, David Marshall. Cheats: five glasses champagne, two vodkas, two bottles white wine (best friends birthday), some crisps (not whole packet), twiglets (ditto), weird nut toffee bought in France on holiday.
Cheats: two bottles of red wine, one bottle of champagne (wedding), egg and chips (very hungover), seven recreational vodkas. Read how Bodydoctor Fitness has created the most stunning transformations on celebrities, actors, musicians, footballers and real people like you.
Lose from 18-28lbs in one month under strict medical supervision(Including Made to Measure Drops) package also includes dietary appoinments and a dedicated health fitness instructor that will give each individual personalised exercise programme. After extensive research, we believe the use of supplementary Made to Measure in the diet, underpinning our Made to Measure programme, is science we can stand behind. The Hospital Group’s trained specialists will be with you every step of the way, offering advice and encouragement – helping you get the results you want, and a healthier, happier lifestyle. It is this element of the programme, which has the greatest impact on burning stored fat rather than normal reserves of fat or lean tissue. It is safe and effective, and the weight loss achieved during the programme is easier to maintain.
During the 21 to 40 days of this phase, you must stick to a diet of just 500 calories a day, supplemented by Made to Measure in controlled doses. This is a learning phase, where your weight loss is ‘locked-in’ with the help and support of The Hospital Group’s dieticans. Intravenous infusions and vitamin boosters are also included in the program to help you lose weight and feel energised. This program not only helps to suppress your appetite and speeds up metabolism and as a result gives you an almost instant energy boost and feelings of enhanced well being.
Consultations are free of charge and give patients the opportunity to ask any questions they have and gain more information on the weight loss program. Some friends told her about the IV diet program so she decided to try it, the weight began to come off straightaway and she felt great.
The Hospital Group gave her new recipes to try, which enabled her to experiment with different flavours. I feel like a different person now, I have a nice trim figure and a completely new outlook on life. Atkins, Weight Watchers; she would work out in the gym but never seemed to shift the weight. She has a busy lifestyle, working in sales, so this has worked really well for Kate, as well as giving her an energy boost. There was constant support from the team at The Hospital Group and she believed that if she stuck to the initial 4 week plan, she would get results – AND she did.
Many of them are rife with spelling issues and I in finding it very bothersome to inform the reality then again I will certainly come again again.
I acknowledge that your use of English is better than mine and I will endevour to improve contemporaneously. However, he always felt that the whilst Members of his programme could be taught to change their approcah to food and eating via on line support, it was harder to encourage them in their efforts to become more active. They also provide at least 4 specific weight loss focussed classes where the group perform nordic walking and other gentle exerises that they are also taught to do at home (in order to get maximum results) Ideally, these sessions are solely for those with weight issues as this enables the participants to support each other and is less intimidating than joining a class which includes those with different goals. Quite apart from being 38 per cent fat, surly and negative about the prospect of squat-thrusting my way through the next six weeks, I have an injury.

Twin pack, six pack, book, ipod videos, Fitness DVD, CD, at home or in the gym, the choice is yours! Downloadable personal training videos for your ipod or ipad for less than the cost of an ordinary session with an ordinary trainer. Whilst they might be partly right, you need to know all the facts about not only what you need to do, but also what your body needs for successful weight loss. You will be given practical guidelines to maintain your diet, and ensure your nutritional needs are balanced for your long-term health and wellbeing. We also supply you with a detailed two day pre-treatment diet plan with ongoing dietary advice and food suggestions. It's a double ankle sprain, due to a lethal combination of too many vodkas and a pair of high heels, which henceforth shall be known as the Manolo Incident. Two weeks in and, I have to admit, the novelty of walking 10 minutes uphill, cycling the Pennines and jogging to the top of Trellick Tower has slightly worn off.
She tracks all of her food and keeps her portions low so she knows she can still have some of her favourite foods but in moderation and within reason. The centre trains you in such a way that you can maintain your lost Weight through out life on your own.
Kate said the dietary advice also teaches you to understand portion control and healthy eating.
A whole two hours out of out of my day, four days a week, when frankly I've got television to watch and girlfriends to call. Expecting some ghastly support unitard thing to appear, I'm amazed when he simply grabs my heels with his hot hands and "humms" for a while. Garg, Chief Consultant is member of International association for study of obesity (IASO) and all india association for advancing research in obesity (AIAARO). Actually, if I'm being honest, it's not so much the exercise that I hate, although 250 sit-ups is not my idea of a rip-roaring 10 minutes, it's the having to talk to someone else every day, first thing in the morning. Next the rowing machine - "Putney to the Isle of Dogs" he says, punching in 10 whole minutes. This is not only motivational but with the health checks we also carry out, it keeps a watchful eye on how your body is responding to ensure you remain safe throughout.
He trots out motivational maxims as if they'll encourage you in your direst moment of sweaty need, "water's good" is his personal favourite, as he hands over a beaker on the rowing machine. Daily email support from our team Support is always on hand every morning when you open your email! Round one, day one, it's not looking good "Do it for the children you don't yet have," cries BD. And then of course there’s the official certificate that everyone wants to take pride of place in their home! But after four days of finding it hard to walk down the stairs I'm beginning to feel slimmer and generally more fantastic. The other tedious thing about this working-out business is that there is another deadly sin: combining protein and starch. I was knocking back a glass of champagne(see cheats) at a friend's wedding when a bloke walked up "Hey Imogen," he said, "have you lost some of your gut?" I think I later called him "charming".

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