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From April to October you'll find us outdoors at two camp locations in Boulder and Longmont.
If you are truly wanting to make a breakthrough in your life then please consider this remarkable 5-day-a-week program. We've seen the benefits of combining boot camp and yoga through the results of our campers for years.
To help encourage you to join us 5-days-a-week, we have priced our Total Transformation Program to be our best value and a 'no brainer' to 'up' your commitment from just Boot Camp or Yoga to our Total Transformation. Note that if after participating for a week in our Total Transformation Program you prefer to only attend Boot Camp or PowerFit Yoga, we will issue a full refund for the difference in the camp fees. We are so confident that you will like Outdoor Fitness Boot Camp and see results that we guarantee it.
Give us 5 weeks and we will pump up your health, fitness and vitality to a level that you previously thought unreachable.

Two unique, effective and fun 5-week programs to choose from– Fitness Boot Camps and PowerFit Yoga.
Two unique, effective and fun 5-week programs to choose from- Fitness Boot Camps and PowerFit Yoga. Rent a beach chair or bring a kanga (sarong)California - ** NO BORDER WALL **The original wall was ten-feet-tall and built of surplus military landing mats crudely welded together. Pay attention to the sunscreen metersUS Army CorpsM) of the Facilities Technology Laboratory (FL), U.S. Howard Auxiliary Field - The California State Military MuseumPreserving California's Military Heritage . If life though throws you a curve and you can't make your normal class time, you can swap to one of our other class times or camp locations.. By alternating days between Fitness Boot Camp and PowerFit Yoga, we have created an amazingly effective fitness program.

Experience the fitness program featured on NBC's Today Show and the winner of Yellow Scene Magazine's Best Training Award three years running. The type of conditioning that will have you look and feel healthy and give you confidence in any endeavor or sport. Border Patrol « Border Patrol AgentIn addition, Congressman Duncan Hunter obtained surplus military landing mats to use as a border fence. You will see results in all aspects of your life and body - strong and confident body, calm mind, balanced life, and a ramped up metabolism that naturally sheds weight. Landing Mat, Bridge Decking, if you don't see the industrial material you need just call, we may have it in our stock.

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