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A newly published randomized controlled trial study suggests that using mobile devices for self-tracking and feedback could be a cost-effective way to scale successful weight loss programs that include a face-to-face component.
The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association and completed in September 2010 at a Midwestern Veterans Affairs hospital, split a group of 70 older, mostly male veterans into two groups. At every benchmark (three, six, nine, and 12 months), a larger percentage of the mobile intervention group had achieved the 5 percent goal than the standard group. California-based Kurbo Health and Humana Inc., have partnered to offer qualified employers with a Humana health plan will have the option to purchase a twelve-month subscription to Kurbo Health’s mobile health coaching and weight loss program as a wellness benefit for employees’ children starting this month. According to most studies, about one-third of large employer beneficiaries are dependents under the age of 25, and children and adolescents are responsible for 15 percent of a typical large employer’s health care cost. Based off a digital adaptation of the renowned Stanford Pediatric Obesity Program, Kurbo combines a food and activity tracker mobile app with subscription-based, personalized coaching via text, phone calls and video chat.
Launched in July 2014, the Kurbo app has been downloaded by more than 50,000 people and helped thousands of children and teens get healthy and lose weight through the coaching program.
With this offer you receive an additional discount off the Full Retail Value with each consecutive 28-Day Auto-Delivery order as long as you are on program.
If you're not 100% satisfied, call to cancel within 14 days and return remaining non-frozen food to us for a full refund, less shipping.
You will get to enjoy one lunch and one dinner on your own each week and you'll also add in fresh grocery foods throughout each day for the best nutritional balance.
You'll receive our Fast 5+ kit for your first week on the program, which includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and two special shakes each day (first order only). Fast 5+™ kit for your first week, including a week of specially combined, non-customizable foods for fast weight loss. If you're not satisfied with your first order, call 1-800-727-8046 within 14 days and send the remaining non-frozen food back for a full refund, less shipping.
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4 week plan—starting with the Fast 5+ kit your first week featuring preselected foods for fast weight loss. For specific food allergies or other dietary concerns, our Nutrition and Dietary services team is happy to help tailor your menu to meet your needs; just call 1-800-585-5483 to reach us.
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You’ll receive Turbo10, which includes Turbo Takeoff, your first week on the program, with breakfast, lunch, dinner and two shakes each day, (first order only).
Early Cancellation Policy: If you're not 100% satisfied with your first order, call 1-800-727-8046 within 14 days of delivery and send the remaining non-frozen food back for a full refund less return shipping! If you’re not satisfied with your first order, call 1-800-727-8046 within 14 days and send the remaining non-frozen food back for a full refund, less shipping.
Casting Call Volunteer lost weight on a prior Nutrisystem plan, complementary program provided.
Jumpstart your Turbo10 month with our Turbo Takeoff kit, a first week of meals designed to accelerate your weight loss! Afternoon Snack: After awalk with a co-worker,snack on low-fat yogurtwith fresh blueberries.

The Nutrisystem Uniquely Yours plan is available to Continental US residents only and cannot be shipped to PO Boxes, APO Boxes or military addresses.
Asking Smarter Questions is your go-to guide for the latest points of view, news, trends, insights, statistics and tools regarding data driven digital marketing. Automatic integration with the desktop version of the site is also a big component of these weight loss apps. The data collected by these apps is virtually endless and can be used to entice relevant advertisers as well as make the user experience better.
At three months, 36.7 percent of the mobile users had met their goal, compared to none of the participants in the standard group. Though other interventions have been done with PDAs, they wrote, they have tended to also include intensive in-person treatment sessions. Bonnie Spring of the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine was the lead author of the study. She said using the Palm Pilots, and teaching elderly seniors to enter their data and "hotsync" it with their personal computers, was somewhat frustrating.
Previously, insurers provided access to weight loss programs to companies for adult employees, this is the first time a wellness program specifically designed to help an employee’s children has been introduced on such a large scale. Since obese children are twice as likely to need medical care and typically have health expenses three times higher than non-overweight children, it’s easy to see a correlation behind childhood obesity and rising health care costs. A recent Kurbo pilot study showed that 88 percent of children reduced their BMI at a healthy rate after using Kurbo coaching and its mobile app.
With Auto-Delivery, you are automatically charged and shipped your 28-Day program once every 4 weeks unless you cancel. You'll be prompted to start choosing your foods after completing your quick profile information in the next step. Choose from plans with 150 foods, including our delicious frozen selections, prepared fresh and frozen at the peak of flavor and nutrition.
You’ll receive Turbo10, which includes Turbo Takeoff, your first week on the program, with breakfast, lunch, dinner and two shakes each day. Pick from over 150 items–and get breakfasts, lunches, dinners and desserts, all delivered to your door. First, they’re extremely user-friendly, since many people are spending tons of time a day in mobile apps anyway. Users do not want to have to enter in their information more than once, so this sync is important. Weight Watchers: This is probably the most popular weight loss program on the planet, and the app is a great tool. Thin-Cam: Similar to the Weight Watchers photography ability, the Thin Cam will analyze the food you capture and upload by food nutritionists.
This study demonstrates that a mobile intervention can be a substitute for expensive, in-person sessions -- an important finding for those looking to mobile health as a solution to scalability problems with proven obesity treatments.
She spoke at the mHealth Summit last week, using this data as an example of how RCT results are relevant in mobile health even when a lot of time has passed since the study was done. But the intervention was effective, she said, and translating the lessons learned to newer devices like smartphones and wireless activity trackers isn't hard to do. Check out our new series to learn the best processes for finding efficiencies across your business.

It is also a great practice for the app developers and its marketers, as this gives them insight into their consumers’ behaviors away from the app. You are able to link your bank account with the app and each time you miss a workout, it automatically withdraws the amount you agreed to. This is important for those of us who are incredibly confused by the ingredients list on most foods. These communities are all housed online, so it’s possible for this information to be mined through social intelligence research to glean insights about making the apps and services more comprehensive.
They uploaded the data to a server where it could be accessed by coaches, who phoned them every two weeks for about 15 minutes to talk about their data and progress toward a 5 percent weight loss goal. If you cancel prior to paying for your second consecutive 28-Day program delivery, your payment method will be charged for Continental U.S.
Then for your next three weeks, get a preselected variety of popular ready-to-go and fresh-frozen Nutrisystem® meals so you can taste a little of everything—you can always choose to switch to the Custom Menu for future orders! Then take your pick of three weeks of ready-to-go and fresh-frozen food from our entire selection of over 150 items!
If you cancel after the 14 day money back guarantee period and before your second shipment, a $99 early cancellation fee will be charged to your payment method.
Before, the fear of others’ judgement may have been enough to get you to the gym, or to skip that second taco. They are easily accessible, which means users can get information while shopping at the grocery store, while ordering at a restaurant or while at the gym. Additionally, those that do not break their gym pacts are paid with the funds withdrawn from those who did break it. This takes out the guessing game of entering food information, which gets tricky, especially at restaurants. After the six months were over, participants continued to record and transmit data, but less frequently, and coaches only followed up if participants failed to submit. But now, with the mobile revolution, how have they managed to hold people accountable and also empower them to do more? Teaching is the primary approach for many of the weight loss mobile apps since education is the key to enacting lifestyle changes. Mix in fresh grocery foods of your choice with your Nutrisystem® entrees for the best balance.
Most of the mobile apps rely on push notifications to encourage their users as well as facilitating an environment that helps users develop habits, whether it’s entering their workouts or consulting the app before making menu choices.
If users gets into the habit of using the app, they are likely to consult it when trying to make a decision about their health. If you're not 100% satisfied, call to cancel within 14 days and return the remaining non-frozen food for a full refund, less shipping.

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