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I bought this Strawberry Coconut Chia Seed Tapioca, topped with coconut granola, at Organic Avenue (which I love, which is why I walked several blocks out of my way to get there earlier this week, and today, and…probably too often). So when I checked the nutrition facts, I was surprised to find that it only contained 149 calories per serving. Turns out 114 grams is just about four ounces, which means there are about four servings per jar, which means there are about…600 calories per container. If you’re eating a raw foods-only diet, a breakfast like this might even be necessary to get enough calories in a day. Yes, raw foods are packed with way more nutrients, and it’s even true that our bodies metabolize raw ingredients and natural sugars differently than the processed stuff you get from a pastry case.

Unfortunately, just like when you’re not eating raw, you have to pay attention to nutrition facts and think about nutrients vs. But so many raw food proponents–including companies that sell raw foods–are so big on raw food weight loss, that it’s easy to get confused about whether or not a 600-calorie breakfast is going to help with weight loss, or weight gain.
Follow it up with a light salad, some vegetable juice, and some raw fruit and vegetables, and you’re not in much danger of consuming a crazy calorie count. You might pick something up from Organic Avenue, like I did, because you want to eat a healthy breakfast–and then a not-so-healthy lunch, and then dig into a spread of drinks and snacks at tonight’s holiday party with friends.
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Adding some raw vegetables (high in nutrients; low in calories) to your diet can help balance out the heavier foods you might be eating over the holidays.
Raw food that’s not vegetables is so rich and dense, I cannot imagine anyone overeating that stuff.

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