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No matter when you eat your biggest meal of the day, your calories should still work for you.
This chicken recipe is super easy to make and you’ll love all the many ways to enjoy it. This recipe puts a skinny twist on a classic takeout dish, while maintaining those tummy-warming flavors.
Sign up and we'll send you the latest recipes, menu plans, fitness tips, and workouts each week. For just the same addictive taste as the original with an added bonus — vitamin A-rich superfood kale — opt for this lighter Caesar salad dressing instead.

These meals are jam-packed with nutrients — from energy-sustaining protein to disease-fighting antioxidants — while still ensuring you keep calorie counts low. We’ve made this a complete dinner recipe by adding beans and delicious southwestern flavors. This recipe omits the egg yolk and a lot of the cheese for a lower-calorie dressing that tastes exactly like the classic. Each of these comforting and filling meals is well under 500 calories, meaning you'll be full and satisfied afterward without sacrificing weight-loss goals. Enjoy any of these delicious meals without worrying about going over your daily calorie total.

The system takes all angles of a recipe’s profile into account, not just its calories.
Using kale instead of romaine lettuce increases the nutrients and adds texture and flavor and allows the salad to keep in your fridge without going limp. These downright delectable 30-day dinner recipes ring it at 7 SmartPoints or fewer, which will have you riding merrily down the road towards a slimmer you!

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