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If you're constantly fatigued, have gained weight and always feel cold, you may have what Dr. Michael Pariza, working at the University of Michigan, discovered that that CLA could affect body fat levels by reducing fat storage sites, and helping increase lean body tissue. Mehmet Oz said you can jump-start your weight loss and lose 10 pounds in 10 days on a super-charged detox diet on the Feb. But sometimes your name or some of your personal information is so similar to someone else's that doctors' offices or hospitals can have a hard time identifying your records correctly. A number of the research studies that established the effectiveness of CLA used a patented form of CLA known as Tonalin.
It's a dangerous and costly problem that can lead to missed diagnoses, inappropriate treatments or unnecessary tests, as well as making it difficult for your doctor to share information with your other health care providers.A solution?

That's why the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), the national organization of health information management professionals, has started an online petition asking for a voluntary patient safety identifier. A voluntary patient safety identifier is something you could create and would allow medical systems to recognize you quickly and accurately when accessing your information. Since various formulations contain different amounts of CLA, it's wise to take a pure CLA supplement, or make sure you are getting the right levels from combination supplements. Does CLA Have Soy in It?
It will help ensure all your health information is kept together and is complete, all the while remaining under your control.The petition will encourage our leaders in the federal government to engage with experts in the private sector who have experience in accurately identifying people, as they do in banking and other financial businesses, along with security experts.
With 80 percent of doctors and 97 percent of hospitals currently using an electronic health record, having a way to accurately and safely exchange information can make health care more safe and effective."The voluntary patient safety identifier - created and controlled by patients - will be a complete and positive game-changer in health care in terms of patient safety, quality of care and financial consequences," says AHIMA CEO Lynne Thomas Gordon, MBA, RHIA, CAE, FACHE, FAHIMA. If you have a thyroid condition, you may want to avoid CLA supplements that contain soy or soy products. How Should You Take CLA?The various recommendations differ here.

Among these were 2,488 different patients named Maria Garcia and 231 of those shared the same birth date.That's why people from across the country are supporting a petition that asks the Obama administration to join with the private sector to discuss a voluntary patient safety identifier. The Natrol web page for their Tonalin CLA product says to take it preferably with lowfat or nonfat milk for maximum protein absorption. Does CLA Have Any Side Effects?A subset of people report feeling slightly nauseous after taking CLA supplements, or isolated cases of gastrointestinal upset or loose stools.

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