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Immediately after leaving the doctor’s office I started researching healthy eating, weight loss programs, fitness routines, among other topics in an effort to jump start my weight loss. During my research and recommendations from numerous friends I watched the documentary Food, Inc.
I’m truly blessed to have the opportunity to live a healthier lifestyle and will maintain a low-fat, whole-food plant-based diet the rest of my life. Recently, I’ve had several friends who have discovered they have celiac disease and must also eat gluten free.
Taking the first step or any steps for that matter towards achieving your health goals is something to be truly proud of! For me, I am thinking along the lines of oatmeal or quinoa for breakfast with homemade oatmilk.
From my experience counting calories and exercising regularly were the two key components in reaching my weight loss goals. Since June of last year I have been following a low-fat whole-food plant-based diet and decided not to consume any nuts, avocados as well as making sure to consume at least 8 glasses of water a day until I reached my goal weight. I pretty well follow a plan that is 8 ounces of plant protein and a pound of fruit for breakfast. I know that just like me, you also spend time and energy planning your wonderful vacations.
I am committed to following these Five Slim and Healthy Travel Weight Loss Strategies and reporting the results to you along the way. Have Fun!  Cruise ships are floating play grounds!  They offer opportunities and classes for dancing, art, exercise, photography – you name it, it’s likely there!  Plus, there are opportunities to view new worlds or reconnect with family and friends.
As you commit to these Slim and Healthy Travel Weight Loss Strategies, you will find that your energy soars and your ability to enjoy your travel will as well!  Our cruise is just beginning and I am excited about my commitment to health and weight control.  It’s actually fun to be on this journey of perfect weight!  Our next blog will focus on cruise fare portion control and tips for success at the buffet! This entry was posted in Uncategorized, Your Perfect Weight and tagged cruise ships, goals, health and well-being, healthy eating, pedometer, travel weight loss, weight loss success. Get the free report, "Top Tips for Your Weight Loss Success" and join the Perfect Weight Made Easy movement. The method is fundamentally radical and the most effective, neither sweet nor starchy foods and tasty, even the thoughts of the delicious and varied dishes should not be.
I fell in love with Isabel Marant Sneakers when I first saw it in Beyonce’s Love On Top music video. What I’m wearing with my beloved Isabel Marant Sneakers today is a classic fitted gray sweater top and a pair of black leggings, both of them are from IRA Collection.
Here are other fashionable ways that you can wear your Isabel Marant Bekket Wedge Sneakers. Wear it with a denim shorts and a white top for a chic, street-style fashion during summer. For fall and winter fashion, wear your Isabel Marant Sneakers with skinny jeans, a comfy sweater, and top it off with a coat or jacket. Shortly after publishing my one-year road trip update, naming the 10 14 most memorable people from the journey, I landed in San Diego and met Ruth Hughes. I definitely experienced challenges growing up, from peer acceptance to trying to keep up with healthier and fit kids, but never really realized until my late 20’s, how carrying the extra weight would lead me to a reality that I never thought I would face- ongoing health issues. Several stepping stones in my weight loss journey included Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig.
Personally, that approach is much easier for me than still keeping one foot in a lifestyle that I wanted to move away from.

I’m so thankful for amazing resources like Will Travel For Vegan Food that provide excellent product and restaurant reviews as well as a community of support and encouragement! While changing your diet can be challenging I recommend taking the plunge and cutting everything out of your diet on day one. My calorie intake was around 1200 a day and I consumed between 250-300 calories per meal so I would ensure that I had available calories for some snacks each day. Actually I decided to only drink water and stopped consuming all other beverages I was drinking (diet coke, smoothies, etc.) as well as limit pasta and breads. My husband and I are on an extended vacation that includes a wonderful 16-day South American cruise, which has just begun. On the journey to Your Perfect Weight, I suggest you also strategize ways to stay on track with your weight loss goals. Yes, I want to get my free report and get all the benefits of becoming a member of the Perfect Weight Made Easy Community Your email address will not be shared or sold. And there are two things I consider when wearing shoes:) they have to be fashionable and comfortable. Ruth and I had been in touch about meeting up when I made my way to San Diego, so we set aside a dinner date at Casa De Luz. At the end of 2009, I was prompted to see a doctor after experiencing nausea, muscle aches, dizziness and extreme exhaustion for several weeks. Due to the high costs of membership and food though, I only participated in each of these programs for a short time. A little under a year and half into my weight loss journey I reached a plateau and was not able to lose weight as consistently as I had been. I have been vegan strong since June of this year and within that time I have lost 70 pounds, making my total weight loss 155 pounds since my journey began. Now that I have graduated and have my free time back I am looking forward to spending more time with my family and friends, traveling around the world, mountain biking, and volunteering at various organizations.
You’ll most likely have cravings and feelings of detox from your old ways of eating, as I too experienced this but the end result is so worth it. A great resource I recommend is Happy Herbivore’s weekly meal plans as they are gluten free, low-fat, include a shopping list, and all the meals are quick and easy to make.
Once you have, you’ll be so glad you did because the results you’ll achieve will be truly amazing! And depending on my activity level for the day I would modify my calorie intake accordingly. As of now, I have started to introduce these foods back into my diet, but still do not consume on a regular basis.
I know how we, medium to short women, love stilettos and high heels but hate the struggle of wearing them!
See how my Chanel Deauville tote bag compliments my IRA Collection top and Isabel Marant Sneakers! During our chat I learned about Ruth’s incredible journey to veganism and her life-changing weight loss story. These programs provided me with a wealth of information on making better food choices, but were only a jump start in my weight loss journey; because in order for me to achieve long term weight loss my approach to health and fitness would need to become a permanent lifestyle change.
While continuously adjusting my exercise routine, counting calories, etc., proved to be helpful it still did not yield the results I was hoping for. Since adopting a whole-food plant-based diet I have reversed and eliminated all of my medical issues (Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, etc) no longer experience feelings of exhaustion, have so much more energy than I know what to do with…LOL, as well as many more positive health results that my list literally could go on forever.

These meal plans got me through the first couple months of my transition from meat eater to plant based. Each person will be different as far as calorie intake is determined, so I would suggest meeting with your doctor to determine your specific needs. I rarely invite guest bloggers to WTFVF but I immediately knew that Ruths’ story was one worth sharing. It had been several years since I had been in a doctor’s office let alone stepped on a scale.
While I did see results from these programs I still wanted to eat less processed foods and felt that in order to maintain long term weight loss I needed to continue my research towards finding the right balance of healthy eating and fitness. Earlier this year I was talking to a good friend of mine, who adopted a whole-food plant-based diet nine months prior, about my weight loss journey and she encouraged me to watch Forks Over Knives.
Taking the first step is the hardest for sure- but trust me you’ll never regret one second of your decision towards living healthier! Can it really be as simple as eating oats in the morning and soups etc for the rest of the day?
I am committed to following the Top Five Travel Weight Loss Strategies For Cruising Into Slimness for the duration of the cruise. Literally, a few days after that conversation the documentary was available to view for free on an internet video streaming website and after watching this documentary, I knew I needed to adopt a whole-food plant-based diet. Several other resources that provide some great recipes are straight up food and fat free vegan kitchen.
Hope this information helps in your journey and thank you for taking the time to read about my story. My goal is to fully enjoy this adventure while improving my health, maintaining my 55-pound weight loss, and ideally losing a couple of more pounds. Immediate shame, remorse, among other feelings took over as I sat in the examination room waiting for the doctor. This was a whole new world to me though, and I am the type of person that always researches something in order to have a plan in place or at least an idea of how I would implement this new lifestyle change before diving in. After these initial feelings though, I thought “what if I could finally beat the weight issue for good and live a healthier life?” This wasn’t the life I had imagined. I knew in order to be successful the first six months of my transition from carnivore to herbivore, while finishing my Master’s degree (which by the way I graduated a couple weeks ago), would require me to find resources that clearly explained this type of diet and provided quick and easy recipes. All of the food choices I had been making for 29 years were literally shortening my life expectancy and I knew I had to make immediate changes. So I started my research on the Forks Over Knives website, which introduced me to the world of plant-based eating and through the amazing list of resources provided I purchased several books including: Plant-Based Nutrition, Engine 2 Diet, Happy Herbivore Cookbooks, and The China Study. With a history of high blood pressure and diabetes in my family it wasn’t a shock when the doctor told me that I had both, but I thought that I had more time, before having to succumb to taking medications and managing a disease on a daily basis.
I told the doctor that I had no desire to be dependent on medication and that I would do the work necessary to lose the weight.
I left that appointment, feeling for the first time in my life, that I could truly attain my weight loss goals with fortitude and perseverance.

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