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Lonely and depressed since her gastric surgery, Olivia wants skin removal surgery but struggles to lose the weight to qualify.
Zsalynn is excited for a fresh start but her 360-body lift at a Beverly Hills clinic proves more challenging than expected.
After losing 300lbs, Paula must endure more surgery to deal with a body entirely covered in loose and sagging excess skin. Melissa finds herself overwhelmed with four children, a marriage on the rocks, and an unexpected pregnancy. At over 700lbs, Teretha's life is confined to a bed which is a far cry from her former job representing Detroit's healthy eating program. The Blacklist Spoilers: Is Elizabeth Keene Really Dead – Red Faked Death To Protect Her Or Megan Boone Quit NBC Show?
Tonight on ABC EXTREME WEIGHT LOSS returns for its fourth season premiere called, “Ty and Charita.”  On tonight’s show a 310-lb.
Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our recap of ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss. Once she had a firm base of support at home, she and Heidi went back to exercising with a whole new vigor. The next three months saw some setbacks and there was a time or two when Charita felt like quitting, but she never lost focus.
At the end of the show, Charita was left alone on that stage and she stood proudly as she was weighed. Charita was able to see her weight loss to the very end while Ty constantly changed his mind on what he wanted. Current Page Home TV Schedule Videos About Photos Enter to win!
Aisha Tyler's journey reveals an ancestor who, as a politician, struggled to keep his illegitimate son a secret. Katey Sagal learns more about her family tree and how her Amish ancestors arrived in Pennsylvania.
Katey Sagal has an emotional and insightful meeting with her mother's friend and fellow USO performer. Tracing his patriotic roots, Scott Foley finds a relative who risked his life for one of America’s founding fathers, and an ancestor who suffered unspeakably during one of this nation’s darkest times. Her family offers her some excuses, but she tells them it's simply not good enough and she has to work harder.
When Ashley’s weight loss journey hits a wall, she sets out to find new inspiration to get herself back on track towards a healthy lifestyle. However, for the first time in the series’ history, only one will succeed at shedding hundreds of pounds, while the other is the first ever to quit Chris’ program!

Raised in a strict, religious family, she turned to food to cope with a bad decision she made at 19. While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for season 4? He has aspirations of one day playing professional baseball, but so far his weight has put a damper on such dreams. It was running from his demons that led him here and unfortunately that’s the only running he’s used.
She knows it would mean missing out on her family and is already having doubts after a mere minute of being accepted by Chris for the show. That scout from earlier, the one that promised him he would be signed in a heartbeat after losing all that weight, was a fraud. Everything was resting on this one scout and when he found out that it was a sham – he lost some of the confidence he had only recently gained. He claimed he didn’t want to be part of the program anymore because of the way “Brian” let him down.
When she gets to that weight then and only then will the doctor agree to remove her extra skin.
Ty who at 19 is currently 200 pounds overweight so even though he has the talent – and Chris even tested him himself – he might never get the chance to prove his worth to the scouts.
Ty has been overweight all of his life and despite numerous attempts from the people that care about him, including both his father and his former high school coach; he’s only ever gained more weight.
Even now when she’s with her family – she tends to take a backseat in group activities out of fear of embarrassing herself, but it seems she rather be ashamed than separated.
So Charita did what she always feared – she told her very religious parents that she had an abortion at 19. The one he learned from boot camp and Chris had even brought in a major league baseball star to come be his workout partner during the training part of it. Chris and his team did some further digging and what they found was a mile long history of scams. He says he wants to be a normal college student and as for weight loss – he doesn’t want any part of it. He thought he could still be fine with his own exercise routine and instead he gained back 40 pounds. But the trainers warned him that he had already missed out on more than three months of work. So can he stick out the program or will he be the one that surprisingly quits mid-way through?
And because she’s never been able to discuss that single action with her family – she managed to repress her feelings with food.

Chris had introduced Ty to a scouting agent and the other man was able to validate Ty’s talent. That man will most likely end up in jail by the year’s end and that leaves Chris concerned about Ty. It’s given her back her confidence and as it turns out it also opened up the doors to a new career path. When the time came around for her to be weighed – she came in at 203 pounds thereby missing out on her goal by eight pounds. And with much regret the doctor told her that she needed to lose a few more before he was prepared to do surgery. The reason she missed out on her goal the second time was because real life had interfered. If he wanted to reach his goal in the last three months then he was going to have to agree to leave home and come back to stay with them. The desired forty percent that Chris told her she could always do, but she hadn’t believed him. Then already over 300 pounds, Ty was nearly twice as big as everyone else on his baseball team. Chris figures she can lose about 85 of those and he’s volunteered to help her for the next three months.
All she was capable of was putting him down and she would always win no matter how much his father tried to build him back up again.
He was relying on making money from baseball and without guarantees – he wants to go back to being “normal”. Still, this was only six months in and she had another three to go in order to qualify for skin removal.
Doctors prefer to have as little fat on their patient as possible when doing a surgical procedure that requires anesthesia. Baseball agents and coaches have informed him that the only thing standing between him and a professional contract is his weight. If he didn’t want to be the guy he used to be then he had to give his mother the same opportunity.

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