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Just when you were finally settled into the freedom of summer, and the ability to exercise and eat right at your leisure, here comes a new school year.
With the healthy, fast recipes and tips below, you can prepare healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners with fresh ingredients. Perhaps the biggest challenge of the day is making an easily portable, yet nutritious and delicious school lunch. Snacking can be just as important as your meals because it keeps you from getting too hungry between meals. For even more back to school meal and snack ideas, check out The Skinny on Low Cal’s Back to School Pinterest board!
Well it turns out that of all the daily eats, lunch seems to be the hardest one to come by on a low-sodium diet. So please, send your ideas my way in the comments below, on Twitter, or on Sodium Girl’s Facebook page. I also do a wrap with boarshead low sodium roast beef, honey cup mustard, veggies and Benson’s table tasty seasoning.
I do quite a bit of canning, so I had plenty of jars, and I’m starting to store all kinds of things in a vacuum now – great for travel, office or home use!
My low sodium lunches are pretty simple most of the time – like no salt bread made into a toasted no salt pbj or tomato sandwich with celery sticks or apple slices on the side. I like bean salad for lunch, lots of protein and fiber keeps the afternoon munchies at bay. This can be dressed up with garlic and onions for a stronger taste if you don’t need to give a presentation or meet with clients right after lunch!!!
Salads travel well and the more creative you are with toppings (blueberries with steak?!) the more exciting they get! I take roasted fennel, zucchini, leeks and carrots and roll them in a low sodium whole wheat lavash with dijon mustard, turkey and goat cheese.
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Check the "Tour Conditions" on the link below first and then tick "Agree" and click "Start Booking" button for booking. LapTop Lunches contacted me recently about teaming up with them and a few other bloggers to create adult lunch ideas that are both healthy and under 500 calories. If you have an extra container and want a few more calories, try adding a little hummus or tahini sauce to dip your cucumbers in! I’ve been trying for quite a long time to get a proper container for my lunches since I haven’t got lunch time at work so I have to eat at my desk!
I’ve been loving tuna mixed with curry powder and either a bit of Veganaise or Oil (usually olive or avocado) depending on my mood.

Just as breakfast gives me a much-needed energy boost in the morning, eating lunch fuels the second half of my daya€”and helps me stay away from the vending machine mid afternoon. Whether you’re a parent or a student, you know that the change of schedule can wreak havoc on the eating habits of families.
Send your family (and yourself!) to school or work with a stash of healthy, portion controlled snacks to choose from so they won’t be tempted to go to the vending machine.
If I have time I’ll make a low sodium curry with air chilled chicken breasts like you do. It makes it so much easier to not have to buy or plan for other ideas or cook something the morning. If this is the case, those who have made a reservation will be informed of the matter by 14 days prior to the scheduled departure date (by 4 days prior to the departure in case of a Day-tour). Many of you have asked me about what to take for lunch, and since I did a series of blog posts about back-to-school lunches for kids, I thought it was only fitting to do at least one post on adult lunches you can take to work. Since I’ve been meaning to do a post like this for a while now, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get it done. Please note that all opinions are my own and I will only endorse items which I truly feel are of value to my readers.
No time to spare during shifts, movies, and going from one venue to the next- and certainly NO extra time to waste waiting in line for food!!
Try any one of these ideas from The Skinny on Low Cal’s Pinterest board and you’ll stay on track!
Remember, it’s a treat, not a staple of dinner and helping kids understand that now will help them lead a healthy lifestyle after they leave the nest. I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I’ll be happily sharing with you in the coming weeks.
You can build a filling, diet-friendly dinner (that includes dessert) around these four slimming ingredients. Well, a while back, they sent me one of their lunch boxes to review and in the process I realized what a great tool a proper lunch box can be. Affiliate links are included here and I will earn a small commission should you make a purchase by clicking on them. Leftovers are back in style and so make a dish that can last 2-3 nights and you have easy meals for a couple more days. Make one of these decadent desserts when you’re celebrating something special, like an A on that math test or a winning game with the school basketball team!
If you have leftovers and you just aren’t in the mood to eat them that night, freeze them into single portions for another day. How do you go without dessert????!!!If any of that describes you, then this post is for you. To someone still addicted to eating starches or grains at every meal, that probably does seem low-carb. They taste great with extra fat on them (butter & bacon grease are my morning favorites), and they cook fast! Pre-fill the tins with grated cheese, chopped veggies, and bits of bacon or other left over meats, then pour the stirred eggs on top. So yummy!Eat the yolks raw in smoothies.  For lower-carb smoothie options, use coconut milk, kefir, or yogurt for the liquid and be sure to add in a low-sugar fruit like berries instead of something super-sweet like bananas or pineapples. It can be as simple as eating the same thing you ate for dinner the night before, or you can get creative.

Keep your meats & veggies separate when you cook them for dinner, mixing them only on your dinner plates as you serve them. After a few days of doing this, you’ll have a variety of meats and cooked vegetables. That can be leftover taco meat, leftover bits of diced steak, leftover pulled chicken, leftover diced pork chops, hard boiled eggs, smoked salmon, tuna, nuts, you get the picture. Sour cream or enzyme-rich mayonnaise mixed with healthy oils make for a tasty, creamy base to which you can add various herbs or spices. It cooks in a lot less time, has almost no carbs, and serves well to replace rice in 95% of recipes.2) You love pasta because of the SAUCES.
Or you could use spaghetti squash or stringed zucchini to get your “pasta” fix.5) Get a good cookbook to jog your creative juices.
Most low-carb cookbooks aren’t into Real Food, but the Paleo Eats Cookbook is!6) What about pizza? There are quite a few recipes out there for decent cauliflower crusts, or you can do what I do: make pizza soup! Cook those eggs in extra butter, drizzle your steamed veggies with bacon grease, stir coconut oil or full-fat raw cream into your hot tea or coffee.
Asian markets have a slew of inexpensive, interesting snack-ish foods that are quite nutrient-dense — everything from dried anchovies (taste like little chips!) to kelp chips fried in palm or coconut oil.4) Fry your own snacks!
Nutrition educator & author extraordinaire, she's also a rebel with a cause who enjoys playing in the rain, a good bottle of Caol Ila scotch, curling up with a page-turning book, sunbathing on her hammock, and watching her three children grow into young adults. That means that you’re pretty much guaranteed to be happy buying from the sponsor below.
I am doing low carb right now and I feel so much better with tons of fat and very little food overall.Reply KristenM saysJanuary 21, 2010 at 5:59 pm Amen! When I go low-carb, I typically eat 65% of my calories from fat, 20-25% from protein, and 10-15% from carbs. Adapting your body to using fat for fuel is the #1 priority, and if you avoid eating when you feel hungry simply because you think you are eating too much, you’ll be much more likely to fail. Being single I’ll make up something like 4 servings of curry and eat it for dinner, breakfast, lunch and dinner. I could eat roasted veggies and grilled meats every meal, every day for the rest of my life and not get tired.Speaking of that, one thing I noticed personally is that my relationship to food changed.
It was no longer the focus of my day and indeed I wanted to make cooking as easy as possible, and now that I had all these flavourful ideas, it was easy. Me and my kids have been on the Anti-Candida diet, which is pretty strict, and it took some time getting used to the new way of eating. I’ve been trying to find a good subsitute for cereal for my husband and I think he might be more open to ditching cereal now. For the first little while, it’ll still want to use carbs as fuel and will be defending its fat stores. Once your body starts adjusting to using fat & proteins as fuel rather than a steady stream of carbs, the extra thirst will subside.
In the meantime, drink to your thirst!Reply Motherhen68 saysJanuary 23, 2010 at 12:13 am Kris, did you just begin low-carb?

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