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Kale has been getting a lot of press lately for being one of the healthiest foods known to science. One of the main health-giving components of kale is a phytochemical called sulforaphane, which guards against cancer by stimulating the production of protective enzymes that detoxify carcinogens. Boiling kale can significantly reduce levels of sulforaphane, but research has shown that steaming or stir-frying kale doesn’t result in significant loss. Even though kale originates from Europe, it’s a member of the cruciferous family of vegetables which includes cabbage, broccoli cauliflower and bok choy — all of which are used extensively in traditional Asian cooking. The distinctive taste and texture of kale also enhances the subtle flavor of the shrimp and adds an appetizing color contrast. This quick and easy stir-fry goes perfectly with rice, or you could add some precooked noodles to the wok at the end of stir-frying and toss to combine and heat through. The research, published in the current edition of the journal Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity, is only preliminary at this stage, but the results have been so positive that the four scientists involved (including Dr. What they discovered, based on their own research plus an analysis of other studies, was that combining a Mediterranean diet with an Asian diet could have such a positive impact on your genes that it makes you more resistant to chronic disease, helps preserve your health, and increases your lifespan.
Up until now, the only scientifically validated research that has shown similar positive effects on genes is calorie restriction (CR), a reduction of food intake which typically restricts food consumption by 30-40 percent compared to what is considered normal.
Unfortunately, calorie restriction to this degree is very hard to stick to over the long term, and there can even be adverse side effects such as loss of muscle mass and reduced bone mineral density. However, we suggest that plant bioactives, antioxidant vitamins, and omega-3 fatty acids do not work in isolation. So, this group of scientists are wholeheartedly recommending a lot more research on the benefits of a MediterrAsian diet — including on humans. Well, when it comes to human research on a MediterrAsian way of eating, Trudy and I have been guinea pigs for many years now — and we’re living, breathing proof of the benefits of this way of eating. When we make a Thai green curry (which is often!) we figure why not go all-out on the green — so we usually only use green vegetables. This pizza tastes perfect as it is, but if you want to add some more protein then anchovies, prosciutto, diced ham or chunks of good-quality canned tuna are all tasty options. All we did was add the pasta to a pot of rapidly boiling water for just 2 minutes, stirred, then turned off the heat and put a lid on. Since discovering this “trick” we’ve tried out the technique using several different pasta shapes — from fettuccine and fusilli to spaghetti and penne. You can use this method to cook the pasta in this dish, or you can use the conventional method, either way we think you’ll really enjoy this recipe. The flavor and firm texture of salmon works remarkably well with the marinade, but you can also use chicken or shrimp. Actually, the basic salad ingredients stay much the same, except for changing the type of lettuce we use (which I’ll talk about in a moment.) But the main difference is the dressing.
The other change we made to our original recipe was to use romaine (cos) lettuce, instead of the soft-textured butter lettuce we usually use. During these sessions, we discuss where you are right now with your health and wellness and how you would like to feel every single day.
The woman I support during these sessions leave with the easiest next step that seamlessly fits into their daily life schedule so they can create your healthiest self possible. These sessions get filled up fast so I encourage you to contact me today to find the best time that works for your schedule to speak with me.
Would love to talk at your next event! Email me to schedule a Nutrition & Wellness Talk! It’s almost February, which means by now most of us are starting to lose steam on our New Year’s resolutions.

Funjetters know that it’s possible to indulge on vacation while still maintaining—or improving your wellness routine.
It’s not only a rich source of dietary fiber and antioxidant vitamins A, C, and K,  it also contains a number of disease-fighting phytochemicals (plant chemicals). So if you want to get the most out of kale, either eat it raw in salads, steamed, or as we’ve done here — stir-fried. So kale, with its robust, slightly cabbagy flavor works perfectly in Asian dishes like this Shrimp, Kale & Cashew Stir-Fry. Cashews also go beautifully with kale and shrimp and provide extra texture and a rich buttery taste. Gerald Rimbach, a former first editor for the British Journal of Nutrition) are urging more research. The SIRT1 gene is known as the ‘longevity gene’ because it extends cellular life and helps in the repair of DNA. With a MediterrAsian way of eating, your genes benefit in a very similar way to calorie restriction — without restricting calories. Interestingly, when compared to calorie restriction which has been repeatedly shown to increase healthspan, these polyphenols activate similar molecular targets such as Sirt1.
We’re both at our ideal weight, and our cholesterol levels and blood pressure are excellent. We’ve heard from so many of you who’ve also improved your health by adopting MediterrAsian eating practices.
And in the end, it’s such a simple message: Mimic what the world’s healthiest and longest living peoples do, and you’ll also become healthier and live longer.
It tastes equally good with shrimp, scallops, mussels, squid, chicken or tofu (or a combination).
But one thing we don’t ever change about this recipe is what we serve it with — always steaming hot fragrant Jasmine rice. You don’t have to make pizza dough, you don’t have to make tomato sauce, and there’s no pizza stone required. It gets light and crispy on the outside during cooking, while inside it retains much of its softness. Once you’ve got the pasta cooking, it simply involves sauteing some fresh shrimp with chili, lemon zest, garlic and capers. You can also use fresh baby spinach leaves rather than arugula, and dried red chili flakes as an alternative to fresh red chili.
It’s basically a large clay pot with a hot fire built inside, and marinated meats on long metal skewers are lowered in and cooked in the intense heat. The yogurt not only adds natural acidity to the marinade, its thickness also helps the marinade to cling to the food. We usually accompany the skewers with rice and vegetables (here we served it with saffron-infused rice studded with peas and diced carrots). It’s the most colorful and eye-catching salad we know of — and it also happens to taste incredibly good, and be incredibly good for you!
Instead of using whole fillets of anchovy in the salad, we thought we’d mash them and add them to the dressing (the same way that mashed anchovies are typically added to a Caesar salad dressing).
The anchovies added a wonderful richness (without in any way being overpowering), and they even improved the texture and mouth feel of the dressing. We thought the crunch and flavor of the romaine would work particularly well with this new dressing — and I’m pleased to report that it certainly did. It might sound fancy and exotic, but a quick look at the ingredient list shows that the majority of ingredients are probably very familiar to you already.

The rice noodles, for example, only need to have boiling water poured over them and they’re ready in 8 minutes.
And you’re probably thinking there’s no way your resolutions will survive your upcoming vacation.
The Asian and the Mediterranean diets are rich in fruit and vegetables, thereby providing high amounts of plant bioactives including polyphenols, glucosinolates, and antioxidant vitamins.
Thus, it is possible that the complex mixture of diet-derived plant bioactives, antioxidatives, and omega-3 fatty acids cannot be substituted by a single purified compound.
In fact, we’ve heard from people with high cholesterol who were able to bring their cholesterol levels into a healthy range within only a few months. But sometimes we might use zucchini (sliced into thin rounds), green beans, asparagus or broccoli (cut into small florets).
After the pasta is cooked, you add some chopped arugula (rocket) to the bottom of the pot and top it with the hot drained pasta and shrimp (which wilts the arugula).
You can also wrap the tandoori salmon pieces in lightly-warmed naan bread along with crisp salad vegetables and a dollop of raita (Indian yogurt and cucumber sauce).
Over the years we’ve received a lot of feedback about this salad, and it certainly seems like many of you enjoy it just as much as we do. We’ve heard from diabetics who are now far better able to control their blood sugars. The fact that this is also one the most pleasurable ways you can possibly eat makes it an absolute no-brainer. The mozzarella cheese becomes delightfully melty and gooey, and the basil adds a burst of fresh herbiness. Then you simply add a little lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil before tossing and serving. We’ve made tandoori recipes in the past where the marinade had a list of spices as long as your arm. But if you have a mouthful of salad with too much anchovy, it can be a bit overwhelming on the palate.
And the peanut sauce doesn’t have to be cooked separately because it’s added to the stir-fry pan for the last minute of cooking, where it heats up and thickens. It’s a simple but mouthwatering combination of classic Italian flavors, with a French twist. Yes, there’s no doubt that a tandoor imparts a unique smoky flavor to the food, but you can still get mouthwatering results without one. But over the years we’ve developed our own simplified tandoori spice blend that tastes just as good as any we’ve tasted, but it uses only a handful of warming Indian spices. Even soy sauce, which was once thought of as a “foreign” ingredient, is now very familiar to most of us. A charcoal grill will impart a similar flavor — but a gas grill or even a grill pan still produces mouthwatering results. Fish sauce, on the other hand, might be less familiar — but even that is available in most larger supermarkets these days.

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