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I think one of the factors for obesity and weight gain is the type of environments we work in.
I rarely took healthy foods to work and if I did eat my lunch in the office it was often from a vending machine. One of the tips I often give people who are trying to lose weight is to examine how often they eat out.
If you’re just starting out trying to lose the weight, try eliminating one lunch date a week. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Just putting out there that they are defiantly missing some key fruits, but hey they tried something new so who am I to judge.
Not going to lie there are defiantly better driving schools available but as always there are situations when the least likely option is the best. Most of us are chained to a desk and computer for 9 or 10 hours a day at work–and then we go home and often sit in front of the home computer or the TV.

There are food carts in front of my office and another group of food carts less then five blocks away in two other directions. I ate out a lot at home, I rarely cooked real food and I also ate my lunch out probably three times a week at work.
If they eat out at lunchtime every day at work and then go home and order out food for dinner–that adds up fast. As we go through our day to day we don't often think about people doing the same but opposite routines in other countries.
There was a cafe in the same building as my office and I’d get their sandwiches or soups and salads.
Simply eliminating the lunch time temptations could make some immediate differences when trying to lose weight. For instance all over the world people eat Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner but do you ever really process how different those meals are.
Unless we’re eating salads and healthy soups for lunch, our choices can add up the calories FAST.

Small changes like a lower calorie coffee drink, water instead of soda, or walking at lunch time, or change your printer to as far away as possible so you have to walk a lot,  can make a humongous difference. I also ate fast food that was around the office (Subway, Taco Bell and I think there was a pizza place nearby). Making time to run during your lunch break to energize yourself and get out of the office is also a plus and it frees up your evenings.
This video has Americans trying Latin fruits, though they went to the extremes with the cactus tasting it's awesome to expand peoples pallets with indigenous foods.
An while were at it lets make sure we juice the right fruits next time cause that's just messed up.

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