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There is no doubt that we live in a world of manipulation, false promises and exaggerated claims. The reasons these programs become so popular is because they are presented and marketed very well. In my opinion, these photos are selling false or exaggerated promises of what 90 days, etc., of their program can achieve. I decided to take my own transformation photos to see what was possible with just a few easy tweaks. As you can see, I'm no bodybuilder, but I had enough muscle on me to catch some shadows from the all-important overhead lighting. Just a few weeks ago I took another series of photos in an attempt to be a little more deceptive. Forget about the quick transformations and focus on a life of healthy eating, well-managed stress levels, quality sleep and plenty of movement.
We all spend too much time sucking in our guts, trying to look the way we think society thinks we should. Belly fat in women: taking — and keeping — it off - mayo, Belly fat in women: taking — and keeping — it off what does your waistline say about your health? Women’s health magazine, 12 reasons you should start lifting weights today weight lifting can help you lose the fat, build muscle, and so much more. I was having a really good day today and for the first time ever, I felt attractive simply wearing a t-shirt and shorts.

Myths and Facts To Successful Weight Loss: Chronic dehydration and general lack of water can slow down metabolism. Meal Times Myth 1D: Chronic dehydration and general lack of water can slow down metabolism.
Fact = The reason that lack of water or dehydration can slow your metabolism is because water is partially involved in the functioning of your liver  Part of the liver’s job is to break down and metabolize fat. So, if hydration helps maintain one’s metabolism at an optimal rate and in turn supports normal fat loss, how much water does one need to consume on a daily basis? It depends on how much energy you expend throughout the day, what type of climate you live in, and what you include in your diet. In general, the average male should consume 2900 ml or 12 cups per day, while the average female 2200 ml or 9 cups. My Personal Non-Scientific Common Sense Weight Loss Success Tip: To help meet your daily intake of water and reduce the chance of overeating, drink a cup or 2 of water just before each meal. Action Step to Successful Weight Loss:  Go out and purchase a brand new stainless steel reusable 1 liter water bottle.
I was scrolling through old pictures and came across this old one from last summer and thought it might be fun to compare the same pose from then and now.
I've been a personal trainer for more than 11 years, and clients and friends are always telling me about the next amazing diet or exercise program. Before I claim it's all bullshit, I want to make it clear that there are definitely some very impressive, genuine physical transformations out there.

I was feeling particularly bloated on the day, so I asked my girlfriend to take a before shot.
Be inspired, but don't be disappointed if you don't see yourself the way you see those models.
Those who consume alcohol and caffeine need more fluids to counter the fluid loss effects of these types of beverages.
What I do take issue with are the transformations that are manipulated with Photoshop, professional lighting, postures to degrade or enhance their look, pro tans, sucking in or pushing out a bloated belly or flexing muscles vs. I then shaved my head, face and chest and prepared for the after shot, which was about an hour after I took the before shot. Being tricked into eating low-calorie diets and doing endless cardio is a recipe for fat gain, especially in the long term. I did a few push ups and chin ups, tweaked my bedroom lighting, sucked in, tightened my abs and BOOM!
I’m having a hard time staying motivated for these last lbs, if anyone has good advice for the last stretch of a diet that would be extremely helpful.

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