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Where the pacing did work was in Loki’s plan to oust Thor as Lord of Asgard in issues 7-12, which saw fruition in #600.
Ultimately, JMS does shake things up over the course of his run, but it happens at such a slow pace that it loses its impact. I also like the redesigns of the Asgardian cast, though I would like it if more artists drew the texture of Thor’s scale mail, instead of making him look like he skinned and wore a disco ball. Print and color pictures of flowers and gifts, or even draw flowers for Mom with step by step instructions! Michael Straczynski’s run on Thor ending a few weeks ago with Thor Giant-Size Finale #1, I thought I would take the opportunity to finally reread the 17-issue run on the book and do a write-up here. After 17 issues, I don’t really have a strong sense of who Donald Blake is or what he wants. William stumbles around as a lovesick hayseed before turning into Sam from The Lord of the Rings with his insistence on helping ‘Mr. The intricate nature of his plan relied on laying the clues early and then having it all tied together in issue 12, which was the strongest of the run easily. Djurdjevic is hurt whenever Danny Miki inks him as his art is made more scratchy and ugly — inks by Mark Morales and himself are more fluid, smoother, and fuller. His run with JRJR on ASM is one of my personal favorites, and I enjoyed the later stories with Deodato JR too(yes, even Sins Past.

Its been his dream comic project, and I wand to see what he does with no continuity to be bogged down with.
When you factor in my great displeasure with Thors new look, especially his weird elfin head, i don’t like this run much at all.
Strawberries, pumpkins, apples, grapes, pears, aparagus, ice cream and fruit are just a few of the many food coloring pages, sheets and pictures in this section. He understands Earth better than any of his people, but is incapable of sharing that knowledge.
Olivier Coipel redefines the look of Thor, giving him a broader, shorter face, and an updated costume. I like that it leaves the door open for the next writer to step into his place, but it does make it less a whole unto itself, less definitive. Still, it was a good book on its own, and it was nice to read a Marvel book that wasn’t hip-deep in Invasions, Reigns, and Wars. Michael Straczynski, Olivier Coipel, and Marko Djurdjevic makes up an odd little story that works to reinvent Thor and his fellow Asgardians, while returning to classic concepts and ideas at the same time.
In the few instances we see him act independently of Thor, his actions are still largely dictated by his relationship with the Thunder God. He will give simple generalisations about their love, while she speaks in flowery prose that signifies nothing. The revelation of how he makes it all happen in issue 12 is brilliant and shows just how well he screwed over Thor before it even happens. His rise to Lord of Asgard is engineered by Loki without him knowing it, but he plays his role all too well, masking his displeasure with Thor behind the law and concepts of duty.

I have mixed feelings regarding this run as I think Straczynski has some really good ideas here as he finds a way to move the concept forward while injecting various old ideas that were longstanding parts of the character before being phased out over time.
Even his travels to Africa to work with Doctors Without Borders shed little light on who he is beyond being a doctor that is helpful. In that respect, they do represent the relationship between the people in Oklahoma and the Asgardians well since nothing of consequence happens there.
The only delaying action that seemed somewhat worthwhile was the confrontation with Iron Man in the third issue, but even that was hampered by the downright horrendous Hurricane Katrina stuff (as the minute you mix superheroes and real world disasters, the superheroes look like total failures and are revealed as absurd and inane).
That slow pacing should have helped the development of characters and their relationships, but, oddly, it didn’t.
Also, I’m SO glad Thor stopped talking like some fake Shakespearean actor, that was definitely one of the big things that stopped me from enjoying the character previously.
JMS never really goes beneath the surface to examine what the relationship there would truly be.
As I noted before, many characters remained combinations of superficial, general character tropes with no depth.
One of my favourite moments is when the calm, collected, calculating Loki takes a sword and just goes to town on his mortally-wounded father in the past, losing all composure in a rare fit of rage. He’s a very empty character, which is a trait shared by a lot of the focal points of this run, although not all.

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