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To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin. Acting Judge Jaime Dojillo Jr., of the Regional Trial Court Branch 37, had dismissed Team Sual’s petition to annul the transfer tax assessment, which the provincial treasurer issued more than five years ago. It said that the sale of US-based Mirant of its shares in Mirant Asia Pacific Limited based in Bermuda to Crimson Power, which is a joint venture of Tokyo Electric Co.
But provincial treasurer Marilou Utanes informed the court that Team Sual is a new corporation. Dojillo also said all assets, including equipment, buildings, improvements and collective possessions of Mirant Sual, were transferred to a new set of owners which is now the Team Sual. TAGS: coal-fired power plant, Metro Manila, Mirant Sual, NAPOCOR, Pangasinan, Regions, RTC, Tax, Team Sual Corp. The first digit represents the fan size, and in this case, “4” means that when you multiply it by 2, you get an 8” fan size.

3, 2010, to pay taxes for acquiring equipment and buildings of the Sual power plant when it took over its operations. Utanes said the consortium of TEC and Marubeni “completed the purchase of all the business of Mirant Corp. This is bolstered by the fact that even its principal office is in Pasay City, Metro Manila, and not Sual, Pangasinan,” Dojillo said in his decision. It started providing electricity to the Luzon grid in October 1999 through a 1,000-MW energy conversion agreement with the National Power Corp. We reserve the right to exclude comments which are inconsistent with our editorial standards. Not only is the 8800 GTS faster in this test than all current Multi-GPU solutions on the market, the 8800 GTX is twice as fast as the 7950GX2 and is 58% faster than 7900 GTX SLI.
The last two digits represent the orifice size, and in this case, “13” means that paint has a 13-thousandths opening to go through.

While this isn’t a DirectX 10 game this test really shows just what kind of power lies in the 8800 GTX and how future games could perform.
Orifice size directly relates to how many gallons per minute of material is passed through the tip.  The 413 tip is generally good at spraying thinner materials.
Not only was the 8800 GTX playable at these settings, turning in-game AA on resulted in a loss of only 3fps!

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