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Power Supply circuits can be extremely useful when you are working on a project which requires multiple range of input voltages.
Where R2 and R1 denotes the lower and upper leg of the potential divider used to feed the Adj pin. According to the Vout formula for LM317 varying the resistance in voltage divider will alter the output voltage. Approximating this value will give 2K resistance and therefore we have fixed R2 as 2K in our schematic diagram. Using the given formula you can substitute the above resistance values and get the output of your desire in the output pin Vout.

Frank Donald is an Electronics and Communication Engineer who is very passionate about his subject. LM7809 is a famous IC with many features like, output current 1.5A, fixed output voltage 5 volt to 24 volt, thermal shutdown, current limiting etc.
Building a dedicated power supply units for each of those can be painful and tedious process. So we are going to keep the Resistor R1 fixed and alter the lower leg of the divider with different resistors R2, R3, R4, R5 and R6 which gives out voltages 12, 9, 6, 5 and 3.3.
The IC was built in such a way it develops a nominal voltage of 1.25v from the Output pin to the Adj pin.

So summing the above things selecting R2, R3, R4, R5 and R6 using the rotary switch will give 12,9 , 6, 5 and 3.3V in the Vout pin of LM317. So putting resistor across these two terminals and applying a varied voltage to adj pin will give varied output voltage in Vout pin.

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