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People with Soul urge number 9 can not begin to relax until they succeed in achieving the desired goals.
When Destiny Number and Name are in harmony, then the Soul urge number 9 helps to ensure that its owner was at the head of a large organization. The woman with the Soul number 9 are usually very gentle, hospitable, friendly, though secretive, and very carefully selects his social circle.
People with Soul urge number 9 should avoid drugs, toxic substances, because they have a predisposition to them.
In Numerology all numbers are reduced down to the vibration of a single digit, for example a 25 is reduced to a 7 (2 + 5 = 7), and 18 becomes a 9 (1 + 8 = 9). Life Path 11: The Life Path 11 has the potential to be a source of inspiration and illumination for people.
Jan 30, 2015 – People with life path numbers 11 and 22 (some sources also claim 33) are considered to be master numbers in Numerology life path.
One of the most fascinating and least understood aspects of Numerology has to do with the Master numbers. Apr 5, 2013 – An individual associated with the Master number 11 will usually be a teacher, artist, mystic, leader, or philosopher. Individuals with the Life Path number 11 are very intuitive, in fact it is the most intuitive of all numbers.
Master Numbers are special numbers in numberology blessed with lucky and special master skills. May 20, 2011 – The Number 11 is the first of the Master Numbers, and as a Master Number is not usually reduced down to a single numeral.

Life Path 11 is one of the most difficult, because it's components and the sum of two numbers are opposite to each other. All the qualities of Mars, as described above, most clearly seen in those who were born the 9th.
If they have full power and control, the organizations in which they operate will benefit from their ability to work hard, optimistic, practical knowledge. The man with the Soul number 9 strong domineering character, high ideals, it is not restricted and creators.
But due to the fact that it suppresses his partner, he is often faced with failure and disappointed.
The Master Numbers are double digit numbers 11,22, & 33 that often appear in a Numerology chart. Heightened awareness, extrasensority, a special perception, intuition, idealism, connection with the subconsciousness.
They are ambitious and thanks to his strong will and determination quickly made progress on the selected path. This is an artist and thinker who has developed his skills during previous incarnations and is now ready to share their knowledge with the world. Whatever they do, they are led by their own sincerity and true understanding of what makes them act always in their own way. Marry a person with the Soul urge number 9 and soul with the one whose number is in harmony with the Soul number 9, is happy – their family is open and willing to help, and her notice.
People with Soul urge number 9 respond quickly to any situation and go into a state of readiness by the first signal, they have strong internal defense mechanisms, and they are always ready to repel an attack. They do not believe in what you need to wait for the right moment to attack: the optimists, they are independent, they have an inexhaustible source of energy. They love to worship and may make any physical, mental or financial loss for the sake of prestige.

The man with the Soul urge number 9, born in a family in which the number of his parents, brothers and sisters, are in harmony, enjoying life, gradually occupies a high position, it becomes known. It makes people, with the number nine restless souls, and they are constantly doing something. They do not like to live on donations or be obligated to someone, they are free, honest, fearless, impulsive.
Their imperious character helps tying in discussion and debate with people who criticize their every move.
He wants his wife’s full consent, the deep romantic relationships and physical pleasure. It’s tyrants, the extremists are constantly amaze the world with his antics, which sometimes leads them to a sad end. In his youth, they have to have a lot of difficulties in communicating with others and find it very difficult to get a decent place in society, at home, at work.
Although they are particularly committed to their own families and are well taken care of their parents, sometimes they are unfortunate in his family life and often quarrel with their life partners. While the man with the number of souls 9 does not show much respect and love towards his wife, he is very kind, cheerful and sociable with other women. He loses his mental balance, quarrels and isolated from his wife, suffering from this later. His condemnation of his life partner, friends and relatives – even when his marriage brings financial success and fame.

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