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In an old post, we already talked about the steps to install DNS in Windows Server 2012 r2 and we also learned the steps to configure forward lookup zone. In this article, we’ll talk about the steps to configure AD Integrated DNS zone in Server 2012 R2.
In AD Integrated DNS zone, each server replicates the data with other DNS servers in a domain. Forward lookup zone is used to resolve the host name to IP address and reverse lookup zone is used to resolve IP address to host name. During this lab, you may start your Windows XP Service Pack 2 Installation prior to promoting your server.
Before you begin your server promotion, make sure that you are at the latest service pack as well as documenting your information. Accept the default locations for the log, Active Directory Database, and shared system volume. Check the radio button that has Install and configure DNS'at DNS Registration Diagnostics screen.

Within the Forward Lookup Zone should be a zone called firstinitialfirst8lettersofyourlastname.local. Right click on the reverse lookup zone to add an Active Directory Integrated Primary Reverse Lookup Zone.
Verify that within your reverse lookup zone you have a pointer record along with two other records.
If they are not present, verify your IP address in the Preferred DNS setting is the IP address bound to your NIC. At this point you need to install the drivers for your network interface card and assign it the other IP address that is assigned(it is on the class website), Subnet Mask and the Preferred DNS should be set to the IP address of your Active Directory Domain Controller. The Logon Script field in step 38 looks in the \scripts folder (above) for the file login.bat. As we know that Domain Name System is used for name resolution, it resolves the host name to IP address and IP address to host name.

As we can see that server is resolving FQDN (fully qualified domain name) to IP address i.e. Dynamic updates will automatically updates the records of client machines, if you change either name or IP address of any client it will automatically updates to the DNS servers. Finally, after reading the install guide I decided to create a dedicated AD,DHCP and DNS server for the View desktops.

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