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Ultimate 30 Stone Chakra Set with Crystal Healing Natural Mineral Tumbled Gemstones for All 7 Chakras. Aquarius the 11th sign of the zodiac is known for its natives’ quality of being humane, down to earth and committed. The natives are of a mind-set that orients them towards professions that endeavour to help the society and its people at large. These natives stand to gain considerably by following their astrological tasks and doing their specially customised chanting that minimises their losses and multiplies their gain.

The natives of the moon sign Aquarius are ruled by the planet Uranus and are quite forward thinking and self-directed. I have some weekly ones I will be posting in a few days as well, this guy also has a great Facebook page and a website with all sorts of nifty finds like private readings and cool planetary updates. Includes 7 Stones Travel Set, Chakra Pendulum, Shiva Lingam, Clear Quartz Point, Satin Bags, Information Cards with Symbols and Bonus Cd.
The energy level is tremendous and the natives are especially known for their determination and clear-cut approach.

The weekly tasks, chanting and remedies greatly help in achieving the correct balance of the astrological equation which in turn influences the native in a most positive and beneficial manner.

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