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ONE lucky winner scooped the jackpot in last night’s Lotto, pocketing a whopping ?2,237,284. TALLAHASSEE (AP) — One ticket matched all four “Lucky Money three numbers won $9.50 each and 101,838 tickets won a Quick Pick ticket for picking two numbers.
Aries traits are revealed in this special Aries personality report looking at the four most negative traits of the Aries man. These personality profiles always generate a lot of debate amongst my readers.
If you are an Aries male or if you know an Aries man I want you to leave a comment, and like and share this report. If you or someone you know is born under the sign of Aries, you would know that just like everybody else, you have a good side and a bad side. Just like other signs in the horoscope (such as the Aries woman traits), Aries traits for men have positive and negative sides. Some of the most common Aries traits for men are a tendency to be intolerant of others, self-seeking and wanting attention, being envious, and often times, being fixed in his ways. In other words, Aries male personalities tend to look at the world purely from their own perspective.
However, just like any other sign in the horoscope, Aries males may be born with this self-seeking impulse, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are going to die with this exact same raw impulse. Just like with other signs of the horoscope, life is really is a journey of starting with a raw personality trait and developing that into something more useful, something more balanced, and ultimately, something more fulfilling. While it’s very easy to say the self-seeking aspect of Aries men is completely negative, we should resist that temptation. The truth is, what can be negative in one context and time, can actually be positive in another place, time, and context. The highest form of this otherwise negative personality trait is realizing that if you want to help yourself, you have to help others.
Aries guys who have been around blocking how it works, actually, come to the conclusion that this is the way the world is. One of the dirty little secrets of Aries men personality types is the fact many of them are quite envious. There is a big difference from being jealous and being envious. In that particular context, the person where loyalty and attention is owed, has the right to be jealous. Envy on the other hand, involves a person trying to claim attention when that person does not have the right to that attention. Envy is the worst form of self-esteem because when you are envious, you are basically admitting that you do not have what it takes to earn rightfully that thing that somebody else has that you’re envying them about. Once they fill in that hole, then the psychological baggage and harmful mental coping mechanism goes away or at least, it is modified to something more acceptable.
This Aries trait of inflexibility is what makes many Aries men deep down insecure, combative, and petty. Just like with other signs of the horoscope, the Aries male has a good side and a bad side to his personality traits. I truly believe that my gift of psychic ability and insight is a blessing to me and if I have a responsibility to use my God given gifts to help others. Btw, the world IS fixed in the macrocosm, it’s the people who tend to be impermanent. Taurus gambling horoscopes, taurus gambling lucky numbers, Taurus gambling horoscope, free gambling lucky numbers for taurus zodiac sign.
Your online informative guide for my lucky horoscope numbers with new articles, auctions, and blog listings updated daily.. For over a year the countess has refused to give out her numbers since her nephew decided he wants to set her up on her own website where he can grub up all the money. Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. If you are a Taurus and you are wondering what your lucky numbers are this report is for you. As always please like, share and tweet this report to other Taurus people you know who could do with some good luck in their lives.
You can set up situations where you can generate quite a healthy income, make great investments and take the right risks that can lead to wealth.
With that said two aspects of the number 8 need to be front and centre in your mind for you to get lucky with the Taurus lucky number 8. Usually, there are certain forward motions to the number 8 that leads to the right amount of risk, the right decisions and the right moves. These are not the factors in play, instead, the two elements of the number 8 that Taurus should really capitalize on is sustainability and stability.

While Taurus lucky number 8 is also similar to infinity, there is a sustainability and stability to infinity. Moreover, in the same vein, infinity requires a lot of sustainability because for something to be infinite, it has to keep going on and on and on.
Draw on these two factors of the Taurus lucky number 8 when making the right career, investment or financial decisions. Taurus lucky number 9, historically, has been characterized as a number of forward momentum.
You push the forward momentum that you have already built at this stage of your life all the way to its logical conclusion. When it comes to architecture, one of the most stable shapes that you can put in any structure is a triangle. To truly get lucky with the number 3, you need to focus on balance and strong fundamentals.
Paying attention to balance and strong fundamentals also applies to job hunting, because different companies differ quite a bit in their fundamentals. Usually, when you want to dismiss somebody or insult somebody, you usually call them a 0 (zero). There are two ways to read 0, you can either look at it as missing something or you can look at it as having a space that you can fill up.
In the eyes of the right entrepreneur or the right risk taker or the right employee, Taurus lucky number 0 is a very powerful number.
Taurus lucky number 2 is a very important number because it is a great number to have and meditate on when you are trying to make a move. As you can tell from my analysis of the Taurus lucky numbers – everything depends on movement and action for those born under Taurus. You can have all the good fortune and good luck in the world, but if you fail to take action and take a chance then it will simply pass you by. You must ignore your Taurus traits and characteristics and become more active if you really do want to be lucky and beyond. The winning Lotto numbers for Wednesday, September 16, 2015, were: 12, 14, 21, 22, 37, 43 and the bonus ball was 36. Some people recognize the characteristics of the personality I am describing whilst others feel very offended. Let’s get a real conversation going about the main characteristics and traits of the Aries man – the good and the bad! Unfortunately, most Aries males haven’t gotten the memo that there is a larger world out there outside of themselves. While many Aries have traits that come off as a caring, compassionate, team players, and overall good guys, deep down there is a strong strain of self-seeking.
Aries men start out as self-seeking, but often times the more they seek themselves, the more they realize that they have to serve others. It’s no wonder that some Aries men become very wealthy or successful because they figured this out. Once they get an idea in their head, they tend to be quite intolerant of facts that fall outside of these neat, little boxes they’ve put their larger reality in. This can get quite annoying, especially if you get in a debate with Aries male regarding religion, politics, and other heavy subjects. Aries men tend to look at the world in a very fixed way. Most people don’t like to be wrong, however, Aries men tend to take it to a whole new other level. While I’m still going to have my specific preferences, I can be at peace with the way the world is. In other words, they become more open minded and people don’t think they are as hard to get along with as before. A closely related definition is when a person who doesn’t own something, wishes he or she owned that thing that he or she is desiring. This could be a car, a beautiful wife, a big house, a great job, an awesome education, whatever. But just like the other traits above, as the Aries men evolve with time, he realizes that envy is the most honest admission of low self-esteem. They don’t work to make the envy go away, but they work at making the root cause of the envy go away.
The truth is, as an Aries male becomes more accomplished and more mellow with age, his propensity to be envious goes away. This is one of the key reasons that I believe that Aries and Leo are such a compatible match in 2014. Thankfully, as they grow up and experience many different things and really realize that life is a tightrope and that it’s okay to throw away the pole and let things proceed on their own, they become more flexible.

However, just like with other houses of the horoscope, even the worst personality traits aren’t really as bad as they seem. Moreover, as Aries men get older and more mature, a lot of these bad personality traits get modified or totally transform in to other more acceptable traits.
Haha, I’m also a bit offended because the title is rather misleading and I think that some points are inaccurate. I seem to become petty only when I have an issue with a person, otherwise pettiness is obsolete. The reality is, you have a lot more control over your life than you give yourself credit for.
We are not just talking about things going into motion and reaching some sort of sustainable forward motion like you would get from a different aspect of number 8.
The secret to turning this number’s element into real wealth and real fortune is to act on what it suggests. You have to recognize certain elements of your life that you have already built-up and you just need to take that extra step for it to truly deliver the benefits that you have been hoping for. For example, if you are going to be faced with two investment options and one has a strong balance sheet and another is just all forward looking statement, take the investment option that has the strong balance sheet. This later interpretation is precisely what will make the number 0 very lucky for Taurus people. It draws the interpretation from the fact that human beings have two legs that they need to get from point A to point B.
If you want to get lucky with number 2, you have to look at it from its forward motion perspective.
If you want to win with the number 2, look at it from its ability to give you a fresh start. The harder they try to seek and serve themselves, the better of a job they do in serving others.
It’s not necessarily bad to seek yourself as long as you help other people on the way. If you think such a guy sounds like a jerk, the truth is we all tend to do this at some level or other. In other words, you are hoping and wishing that what somebody else is yours even though you did not work for it and you did not deserve it. They put in the work, the time, and the focus to: get that high paying job, get that high status position in society, or get that promotion. I am an Aires Mach 24th, I’ve only ever known 2 other Aires in my life until just a few months ago, those 2 were female one my buff the other complete enemy she forced the relationship to be that way. In other cases, even if you have pocket aces, you can still manage to screw things up because you lost heart. Eventually, Aries men leave behind the idea that life is all about them and see themselves as part of a greater context. However, as your Aries guy friend matures and evolves, he will eventually become at peace at the way the world works. So I’ve always felt like the old man out feeling like the only one that existed almost ( lonely, ). These are strong basic common sense, fundamental questions that you should not neglect when looking at investment decisions as well as career decisions.
While we do tend to have our tendencies or our propensities, we have a lot more control regarding what we become than we care to admit.
The worst part about this is that it can often stop the Aries from opening his eyes and seeing the opportunities to be lucky. But, a mature and level headed Aries male personality is actually very mellow and can get along with most people. Many people who fail with the number 2 fail because they are so saddled with past bad decisions. I’ve met a few, but shocked as too how many men have known an aires woman it carries weight too!! Aires women seem to be drawn into certain signs I have recently have learned over the last few months as well. I’ve never cared to be accepted, even as a child, so envy never played a major role in my personality.

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