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All couples want to turn their love into the holy bond of marriage and stay with their loved ones forever. It is true that love knows no caste but when it comes to marriage, there are certain caste restrictions in our society and which is why marriages between persons of different castes are not favored. Anyone who wants to pursue business successfully is aware of the fact that business requires a thorough investment of money, time and effort. Marriage is one of the most important decisions in anyone’s life and it determines the course of the life and our happiness by a large measure. Pandit Aman Sharma ji has unshaken faith in the Vedic astrology and has mastered all fields of astrology through his unflinching dedication and hard work over many years. Astrologer Shankar Charan Tripathi, who predicts future through indigenous methods like ‘Swar Jyotish’ (astrology of sound) combined with Vedic astrological sciences, had made the prediction in October 2014 itself in a recorded video that according to his astrological calculations Salman Khan won’t go to jail for a single day.
This is not the only time that his big predictions have come hundred percent true in recent days. Shankar Charan Tripathi who is a Sales Tax Commissioner based in Lucknow appears on his programme on National Television and answers questions by audiences on their problems and predictions which has a waiting period of more than four years!
What makes him different from the other astrologers is the fact that he doesn’t go for conventional methods like horoscope checking which has been made too complicated by some astrologers for commercial gains and which has an escape route for them even with the predictions going horribly wrong .

View the video taken in October 2014 about his accurate prediction about Salman Khan not going to jail even for a single day.
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Well, the diva is already an accomplished name, how more feathers she plans to don on her cap? Love marriages are being favored greatly in our society nowadays given the fact that in the couple knows much more about their partners as compared to arranged marriages.
Only a few fortunate ones had the opportunity to go to schools and take formal education but most never saw a teacher throughout their life. He is well known for his dedication to his clients and his oath to provide the best guidance to anyone who comes to him and is the most famous astrologer in Canada. And miraculously Salman Khan was granted bail on the same day by the Bombay High Court and he didn’t have to go to the jail. In May 2015 he had predicted before the media in Patna (again recorded video) that Nitish Kumar will win in the forthcoming polls in Bihar and become the Chief Minister again.

Shankar Charan Tripathi has his own unique methods and most of the time its impromptu but always based on some ancient vedic astrological science.
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And it’s amazing that Salman Khan has been acquitted by the Bombay High court in the 2002 hit and run case and doesn’t need to go to the jail! He had explained in astrological and numerological terms how Nitish Kumar along with RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav will win the assembly election. He will ask a person to sign his name and then predict everything about him or he will talk to a person on phone and then tell him the color of walls around him and also the color of his or her dress!

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