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March 12, 2012 by Brett Kirkland Leave a Comment Being a Personal Trainer myself, many might think that I have a biased opinion when it comes to making a choice between a gym membership and hiring a trainer.
Motivation: When working with a trainer he or she should always be able to help you reach that next level. Variety of program: Everyone knows someone who has been going to gym for years and continues to do the same routine. Activating the proper muscle groups in each exercise significantly increases the benefits of the workout. Popularity in personal training and smaller personal training studios has happened for a number of different reasons.
Most clients come to personal trainers to become educated on fitness and have the idea that they want learn and move on. Lastly, there really shouldn’t be any contracts to sign when it comes to training in a personal training studio and if there are, tell them you are not comfortable signing it. Hope that answers a few of your questions about finding a hiring the right personal trainer for you!

Please feel free to share your questions or experiences, good or bad, below in the comments.
Het is erg leuk wanneer je enkele woorden kent, daar wordt altijd positief op gereageerd.De officiele taal in China is het Mandarijns (de taal die in Beijing gesproken wordt). This generally happens because either their exercise technique was not performed properly or they jumped into a more advanced workout too quickly. Being able to “feel” the muscles working allows you to grow stronger in the areas of the body that you want to work on which in result will help you reach your goals.
I think with fitness and healthy lifestyle literally being plastered all around us everyday people are more concerned about their health and they don’t know where to start. Having a trainer that is certified and educated should allow the client to work out on their own and be confident that they are performing the exercises properly! This way once you have tried two or three different you will know what one is best for you. It will also be much easier to tell what trainer is well educated! Remember they are fighting for you to become a client of theirs! Almost all training studios have a website with the bios of their trainers and if they don’t, make sure to take extra time to see if they are legit.

I believe in being physically fit and staying healthy but in some cases, and for some people, one option can help you see better results and reach your goals sooner.
Typically between 4-8 weeks of the same workout routine your body adapts and the benefits of that workout decreases significantly. Within an hour you should be able to develop a relationship with trainer and learn to trust them.
Most personal training studios work on “packages.” Buy 5 personal training sessions at $90 session, 10 sessions at $85 and so on. Having an educated trainer working with you should always keep your body guessing which in result should help you reach your goals faster. With each and every exercise there are modifications that will allow the client to hit the same muscle groups but at their level.

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