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After reading Robert Lee Camp’s Destiny Cards and Love Cards books in 2000, she wanted to learn more. As a six of clubs, (the psychic card), she feels a mission to get the information about the destiny cards out into the world, helping more people understand themselves and their relationships. The reading will take approximately one hour, and is best undertaken with a good understanding about what you want to get out of the reading.
After the reading you will receive an mp3 recording of the reading, and the notes from the reading.
The cards were originally devised as a calendar system and not just any calendar system, the calendar for earth and earth alone. Though most people are yet to become aware of it, this Science of the Cards is a fascinating and highly accurate system of self-understanding that supposedly originated in Atlantis.
This system is very much like astrology but with the added benefit that it doesn’t require a time of day or place. As a little taste of this system, below is all you need to derive a little information about your Birth Card. Now you know your Birth Card you can learn a little about yourself from the descriptions below. Club – You are eternally curious to learn new things, you are a detail person and thrive on communications with others.
Diamond – Everything has an intrinsic value to you and you enjoy buying and selling and acquiring. Spade – You are very work oriented, have a strong will and relate well to older more mature people. Three – You are creative and self-expressive though you also do your share of worrying. Four – You appreciate the value of stability and security, home, family and other grounded things. Seven – You have magic at your fingertips but you must release material attachments to realize it. Queen – As co-ruler of the throne you have a lot of power, authority and responsibility. King – You have the power of all the other cards in your suit combined with great experience to encourage acts of wisdom. Ultimately, the person elected to office is a fair representation of the people he or she governs. Whenever I watch a football game, even though I never watch football games, I always choose a side to root for.
I am just going to take a light look at the more interesting forerunners here with the cards.
Jeb here is one of three people wanting to capitalize on their family name to gain an edge in the competition. In addition, Carly moves to the year of the Mystic Triangle next year, which always means a great change (a lot like the Pinnacle Year). Rand, son of Ron Paul, is another candidate hoping his father’s fame will help his chances. But so far he seems unwilling to be as outspoken as Trump, which is what it will take to stand out against him.
Having probably one of the most competitive birthdays of the entire year, Ben has what it takes to become president.

However, it doesn’t look like he has enough support this go round to really get into the race. This is his first foray into politics so the lack of experience will probably prevent him from winning.
Most people forget how many people were murdered and went to jail during Bill’s rise to presidency. Her personal cards are pretty good, though nothing definitive is showing for the election year.
It is interesting that Bernie and Donald Trump have the same cards, though one is Gemini and the other Virgo. He did not do well in the first debate against Hillary, the party favorite, and it is doubtful that he will win the nomination against Hillary, who has been working on this election for at least twelve years now and is being guided by her able husband, Bill.
He says a lot of the things this more conscious segment of society would say, a lot like Ron Paul in the last election. Bernie’s cards are good this year, not so much though next year when the election takes place. She studied on her own for a few years, then contacted the Order of the Magi and was accepted into their apprenticeship program under Nikki LaMont.
She has spent some time researching chinese and western astrology, tarot, and the destiny cards, as well as relationship dynamics within dysfunctional families.
There are many card-reading systems and books out there but how many know the one and original system, that system for which the cards were devised in the first place?
There are 52 cards and 52 weeks, 13 cards in each suit and 13 new moons each year, as well as 13 weeks in each season of the year, represented in the deck by the four suits. Follow the instructions carefully to calculate your card and then read the meanings of its suit and number.
That will give you the solar value of your Birth Card and below you can look up your Birth Card from the table.
If you want to investigate this system more, check out our two main books, Destiny Cards and Love Cards, available in most bookstores. So, it comes as no surprise that we have some very strange characters competing for top job this year. He has been brave enough to say things that a lot of other candidates wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole. Trump just passed through his Mystic Triangle Year last year, which is what I believe lead to his choosing to run (PR card spread). Her and husband Bill have been orchestrating her run for many years now, including her stint at Secretary of State, from which they amassed a fortune.
These two usually get what they want and there is no way to know what sorts of things are going on behind the scenes. Bernie comes in as a progressive and is very popular with the younger generation for his position against corruption, big business government, and other topics. But like Ron Paul, he just doesn’t have much of the popular vote, which tells you that higher consciousness is definitely not popular these days.
She received the Order of the Magi Certification to perform Transformational Card Readings in 2011. You might get a reading to learn about future romance possibilities, or even get a reading to help understand underlying issues in your current relationship. And finally, how many would guess that this common deck of cards actually holds a record of our entire life, much like the fabled ‘Book of Destiny’ spoken of in many cultures?

But the most amazing connection occurs when we add up the numbers on each card in the deck.
And by knowing the inner workings of this deck, as taught by the ancient priests of the Magi, one can reveal anyone’s unique destiny, along with a whole lot more. At that point in my life I was already an astrologer and what struck me even more was the fact that 9 birthdays had the same card as mine. Every person studying astrology should take a look at this system because it offers a unique perspective that ties in with all they have learned.
And it looks more and more like a comic book story with colorful superhero types spicing up the otherwise repetitious and boring elections. But he is not coming out strong right now and doesn’t have that dramatic flare that seems to be called for in this reality-show election. In the debates she scored well against Trump, boosting her ratings and her financial support.
But when I look at his cards for the year starting on his next birthday, they look really good. Both principles are centred on the concept of energy and its flow in and around your immediate environment.
Maybe you have a difficult relationship with a family member and want more information about how to best proceed with that. For example, the year of 365 days is divided into seven periods, each 52 days long, and named for one of the planets.
Carly is likely to get a lot of big business backing, which, it seems has been very instrumental in past elections.
Whatever the issue is, you can explore it with your destiny cards counselor and be assured of the utmost discretion and confidentiality.
That got me started on a quest for more information about this system and eventually to writing several books about it. Your first period of the year, Mercury, begins on your birthday, followed 52 days later by your Venus period and so on. And what is popular most now is reality TV shows where people fight and get mad at each other. But, it so happens that a lot of people like him for just that – his willingness to take a stand and say what they are thinking too.
As a double Diamond myself, I respect a guy who has made and lost millions of dollars and who stays in the game. No one is Saturn to her that I am aware of so I don’t see someone who would, by virtue of their cards, have an advantage over her.
She studied Feng Shui in London and writes weekly articles on Feng Shui in The Telegraph, India.
To this day most everyone who is exposed to it says it is the most uncannily accurate system they have ever discovered. For example, the Venus period is one in which we usually focus a lot of our attention on home, family and personal relationships.
I don’t really care what his particular stand is, I enjoy him for his radical stands and how upset he makes others.

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