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This portal is dedicated to Vedic Astrology - Vedanga Jyotish, a science that is deep-rooted in Indian culture, tradition, and philosophy of life. I am not being pretentious by keeping the title of my post same as the name of books by Dr. A post, a website or even an entire book is not sufficient to tell readers how to judge a horoscope. So from this information please tell me my complete future infomation.And if there is any problem in my future life then tell me that also.
Could you please let me know when will I get married and how is my future?This is very important to me now because I need to take some decisions with your reply.
Please tell me should I shift from govt sector( where I am not getting required remuneration according to my qualification)to a Top MNC Software company. Could you please let me know when will I get married (Date)and how is my future partner(Name, City)?
My dob is july11,1983,5:35 Am,female in bhaktapur,nepal.when will i go abroad??before marriage or after that?? We discuss about our future when together.We plan to get married soon,but he is scared of commitment. I want to know when will his fear of making commitments will fade off and he will be more firm on his desicion of getting married. There is this man has been following me every week in church for 2and half years.Is he my future husband? In this article, I would like to point out certain differences that exist between the two systems – Vedic and Western Astrology.
Zodiac Signs: Both Vedic and Western Astrology systems work on 12 signs from Aries to Pisces. Uranus is supposed to behave like Jupiter, Neptune like Saturn and Pluto has been given properties like Mars. Ascendant changes sign once every two hours, Moon once in 2.5 days and Sun in approx 30 days.
Precession of Equinoxes: This is the biggest and most potent ammunition that the critics of Western Astrology have against the system. The western astrology follows tropical zodiac – which the Vedic system follows a sidereal one. Precession of Equinox means that the equinoxes are moving backwards – the vernal equinox lies no longer in Aries, it has moved to the constellation of Pisces.

All in all, I personally believe the western system of astrology is in a way crude and more ad hoc. He was a renowned astrologer from bangalore who has done extensive reasearch in vedic astrology and has published many books on the subject.
My name is vivek bardhan and my DOB-05-01-1981, and my timing is 6.37pm falls on (monday). Please treat my request with relevant priority and accordingly reply through my email address as early as possible. This observation is valid for not just these planets Rahu and Ketu, but other planets as well, be it Jupiter operating under one of the Pancha Mahapurusha yoga, Mercury under Budhaditya yoga etc. These lunar nodes are always 180 from each other and good results by one often come with side effects from the other. In Vedic Astrology, nakshatras have gained almost as much importance as the zodiac signs themselves. Western Astrology works on Uranus, Neptune and Pluto along with the usual suspects Sun through Saturn.
Throughout the history of astrology in India and other countries of Indian subcontinent, the capabilities of the sages in terms of observation made them realize that there is a slip, or a wobble in the earth’s axis. Broadly, dasha systems assign a period where a particular planet or set of planets exerts its influence. Vedic astrology takes a more disciplined approach – with enough room for creativity and research. This error with the precession has bothered me for years – and I thank you for your explanation. He provides all Astrological and Horoscope Services with the help of old indian astrology . This post is not meant to be a disclaimer, but please do take some precautions when trying to follow principles of astrology as mentioned in astrological texts. And that is exactly the reason why I cannot take some of these principles and yogas and blindly integrate with the birth chart generation applet on this site.
What if the best placed planets never have their main dasha in the person’s lifetime? The next attempt i will get success or not plz informe about my trails, future & settlement in my life when.
In Vedic system, Sun does play a major role, but it comes behind Moon and Ascendant in importance.

Not any more… The earth keeps wobbling on its axis and this meant that in 2000 years, something drastic happened.
The most well known of these – Vimshottari (cycle of 120 years) dasha is calculated using the longitude of moon. Since these three planets were discovered recently, there is no historical (rather statistical, if you can appreciate the number of years Vedic astrology has gained over Western Systems.
Now when we say that the Sun is in Aries according to the western system, it may not be in Aries at all. This mathematical correction, which amounts to the slip in zodiac over a period of time converts the system from tropical to sidereal. Naturally the number of charts being interpreted correctly by the Vedic system is way high) basis of associating properties with these planets. Hence precession is important only in terms of world ages for the western system, but is at the center of all calculations in Vedic Astrology.
The other system Vedic Astrology uses is based on the current position of planets as compared to the positions at the time of birth of an individual. The principles in these books should be applied to all Yogas and placement of planets in various houses. Sun, according to the sidereal system can really be observed within the zodiac sign that the calculations point to. Naturally, the proponents of Western Astrology now discount the real zodiac and have build their system around an imaginary one – where first point of Aries is still around 21st March, called vernal Equinox, the first day of spring.
David Frawley have done a lot of work and proposed theories which are very imaginative but well within the confines of the Vedic system at the same time. At this note, I would like to point out that dristis in Vedic Astrology are always forward looking unlike in Western astrology where both 120 and 240 are the same aspect which is called trine. In Vedic Astrology, opposition is considered good – opposition between Jupiter and Moon, Jupiter and Mercury is considered very auspicious.

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