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Two Main ApproachesThere are two main approaches to determine compatibility in love match astrology, one way is to compare a couple's Sun signs and the other is through comparing their Venus signs. Benefits of Learning about Love MatchesSun sign and Venus sign readings are a window to revealing how we think and feel, and what our needs are as well as showing us the tendencies and emotional makeup, needs and fears of our loved ones so that we can gain an understanding of how they see things and why they are the way they are.
Mending a Troubled UnionTo improve a troubled relationship, analysis of both Sun sign and Venus sign information is used to determine how you may improve yourself by altering the way you do or say things. Compatibility and Star SignsZodiac star signs reveal our strengths, weaknesses, our skills, emotional natures, insecurities, the types of things we like or dislike about people, places and things and all of these factors influence how well we pair up with other signs.
Digging Deeper for More InformationEven more in-depth compatibility information can be obtained when considering the type of sign as well, this having to do with the particular portion of a sign's cycle a person was born in, whether they were born on a cusp and influenced by an adjacent Sun sign's characteristics as well, or if they were born in the central period of their sign's cycle. Love and Compatibility with Venus SignsVenus sign analysis however provides an even deeper more specific look into an individual's love aspects or those of a couple's, this sign having to do primarily with love as well as the union and happiness elements of a person's character and emotional makeup. Keep In Mind all PossibilitiesWith this Sun sign and Venus sign information however, it's important to realize that while there are no completely incompatible signs, with couples whose signs are commonly understood to be a 'poor matches' sometimes having long lasting relationships, apparent compatibility between signs doesn't always guarantee a total and permanent, loving relationship between two people in real life either.
Reveal a Relationship ChemistryTwo people's compared birth dates can be used to reveal a relationship chemistry and type that's as unique as both you and your lover's fingerprints. Get free yes no tarot reading without the hassles, instant answer without any obligations to pay. Aries Astrological Love MatchAries, your free horoscope readings indicate that you are stubborn and independent, but this can work to your advantage in love and romance.This zodiac sign, symbol is the Ram, begins on the spring equinox, and astrologically signals new beginnings. Pisces Astrological Love MatchPisces, yours is a highly emotional and sensitive horoscope sign.Be careful not to let your emotions run the show all of the time, and protect yourself from getting hurt by avoiding relationships with the more blunt, cold signs. Libra Astrological Love MatchLibra, the sign of the scales, you are the critical thinker of astrological love readings. Sagittarius Astrological Love MatchSagittarius, you are by far the happiest sign in the Zodiac. Cancer Astrological Love MatchCancer astrology sign, when checking your horoscope readings you can be unpredictable and prone to extremes. Capricorn Astrological Love MatchCapricorn, the horoscope sign of the goat, you are a unique partner.
Astrology Sign Love HoroscopesWhen you understand a person’s love match horoscope, you can better understand who they are and why they act the way they do. To understand more about your present and future love matches, read your accurate astrological love match horoscope below.To get a fuller, more personal, insight of who, what and when is in store for your love life take a look at our Love Match Readings page.
Astrological Star SignBorn Between January 20 and February 18, Aquarius zodiac star sign individuals are symbolized in the zodiac by a water pitcher or a water bearer. Aquarius as an Air SignSome people mistake Aquarius to be a Water Sign when it is in fact an Air Sign.
Negative Qualities of AquariusAquarians tend to be judged by others as having a lonely love life, but this is only because they don’t just like to get into relationships simply for the sake of having one. Traits of AquariusIntelligent: Aquarians are intelligent by nature, knowing what works for them and how to work for the things they want.
Honest: Aquarius zodiac signs are honest people, both in their personal and professional life.
Aquarius WeaknessesBecause they have a way with words, Aquarians can turn nasty and sarcastic when criticizing other people. Aquarius CareerBecause of their inventive, inquisitive, and imaginative nature, Aquarians make good inventors, researchers, astrologers, astronauts, and scientists.
Compatibility love match reports are very useful in deepening and improving a love relationship, any type of relationship in fact, this is achieved through the accurate use of the information provided. This can help shed light on what you may be doing that could be having a negative effect on your love relationship. Some Sun sign aspects of a person's character may compliment the differing aspects of another person's sign, while other elements in a person's natural character may conflict or cause misunderstandings between themselves and the person they're in a relationship with.
This all being analyzed with their partner's Sun sign and unique time of birth as well, you can gain detailed insight into what strengths your overall relationship has and the areas you most likely have to work on. To understand how a person's Venus sign is different from another person's, it's important to know that everyone has each of the 10 planets and luminaries (sun and moon) in their birth chart with the positions of each varying in angle and co-ordination to each other to create an individual profile.In regards to your Venus sign, the 'house' in which Venus was positioned in at your time of birth effects how you love, how you show your love, what you need from your lover, who you love and who and what you're attracted to, what makes you feel insecure and what can cause your love to die. The study of the astrological compatibility between two people based on their times of birth is called synastry. These kinds of reports dealing with astrological love matches are an effective tool for relationship building, empowerment and improvement. Aquarius love matches may be perceived as difficult, but that just means that they are worth working for!

They can tend to be enthusiastic, energetic, and confident, and this can make love and relationships fun, dynamic, and ever evolving on a daily basis.
Sometimes, your intensity can be perceived as aggression, so try to tone it down a little when dealing with very empathetic, sensitive horoscope signs. They are sensitive to how they are treated, and for this reason may be very reactive, particularly in relationships. You protect yourself emotionally, and have a tendency to make it difficult for others to get close to you.
They are often more emotional than rational, which makes them unusually kind, but also very sensitive in love. You have the remarkable ability to detach emotionally from a situation and become objective and clear headed in even the most trying situations.
You pursue all of your ambitions with a vigor and cheer that is captivating and contagious, but can be a tad flighty. You work well in a relationship because you can make people feel cared about and loved, and you are very nurturing and kind. You have heard the saying “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer?” This applies to you, Capricorn. Zodiac signs which fall under the Air Sign are thinkers primarily, using their reasoning and intellect over their feelings and emotions.
Should they choose to do so, they amaze others around them with the intelligence and creativity that they have.
They are hard and dedicated workers, making sure they produce quality work as opposed to just getting the job done. It can also benefit by helping you learn what makes your loved one 'tick' in regards to how they think, feel and react to different things, situations, emotions etc. This type of Astrological report is very useful if you're looking for more direct information to help unravel the mysteries of your love life or work on improving your relationship. This is where the love and emotional feelings, character assets, setbacks, attractions and repellents, as well as needs and insecurities, are determined. To find basic information on your astrological love matches check out our Love Horoscope page or to get a more comprehensive report covering both star signs compatibility based on you and your lover's birth times, check out our Love Reports page. Many Aquarians have an eclectic point of view, but may become uncomfortable delving too much into the realm of feelings.If you are an Aquarius sign, you are precise, calculating, and can be perceived as emotionally distant.
This can seem like superficiality, but in reality they are simply more conscious of feelings, interactions, and love relationships than most other signs. This is frequently perceived as emotionless or cold, but you are simply protecting yourself. This can make the Libra seem cold and uncaring in the moment, but can prevent over-dramatization and blowing things out of proportion, which helps a relationship run lovingly smooth. Leos are sensitive to their surroundings and others, and will withdraw affection quickly and abruptly if they sense they are being harmed. Sagittarius tends to be a thrill-seeker, so they often enjoy forming new bonds, friendships, and love relationships, but they sometimes have trouble following through in the long term. But as an independent sign, you can easily chafe in a relationship where your partner takes advantage of your nurturing nature. Any couple whose love doesn’t match astrologically may find that their romantic relationship will not be permanent, even though it may be good for a short space of time. They may look like they have a lot of people and acquaintances in their circle, but they really only have very few close and trusted friends. When an Aquarius star sign considers you as a friend, he or she will make you feel important and will love to hang around with you more often.
Aquarius zodiac star signs can also be naggers, because they crave time and attention from those that are near and dear to them.
This type of information leaves you with a more tangible idea on how to proceed in your relationship. This is not a bad thing, though: it means you play the love game well and will not be too flighty, impulsive, or overly passionate early in the relationship. This can be frustrating at first, but in the end can actually benefit the relationship – once you get to know one, you know you have the real deal.
They will not be drawn into petty drama, but instead prefer to remain dignified, even if they occasionally come across as stuck up. A relationship with this sign can be quite an adventure, because they are so diverse and often have many interests.

When emotions run the gamut, feelings can be hurt much more than necessary, and levelheaded thinking helps tremendously. Sagittarius can also be a little on the excessively blunt side, so be gentle with your partners feelings and try to think before you speak. You must be able to strike a balance between your compassion and inclination to be a caretaker, and your free spirit and independence.
No one wants to be on the bad side of one – their determined nature means that you do not want to have a Cappy for an enemy. Love horoscopes are great for those who want a basic idea of someone new and whether something may happen in the short term.
You can say that Aquarians are public people, which is not uncommon given the universality of their sign. As an Aquarian man or woman, you are honest, simple, straight to the point, and don’t like beating around the bush and unnecessary changes or adjustments.
Aquarius signs are a witty and intelligent lot, and other people are drawn toward their brains.
Men and women born under this star sign have a great command of language and can express themselves very well.
Aquarius value honesty, and though they love to rationalize with their minds, they are also attuned to their instincts.
When you feel you are stuck, you can count on a completely different take on it from your Aquarian friend. This is what makes them so knowledgeable and smart in the first place, but others may find this trait a tad too nosey and annoying. Because they are detached by nature, this can go too far as to become uncaring and come off as unemotional to others. Being humanitarian on top of it all, this astrology sign can also make successful doctors and other medical personnel. It takes effort to get close to an Aquarius, and that makes the relationship more valuable when it is finally achieved.
Scorpios tend to have a quick temper and a tendency to criticize, so make sure you are gentle with your partner’s feelings as you pursue your love interests. It can be frustrating if you are single-minded to be with a Gemini.However, a Gemini partner can expand your horizons and increase your interests in many things. If you are in a relationship with a cancer, remember not to try to oppress them, and not to take advantage of their compassion. They love intellectual discussions and social mingling as such, so you may find them in a number of forums, organizations, and clubs.
This is not to say that they like to babble, but they would engage those around them in rather interesting conversations. They love to question everything, and their unique and outside-the-box approach to the world around them lends new ideas and insights to others. Because of the not-so-ideal traits in their personal life, their professional life can easily get affected. The Aquarius zodiac star sign does not forget the needy and are known to take interest in humanitarian activities.
Aquarius star sign can enter relationships without harboring the involvement that normally comes with it. Although you can be calculating, it does not hurt to know what could be coming to you, so take a look at your love horoscope readings here!
If you enter into a relationship with one, you will most likely be safe from mind games and other childish downfalls of a relationship, and these love relationships typically enjoy strong communication. Understand that as much as your partner enjoys your kindness, love, and protection, you are not the only person in your partner’s life, and there is no reason to be jealous of that.
You don’t like it when others take advantage of these traits of yours, and are quick to take offence when you are hurt or rejected. They take an interest in almost everything around them, but because of this they tend to have problems focusing on just one thing at a time. According to the Aquarius horoscopes, they might also not develop an attachment with their parents or siblings and can stay a bit aloof.

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