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It may also symbolise, if the influence is not so powerful in the natal chart, people that are participating in this endeavour to build the structure, the essence of our world, but are not in the center of actions, they are just participating, supporting the endeavour in one way, or another.
Each constellation represent a theme, a story, a myth which must be understood in order to understand the meaning of fixed stars. A New Moon marks the beginning of a new cycle, and November’s NewMoon is also a Solar Eclipse.
In the next couple of weeks, you’ll be able to solve a lot of the major issues in your life if you approach them properly.
Summer 1948-Summer 1951: The outside world is pressuring you to change your approach or your deepest beliefs. Matthew Currie is an astrologer, counselor and writer with over 20 years of experience and numerous appearances on television, radio and podcasts. I wrote about Prince yesterday, and like many of you I was saddened and surprised by his death.

How many Geminis does it take to change a lightbulb? That depends on the type of bulb, whether or not there’s a ladder to hold, and numerous other variables. The Truth: Ever seen a promo for a new TV show that you know is riddled with cliches but you end up watching it and being entertained by it and loving it anyway, yet you’re still kind of afraid to mention it to your friends at the Book Club? What you need to know if you love a Gemini: Geminis produce mental energy the way a bomb in a china shop produces flying shards.
Any Eclipse can act like a power tool for cutting through your obstacles, but when Pluto is involved it’s like that tool is hooked up to a nuclear reactor as its power source.
The blog entry itself was pretty light on astrological detail because of that, but if you want to have a look at it, here it is. Why are you trying to pin Gemini down with an answer when you’ve given so little information? No matter what the reasons are that you love a person, those reasons are first and foremost things that exist  in your mind.

If you keep your wits about you and figure out when to duck, only a few will actually draw any blood. They may symbolise in natal charts outstanding evolution, people who will do more than others, people that can influence the evolution of the society.
Even it seems hard to believe, the most experienced astrologers stated that the effects and meaning of constellations and fixed stars are related with the myths attributed. This Eclipse is conjunct both Mercury and Saturn, and this makes words and thoughts heavier, but also lends strength and permanence to your actions. Don’t give in to the urge to shred your problems… use the patience and logic you already know you have hidden somewhere in the back of the shed.

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