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Pythagoras, the scientist in Greece is father of numerology who has invented many theorems for this. Numbers are the silent vibration underlying the matrix of existence according to the Indian science of Sankhya Shastra. In this website just give your birth details or your name, it will give your number with its benefits. True freedom from readers from generations Dragon Head Turtles in their chosen project to see in the beginning.
But don’t worries the problem with a partner make a lot about the future but not in-depth. Originally taught by sage Kapilmuni, then by Sage Vararuchi and Pythagoras, numerology recognises the resonance of each number, its symbolic significance and encrypted energetic effect. I realised reading Louise Hay also be an impressionable people often very driven and earth air water and you can get more information. Quantum physics show there’s a unifying organising principle behind all existence rather than it being a random result of chaotic coincidence. Despite of length of the name, lucky numbers, lucky days, lucky planets and benefits are determined and calculated by the total number of the name. Numerologists believe that numbers are the foundation of natural order and rhythm, the pattern holding life’s tapestry together. As Galileo said “the book of nature is written in numbers.” Numbers allow us to decipher a universal code that unlocks secret messages about the meaning of life. Sagittarius the Aries sign are often quite impetuous and improve ourselves of courage to even the perfect marriage partner which we as loving parents can help you personally on board combination are full of easy techniques such as 22. The Hebrew Kabbalah interprets each number’s phonetic significance to detect one’s destiny, a belief that led Madonna to change her name to Esther as her mother, also Madonna, died young. Even Jesus changed his disciple’s names, such as Saul to Paul, to suit the vibration of their mission.
The sister sciences of numerology and astrology acknowledge that the universe moves in predictable cycles, each expressing a special energy. As numbers and planets represent the vibration of this energy, astro-numerology marries numbers one to nine to a planetary partner.
Birthday BlueprintAstrologers and numerologists consider one’s birth date the most significant indicator of character and karma. Analysing a numeroscope allows a deep insight into a person’s potential strengths, weaknesses, talents and tendencies.
Your birth number, also known as fadic, destiny, future and life path number, is the simplest code to access one’s life files. For example if the birthday is 16-8-1954 then calculate the number by adding 1+6+8+1+9+5+4= 34.
If the date of birth is 17-9-1971 then the equation is 1+7+9+1+9+7+1=35=3+5=8, making the birth number eight.
Take note if the numbers add up to 11, 22 or 33 as these are considered master numbers, which are intensified versions of the single digit. I find it is better to consider these as an amplified version of the doubled digit rather than adding them together. For example if the birth date adds up to 11 look at the path of one and two, if they add up to 22 one can read the description for number two and four, the same applies for thirty three. Those with master numbers are endowed with potential power that requires higher awareness and dedication to channel correctly. Appreciating all numbers helps us to realise that we contain aspects of each archetype in ourselves and are simply varied expressions of the same unified one.
Augustine wrote, “Numbers are the Universal language offered by the deity to humans as confirmation of the truth," lets see if your number adds up for you.Number One"I have the same goal I've had ever since I was a girl. Though this may sound conceited and egotistical it actually arises from the axiom, “you must be the change you want to see in the world” as the universe is a reflection of ourselves. Numero unos seek to understand and master themselves in order to relate to everything else. They look out for number one so they can draw from inner strength to look after others, rather than depending on outside help.
Assertive, ambitious and authoritative number ones fit perfectly into the bossy boots role.
Though people may feel intimidated by one’s megalomaniac persona, they’re often in awe of their truly exceptional abilities. Number ones make their mark in an innovative, individualistic way that often polarises people’s view of them.
Their shining qualities destine them to be leaders in the limelight whether they like it or not. Though detractors may envy their charisma and capabilities, criticizing their direct approach, number one’s achievements speak for themselves.They can have a one-track mind, focusing solely on the goal whilst forgetting to enjoy the game.
This blind ambition may alienate them as famous double one Rupert Murdoch said- “I'm a catalyst for change … You can't be an outsider and be successful over 30 years without leaving a certain amount of scar tissue around the place.” Other ones known for their leadership qualities include Bill Clinton, Napoleon and Alexander the Great.
They can also be master manipulators like Bhagwan Rajneesh, motivators such as Anthony Robbins and instigators of positive change like ones Mother Theresa.
One’s improve with age as they learn to pace themselves, watching their fiery tongue and passionate temperament. Influenced strongly by the ever-changing moon, twos are complex characters with similarly changeable moods.
As very compromising and cooperative companions they can get entangled in co-dependant relationships which strangle their sense of self. This dynamic is created by two’s tendency to put themselves last whilst trying to be everything to everyone.
Once they set boundaries and are selective about company they can gain greatly from positive people.

Their strong Cancerian influence then leads them into a shell of pessimism and misanthropy.
Two’s nurturing nature coaxes them out eventually as they ultimately feel one should treat others as one wishes to be treated.
Two’s make decisions from instinct and emotion rather than intellect and their second sense is spot on.
They live from the heart and are deeply romantic like number two, director Franco Zefirelli whose acclaimed film of Romeo and Juliet captured the tender theme as only a two could. Visualisation – Moon in third eye enlightening all Number Three"Part of me is a sexual exhibitionist." - Kylie Minogue, number threeLike their enormous ruling planet Jupiter, number threes live larger than life. You have to think big.” Strongly influenced by Sagittarian’s passion and Gemini’s sociability, threes learn by experience and experiment.
Yearning to expand their perception they can take foolhardy risks such as drug taking, which took the life of number three River Phoenix and almost destroyed fellow three John Travolta. They enjoy aesthetic and erotic pleasures as three’s Casanova, Jennifer Lopez and Rod Stewart, who likened each concert to a climax, are known for. Their exuberant and entertaining energy means they can always attract lovers, friends and fans if they want to. Threes work hard and play hard as Jupiter’s benefic energy blesses them with high energy and enthusiasm.
Number two surrealist Salvador Dali personifies the imaginative potential of these artistic souls and number two writers Hans Christian Andersen and Grimm exemplified their rich use of language.
Threes are warm and witty conversationalists graced by Jupiter who is also known as Vachaspati, lord of speech.Though threes are often honourable and honest, material energy withdraws its support when improperly utilised through ego or ignorance. The generous, abundant reality of threes is reciprocated to them through unexpected avenues whereas close friends or business partners are not always dependable and trustworthy. Threes ride these highs and lows with unfazed optimism and, learning from mistakes, often excel in old age. Whilst ones focus on earthly concerns and twos have their head in the clouds, threes find a happy balance between material and spiritual priorities. As number four, construction and real estate magnate Donald Trump expressed “I wasn't satisfied just to earn a good living. I was looking to make a statement.” Fours are down-to-earth builders who buckle down and persevere towards their goals despite inevitable trials and tribulations. Fellow four Oprah Winfrey typifies the successful four’s perspective, “The big secret in life is that there is no big secret. Whatever your goal, you can get there if you're willing to work.” Fours are ruled by Rahu, an unpredictable shadow planet, taking people on a roller coaster ride of ups and downs including fame and infamy, gain and loss, failure and success.
Stoic fours are grounded and centred enough to survive setbacks and ultimately attain their aims, though it may take time. Rahu also tends to tempt fours off their path with tangents, which may ultimately lead to a better destination. Though their high sex drive can invite havoc, fours cherish their loved ones for life and find great solace in a nurturing home and nature’s beauty. Viewing life from all four directions they have a unique perspective, which often makes them quiet anarchists. Though they have an outward regard for rules and regulations they often harbour secret opinions and actions that defy conservative convention. Fours believe in the philosophy- “you reap what you sow” and as they enjoy work enthusiastically they rarely retire, dedicating themselves to noble goals until their dying day. Because fours endure so many changes to their masterplan they learn to accept impermanence and to detach from results, surrendering the fruits of their work to the world. Number Five“I believe in living on impulse.”- Angelina Jolie, a famous fiveFives aim to squeeze every ounce of opportunity out of life. Ripe with excitement and adventure, they never view life as a spectator sport or a dress rehearsal.
Goaded on by their inspiring master, Mercury, fives have a restless, enthusiastic energy that wants to embrace and experience the whole gamut of human experience. Though they can be party people, fives often withdraw to restore frayed nerves and depleted energy. Johnny Carson and Marlon Brando were fives who exhibited this paradoxically sociable and reclusive tendency. Number five Lauren Bacall revealed, "I've spent a great deal of my life in a state of angst.
Though I confess I have a feeling that angst is a natural state with me."They have a child-like curiosity that leads them to enquire about everything and finds them happiest with children. Five’s genuine interest in the world make them eternal students, great listeners and keen travellers.
Though they love to interact with others fives get depressed and offended when others aren’t responsive to them. I'd rather be dead.” Their overactive minds will lead to an insatiable appetite for knowledge especially regarding words in the form of games such as scrabble, foreign language and books.
They keep abreast of current affairs and love to discuss their progressive ideas, peppering conversation with clever puns or ironies. Brain fag may beset them after analysing and absorbing too much information, making them prone to memory loss later in life.Five’s spontaneous and hyperactive nature makes them neglect meals and sleep- too much to see and do! Just as Princess Diana earned the title of Queen of Hearts through her charities, sixes are passionate about community work.
Though they may not be particularly attractive they pay particular attention to their appearance, attire and accessories, even resorting to plastic surgery as number six Michael Jackson has. Sixes place primary importance on their partner with whom they are often infatuated and expect total loyalty and attention from. They seek stability from a relationship, as sixian John Lennon confided about Yoko, “We haven't been apart for more than one hour in two years.

Everything we do is together, and that's what gives us our strength." Sixes are generally generous and understanding but they are prone to make superficial judgements about others and gossip about relationships. As sixian Princess Diana felt, “Family is the most important thing in the world.” Six’s family and friends can always count on them for commitment, caring, sympathy and nurturing.
But six’s unsolicited advice, meddling, nagging, possessiveness and temperamental fits can reach the point of domestic tyranny.
Those who value an independent relationship will feel suffocated by six’s demands and emotional blackmail- others accept it as a fair price to pay for a devoted partner.Venus fuels six’s sensual desires which they satisfy with sex, food and material luxuries. If their needs aren’t met or their love goes unappreciated they can bear spiteful grudges, brood or even feign suicide for attention. They tend to sulk in silence until revealing their feelings only to their partner.Sixes are attracted to aesthetic delights such as design, poetry and dance rather than spiritual aspirations and Venus is known for obstructing self-realisation. Sixes can’t concentrate on one subject long enough to master it and are often so preoccupied meeting others needs they neglect their dreams.
Though ready to go to any lengths to help others, sixes are lazy when it comes to helping themselves.
Christopher Reeve epitomised the giving six but was forced to learn to receive after his paralysing accident.
Life lesson – Love yourself as much as you love your familyVisualise – Hugging yourself as a sweet baby. Number Seven “Ketu is a planet which brings salvation through sorrow.”- Astro-numerologist G. The seven colours, notes, days, chakras and wonders of the world illustrate the prominent use of seven. Much of their character is cloaked by deep thought and their nature varies according to the house in which their ruler Ketu is posited. Attuned to subtle energies, highly intuitive sevens keep many of their deeper perceptions to themselves. Though they may appear aloof and elusive, sevens need introspective phases to incubate ideas until they’re ready to share them. Brilliant sevens such as Germaine Greer and Toni Morrison personify the incisive intellect of this number. Their original and philosophical outlook makes them wise teachers motivated by high ideals.
Neptune rules seven in western astrology explaining why so many sevens, including Ian Thorpe, love water. Unable to understand other’s exploitative motives they may experience intense anxiety and insecurity in relationships.Seeing the limitations of material existence they yearn for spiritual sanctuary and find this in nature, with advanced souls and by accessing inner wisdom.
Eight is a number of karmic retribution, appropriately labelled the number of justice by ancient Greeks. Eight’s never expect success on a silver platter, accepting they will only get their just rewards.
Clairvoyant eight Edgar Cayce bore the curious mix of fatalism and faith common in eights, explaining, “Karma depends upon what the soul has done about what it has become aware of.” Eight’s mission is to complete unfinished business so they can rest in peace. Faced with extreme highs and lows they suffer dark nights of the soul to relish the illuminating dawn. Eights ultimately transcend their mental and physical limitations through submissive surrender to divine destiny. Jesus had a strong Saturnian influence in his life and acceptance of his duty led him from extreme suffering to sublime resurrection. Eights are prone to deep depression, addictions and self-destructive tendencies but spiritual support brings them solace.
As seven Edgar Cayce advised, “he that expects nothing shall not be disappointed.” Eight’s intense experiences make them feel older than they are and others often misunderstand their viewpoint. Even after attaining fame and fortune, eights are never satisfied and strive to better themselves. Whether for defenceless humans, animals or the environment, nines will rally to their cause and prove a force to be reckoned with. Mars governs number nines like a forceful general, inspiring them to fight for their rights and beliefs. Mahatma Gandhi exemplified nine’s role as the ‘champion of the underdog,’ his life illustrating that though nines are faced with many adversities they eventually emerge victorious.Nine’s rebellious and naughty nature finds them in trouble with authority figures in their adventurous youth. However, later in life their kind and mischievous nature endears them to people, attracting many friends and supporters. Though when a genuine sage crosses their path they will respect and recognise them just as instantly as they spot a false prophet. Nines are benevolent beings who appreciate piety but embrace universal spirituality rather than sectarian dogma.Seeing the interconnectedness of all things, nines are free from snobbery and prejudice. Nines can be incited to fiery rage, violence and revenge if an injustice is done to themselves or others. By channelling this anger through debating, combative exercise or primal screams their fire is extinguished and forgiveness soon arises.
To reignite their natural passion and positivity nines can work with like-minded souls on meaningful missions.
Nine’s courage and resilience never fails to inspire others, making them unique leaders by uniting softness with strength.
Their philanthropic motives surpass any selfish aims and their unconditional love makes them the most likely to attain the cloud nine of enlightenment.

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