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With the advancements in the electrolysis field, blend has become the modality of choice as it is safer for the skin and very effective.
Since electrolysis is precise, it is the best way to permanently shape your eyebrows to the contours of your face.
Electrolysis can treat any color of hair; black, white, red, grey, and even peach fuzz (vellus). Lulur Day Spa will ensure your brows look their best to maximize and enhance your facial features. Whether you get your eyebrows waxed, tweezed, or threaded, the effect of perfect arches is better than getting a fresh haircut! At Lulur Spa special attention is given to the natural shape of the brow and facial features, to achieve a more opened up and lifted brow.

Lulur Spa will ensure your brows look their best to maximize and enhance your facial features. A Lulur Spa Signature or Ultimate facial will leave feeling refreshed and relaxed and on your way to the radiant skin you desire. Lulur Spa experts will use our customized waxing technique to gently remove those pesky hairs that drive you crazy while minimizing any discomfort. We have an collection of Best Of New York Neighborhood Guide Upper East Side in various styles. Flora Azulene is especially designed for sensitive skin providing a soothing and calming effect to the skin.
Your eyebrow perfect shape is customized for each person while ensuring your experience is a positive one.

In addition, Lulur Spa technicians perform a special signature soothing waxing technique developed for the sensitive skin on the face, so that waxing your face is not an uncomfortable experience.
Our eyebrow shaping experts will guarantee you will receive a natural arch and design suited just for you by either eyebrow tweezing, waxing and or eyebrow trimming. Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find Best Of New York Neighborhood Guide Upper East Side interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest.

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