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Designed specifically for the European market, all our panels have 25-year output warranty, the best on the market, and ability to function with over 80% effectiveness even after 25 years. As leading solar energy suppliers we only use the best SMA, Fronius and Power One inverters. These brands of inverter typically achieve efficiencies of above 97% and have lifetime expectancies of the life of your system – 20 years. All inverters come with 5 year warranty, which is extendable to 10, 15 or 25 years at additional cost. Samlex is a market leader and is represented in Europe and America by Samlex Europe and Samlex USA. This technology has put their product on the map and is today recognised and accepted world wide as a very high-quality power inverter.

Best for running in a car or for electrical implements at home, such as electric drill, electric water pumps, engineering equipment, rice cookers, TV sets, electric refrigerators, lighting etc.
Battery low protection: The unit shuts down when battery get down to 10V to prevent damage to battery. We provide panels from market leaders Panasonic, LG and Axitec, and invertevers from SMA , Enecsys, Solar Edge and Power One to find the best combination for maximum efficiency.
Optimum user friendliness means all data is stored and presented clearly with handheld display extension packs available too. Panels are also available in black with a black frame and clips to blend in with your slate roof.
Concrete Tiles overlap by up to 30 cm ensuring water tightness at all times with a roof hook.

Ballast loads are calculated according to wind loading and a structural survey will have to be carried out to determine the strength of your roof. With many Senior Engineers leading the R & D division, Samlex are a leader in their field and have come up with the unique and innovative design of “low interference technology”.

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