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When your relationship is still fresh, it's nice to get to know the silly basics of what makes your man tick. 792 43 0 5 713 28 0 0 3 0Here at Bit Rebels we get a little tired at times, just like everyone else does.
There are a million other questions you can ask your friends to keep annoying them during a boring day.
When you're sick, do you like to have someone taking care of you, or do you prefer to be left alone until you're better? What's one type of household chore that you're unwilling, or at least very resistant to do? If we were in a group at a party, and I told a horrible joke that no one else laughed at, what would you do? Do you think it's okay for men and women who are in separate relationships to go have coffee or lunch together? Do you think it's okay for people to vent to others about their significant others, or do you think that it's completely disrespectful and complaints should be kept within the relationship? Are you a neat freak or do you tend to have socks and other items lying around everywhere, most of the time? Would you ever consider having additional roommates to cut costs if we had a place with enough space? If I have to work really late, will you have a problem with cooking or picking up some dinner for both of us? What is your philosophy on money within a marriage-is what's yours mine and vice-versa, or will you prefer separate accounts and a roommate situation with bill paying?
How much time do you expect us each to be able to hang out with our friends once we've had children? Would you be agreeable to staying home with the kids if my career was about to take off or if I made enough at my job to support that arrangement? Do you want a small wedding, a large one, a visit to the courthouse, an elopement, or do you have no opinion at all?

Would you be willing to temporarily take on two jobs if that's what it took to make ends meet? If I have a disagreement with one of your family members or friends, will you stand up for me? Do you feel that your parents treated you and your siblings the same or was there favoritism? What are some prominent things that have happened in your past that you think have contributed greatly to who you are today? Instead, take a day or two to mull over his answers, and decide where you want the relationship to go. While you won't want to have his answers chosen for him ahead of time, you will want to think about what kind of answer you'd like him to give. It’s of course from the quirky 9Gag people, and it will most certainly annoy your friends and loved ones.
When I first read these questions, I was a little hesitant to think anything about them, but the annoyance in them is of course that you can ask yourself these questions over and over again without ever getting a real answer. Think about which things are non-negotiable, and which issues you are willing to compromise on.
It’s about the right time to get a little annoying since that will certainly raise the energy up in here. To ensure that you find out as much key information as possible while still holding up your end of an engaging conversation, here are the nine best questions to ask your date:1.
Whether your relationship is brand new, or you have been together for a while, asking questions - both serious and fun - is a great way to get to know your partner and spark meaningful conversation. If you find more often than not, that his answers are not compatible with yours, you may want to cut your losses early.
If you know who created it, please get back to us, and we’ll absolutely credit the right source.
The more you think about it, the more you will realize it’s like the Back To The Future syndrome.

If you ask instead what work she’d most like to be doing or what her dream job is, you get an insight into her ambitions, values and priorities, plus you will instantly come off as more interesting and engaging than 99% of her other dates. If you're curious to know what she's currently doing for a job, in all likelihood that will flow naturally from this question, plus you have instantly broadened the scope of the conversation and guaranteed a more interesting, intimate chat.2. It's broad enough to encompass any books, blog posts and articles she's read recently, so unless your date doesn't read at all (a useful warning sign!), this should jump-start an interesting discussion. What Are You Looking For In The Dating World?It's important to clarify early in the game whether you and your date have the same expectations. Do You Have Any Siblings?This is a fairly generic question, but it's a useful, low-stakes entry point into a discussion about her family and upbringing, which is always a fruitful topic to explore on a date.
A person’s family background can provide clues as to what they're like as a person and about your compatibility, so try to extend the conversation beyond a simple listing of siblings into a polite discussion about where she's from and how she was raised. Aim to ease her in a sweet spot where she's comfortably discussing her family life but not feeling too vulnerable, because listening to your date talk about her background can give you a much fuller picture of who she is, and gives you the chance to provide her with the same.5.
How Long Have You Been Single?Previous relationships can be fraught territory to bring up on a first date, but getting some idea about your date’s relationship historywhen you first meet is useful.
Asking how long she's been single helps to determine whether she's a permanent bachelorette or serial monogamist (or something in between), and it does so in a non-invasive way.
If You Could Have Dinner With Any Three People, Who Would You Choose?Sure, this one won't win you many points for originality. But it's a classic ice-breaker for a reason: iI allows you to instantly determine what kind of people your date finds interesting, and for what reason. The fact that it's a slightly clichéd questions means she may have already thought of an answer, which can help to avoid stilted conversation. It's light and evokes positive memories so it's perfect first date territory, and you’ll learn what kind of explorer she is: did she backpack through Southeast Asia for six months on the cheap?

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