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If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. Numbers and number patterns found in the Bible have become known as the biblical numerology. It's important to recognize that the written Greek and Hebrew languages don't contain any numeric characters.
Biblical numerology recognizes there are several numbers and sets of numbers that can be found repeatedly in the Bible. The final book of the Bible, the Book of Revelation is referred to as the Book of Sevens because the number is so prevalent. The number 40 is a very distinctive pair of numerical digits and designated as the number that represents trials and tribulations. Since this divine directive is missing, many Bible scholars dismiss numeric coincidences or the role of any repetition of numbers within these historical accounts as being anything other than just numbers.
Gleason got on my radar because one of his particularly obnoxious and deluded followers started spamming my comment stream with his theories, asserting they were absolute facts and that anyone who disagrees is either ignorant or insane. All the “mysteries” of Christianity are based on the metaphor of the raised Jesus (8880)?
In order to compose quick and accurate diagrams, a large permanent grid would need to be constructed.
The core of Gleason’s claims are based on a tiny cherry-picked subset of names and titles that he forced to fit his pattern by arbitrarily and inconsistently including and excluding the Greek article. Exactly four circles, each with a circumference equal to the gematria value of Simon the Stone(1925), fit inside a hexagon inscribed in the raised Jesus (8880). The Way: He included the article to get the value 352 and set the diameter, not the circumference, to that value. The Truth: He included the article to get the value 72 and set the circumference, not the diameter, to that value. The Life: He excluded the article to get 815, and set the circumference, not the diameter, to that value. Almost every proper noun in the New Testament including Jesus, Christ, John the Baptist, Simon the Stone, etc, etc are all based on isopsephy and numerically related by a simple formula. I presented evidence that you are deluded and you have not refuted it, so my assertion stands. Also the NT is not a “large set of data.” Mark for example only has about 1000 unique Greek words. The number of numbers you can derive from the NT is a very large data set given the kinds of coincidences you are looking for.
Wow, once you get on the debunking train you really go head first into it, don’t you. There is nothing wrong with cherry-picking so long as you do not say the cherries you picked represent the entire sample when in fact they do not.
The problem with cherry-picking is that you are presenting your cherries as evidence of design. It’s important because gematria can be used to “encode” additional layers of meaning into a story. As for the method I use, the numbers are represented as circles (or polygons if it is a figurate number) then everything is placed inside a circle of circumference 8880.
If you want to pursue this conversation, it would be best if we continued on my forum which has better software for extended conversations.
But the 666 reference was intended to be understood by a contemporary audience, so you must be wrong. And you still have no method to discern between meaningless and meaningful coincidences, and you certainly have no method to protect against the errors of cognitive bias. That tower of babble that you speak of is built by nutcases who think the bible is the word of God and Obama is the antichrist, etc. I’m talking about using hard textual criticism and exegesis to find out what the author actually wrote. I’m talking about using hard textual criticism and exegesis to find out what the author actually wrote.
All I’m saying is that Nero isn’t the only character in the Bible who has a special number. As for the tower of babel – it is filled with numerologists who would disagree with your numerology. Have you ever wondered why the beloved disciple is mentioned throughout John’s gospel – but never by name? Have you ever wondered why the beloved disciple is mentioned throughout John’s gospel – but never by name? It seems likely based on Paul’s letters that he was in the “outer circle”, never initiated into the “deeper mysteries of the Gnosis.” Paul probably never learned geometry or isopsephy. That’s a fine excuse you got there for ignoring his words and ignoring the contextual meaning of Isaiah 29.

Jack, do you think you could find the version and verse that supports this assertion of yours? It is simply insane for you to suggest I have “an intense need to feel that I am personally correct” when I have publicly proclaimed that I was wrong about my own work! Your comments are typical of the crap cranks spew out when they know the have no facts supporting their delusions. When the virgin shall give birth to the word of God, the most high, she shall give to the word a name, and from the east a star will shine in the midst of day gleaming down from heaven above proclaiming to mortal men a great sign. And what are the chances that the names of all the main characters just happen to be multiples of the same number?
If you can’t even prove that Shakespeare’s rhymes were intentional, how could you possibly know anything about the intentions of the NT authors? In fact, numbers were assigned to the letters so when a number was needed, you used a letter.
Some numbers are used as symbolic gestures while others are accurate depictions of a numerical instance. Some appear more frequently in the Bible than others, while some have only one meaning, but a very powerful one that makes people fearful. There are no biblical numeroloy instructions for calculating or deciphering numeric meanings of letters. These learned theologians believe that if any importance is placed on biblical numerology, it's done so without the sanctity of God. Volume 1 of this book will demonstrate how the authors of the gospels incorporated gematria and sacred geometry riddles in their stories to proclaim the raised Jesus. The grid could be inlaid into a large tabletop or even better, be built into a custom made floor. There is no way the presumed numerologists could have marked 8880 units on the circumference.
All his claims are based on the single, meaningless, random coincidence that those two numbers share a common factor of 296. He then stacked eight of those circles to get a length of 8 x 352 =  2816 and then multiplied that by pi to get 8846.72. He then stacked 111 nearly microscopic circles and topped it with a circle of circumference 888 (Jesus). I proved that you are cherry-picking numbers using one criterion: Does it fit the pattern you are looking for?
So yeah it’s pretty remarkable when the names of the MAIN CHARACTERS all just happen to be mathematically related by the same formula.
So yeah it’s pretty remarkable when the names of the MAIN CHARACTERS all just happen to be mathematically related by the same formula. You have the surface text, and you can also “read between the lines” to find the secret hidden meaning. The most devout believers and diligent scholars cannot agree about the meaning of the surface text.
Obviously the author intended the his audience to understand the reference, so you must be wrong. Obviously the author intended the his audience to understand the reference, so you must be wrong. But there is no reason to believe that they had invented the elaborate mythology seen on the 8880 site you cited. The fact that every man comes to different conclusions is all the evidence you need that cognitive bias rules Bible interpretations WITHOUT the addition of an extra layer of mystical numerology. You may find other folks interested in your work there, so you won’t simply be butting heads with me. I have given you good reasons to believe that your numerology is nothing but a delusion and you have not refuted a word I have written. I’m just showing you one of many, many examples where the author hints at a secret meaning beneath the surface of the text. I’m just showing you one of many, many examples where the author hints at a secret meaning beneath the surface of the text. Or why Mark is always boasting about “mysteries” and “parables” which “no one can understand”? It’s a well known, well attested technique, and it produces the same results every time. You have made up your own religion by hijacking the sacred text of Christianity and forcing upon it your own idiosyncratic interpretations. Yes, then shall the son of the great God come to men, clothed in flesh like mortals on earth. Numbers are thought to also have certain vibrations and are used to help interpret and identify the properties of these vibrations. There's no guidance or recognition that a number has any kind of significance other than its literal meaning.

Psychological scatologists should find them a rich resource for the study of how people maintain their delusions when confronted with contrary evidence. Thin wood disks or cutout papyrus circles could be placed on the grid to work out different scenarios and quickly create new diagrams. The ratio of the large diameter of the 8880 circle (R, the circumradius) to the small diameter of the inner blue circle (r, the inradius) is given by the formula on the right (source). Take Jewish mysticism and add a dash of Greek literature and you get… the New Testament! The Epistle of Barnabas, the Life of Alexander, and the Sybylline Oracles all explicitly refer to gematria as a well-known contemporary literary device. If all you are saying is that the humans who composed the Bible were numerologists, who cares? On the contrary, I have explicitly told you that it was probably a cipher for Caesar Nero(n) which sums to 666 or 616, which accounts for both textual variations. If you want to have this be an extended conversation it would be best to continue it there. You think that you have all the answers, just like every other believer who disagrees with your answers. Your claims are nothing but the result of cognitive biases supported by irrational rationalization, which is the sin qua non of delusional thinking. You totally ignore the logic and facts I present and focus on your projected psychological bullshit that describes you, not me. When a story was finished, a scribe could write down the carefully constructed words of the riddle. So the picture itself was just a representation of mathematical calculations, which were either trivial, like 8880 = 888 x 10, or impossible because they would critically depend on an accurate value of pi that did not exist at that time.
To get the numbers he wanted, he omitted the article from both John the Baptist and The Son of Man. You have presented no reason anyone should think your results are anything but mere coincidence. The whole point behind gematria is that you pick out certain words that have certain numerical values and use them to write a story.
What are the chances that any two independent interpreters would come to the same “secret meanings”? These verses are little barbs directed at the reader, challenging him to solve the mystery.
You really should read my article The Art of Rationalization: A Case Study of Christian Apologist Rich Deem. And now I will declare to you the whole number: eight monads, and to these as many decads, and eight hundreds his name will show. Whenever one of these numbers appears within the Bible text, it has an accepted underlying message in addition to the literal text. He said he would restore the original assertion after his book with his numerological proofs is published, as if mere numerology, without any textual or historical evidence, could prove what early Christians actually did and said. There is no way first century numerologists could have accurately drawn circles with a circumference of 8880 units. A skilled draftsman could then record the “mystery” in the form of accurate diagrams made with a compass, divider, ruler, and straightedge on ruled papyrus.
Hundreds of values could be generated by calculating every variation based on including and excluding the articles.
If you disagree, then please present the statistical calculations that would prove your point.
What is your method to discern between the numerology deliberately put in the Bible and the random coincidences that can be found in any text? I have little doubt he would have been appalled by your interpretation which is thoroughly eisegetical. It is false because you have given no reason to believe that the Sybylline Oracles are representative of the intentions of the NT authors. His table is a tiny insignificant subset of the set of all possibilities, and even then, he had to manipulate the numbers by removing articles to get the numbers he was looking for.
Are we really supposed to think that first century “sacred geometers” were able to construct figures with that degree of accuracy?
He cherry picked the numbers 111 and 888 because he saw that he could use them to create his pattern.

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