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December 16, 2013 by Shirley Whitfield 8 Comments It is said that twins bring some positive benefits to some expectant mothers such as double pleasure, growing belly, strong bond, parental love, etc.
As a popular pregnancy tool used by a vast majority of mothers in the global courses, Chinese Gender Predictor is now widely found in almost all websites running for baby’s gender prediction. Whether they are twins or single baby, the Chart will hit the nail right on the head with the accurate predicted result. It is concurred that the pregnant women are likely to have the extreme curiosity on the gender of their unborn babies. For instance, the 24-year-old women are likely to give birth to the BOY twins when she gets pregnant during the months of January, April, May, July, September, October, and December. The foreknowledge about the baby’s sex is the big assistance for the natal preparation.
After all, read Chinese Birth Chart to gain insights and form the spiritual connection with your lovely unborn kids. Invented during Qing Reign (1644 – 1912), the Chart was kept by the royal authorities and mainly used by the noblemen. Being regarded as the oldest method of baby’s gender prediction, Chinese Gender Chart embraces the antique wisdom and glorious origin. After you get your chart, go to the Zodiac Signs and Planet Symbols tables (farther down on this page) for tips on what to do next to begin understanding your personal astrology. After you get your chart, go to the How To Read Your Chart section for tips on using the interactive chart features. Print or save your chart by right clicking on it after it appears and following the instructions in the drop-down menu that comes up after you right click. When you’ve finished with that symbol, click the orange triangle at the top right of the information box (or click the orange “reduce” button at the bottom of the box) to close the box so you can scroll over another symbol and get more information. You can find out more about the planets and signs listed here in the Find Out More About Your Zodiac Sign section. Enter your exact date, time, and place of birth in the birth chart calculator below to get your free, interactive birth chart right now.

Putting aside decades of calculating charts with logartithms and then hand calculators, I calculate all charts by computer for greater accuracy and clarity. I've experimented with a variety of techniques and stick with those that have proven most successful. There are various ways of dividing the chart into the twelve houses that represent different fileds of experience.
I also superimpose a Solar Chart setting the Solar Wheel at the cusp of the first house where we normally see the Ascendant. Here to the left we see Marlon Brando's natal chart, with the natal wheel set to the ascendant -- at the 9:00 position -- as the inner wheel.
Your rising sign is the sign that shows how "others" see you, which is reflected in your first house.
Even though you were born during the calendar month of a certain Sun Sign, the planets were still moving about the heavens. The online versions are thoughtfully reformed with the simplified and friendly layout consisting of two core aspects: Mother Lunar Age at the time of conception and The Conception Month (when the baby is conceived). Thus, the ancient tool is somehow the great sources for relieving stress as well as anxiety. Bearing two boys or girls developing in your body is the magnetic feeling that only women can experience. The children with the desired sex will add much color and pleasure to your new life journey.
When the Eight Nation Alliance invaded China, the military forces caught the Chart and brought it to England. It was discovered in a royal tomb; and now is displayed at Beijing Institute of Science, remember!
Also, see the section on Find Out More About The Planets And Signs for links to get even more information. Also see the Zodiac Signs and Planet Symbols tables and the section on Find Out More About The Planets And Signs for tips on what to do next to begin understanding your personal astrology.

If you ever get an error message, you may need to clear your cache and restart your browser (or use another browser). If you get an error message at any time, be sure to clear your cache and check your settings.
Now see what symbol appears next to it within the circle of your chart and then see the “Zodiac Signs” table above to see what sign your Sun occupies.
Among several methods of gender calculators, a popular interest in Chinese Birth Chart still persists. In that sense, the double baby bearers can access this ancient prediction tool for fun or reference to partly unravel their burning intricacies. The expectant fathers can merely feel their slightly movements via the mothers’ bellies. Chinese Gender Chart For TwinsIt is taken for granted that having a baby is the gifted ability that the Creator has given to almost all women. You also can use these tables to see what signs the other planets occupied when you were born.
In addition to the old wives’ tale, the Chart is now widely approved and followed by a large number of the responsible parents. Use the Chart to guess, predict, and predetermine the baby’s gender in the courses of conception. Chinese Gender Prediction By Lunar AgeIt is informed that Chinese calendar is a lunisolar one which incorporates some elements of a lunar calendar with those of a solar one. Chinese Gender Predictor Chart TwinsIt is asserted that pregnancy is one of the most exhilarating experiences that only women can experience more profoundly than anyone else.

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