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You are always seeking and searching for a deeper understanding on life, usually focusing on one or more particular areas. You can be humble, sweet and charming .You have a habit of understanding your talents and later potentials. You may travel to foreign lands and get recognition in the field of art and literature or may become diplomats. You are attractive and are surrounded by members of opposite sex .You flirt with them in your own special way. Key Words: serious specialist, perfectionist, elegant, superior, knowledgeable, thinker, aloof, solitary, eccentric, secretive.
The 14th Dalai Lama is the 14th Dalai Lama - head monk of the Gelug school of Tibetan Buddhism, Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1989, and well known for his lifelong advocacy for Tibetans inside and outside Tibet. The Destiny number reveals the talents, abilities, and shortcomings that were with The 14th Dalai Lama when he entered his human body. Seven Of HeartsSeven is the most mystical of all numbers, the hardest to understand or the most beautiful and rewarding influence in anyone's life. Most Seven Of Hearts are good mathematicians and might be successful in finance and economy.
A collection of major essays, letters, fables, and speeches composed over the past four centuries.
23 Numerology Names How To Do Name Numerology This algorithm divides your name into its numerological components. Jul 30, 2011 … Destiny number or expression number are important when it comes to numerology.
Destiny the Game is a next generation first person shooter set in our future developed by Bungie, the creators of Halo. Most of people with Destiny number 7 has brilliant original ideas come from dreams, … A man with Destiny number 7 advised not to marry before 28 years.
Cosmic Ordering is easy, it really can work, and it's FREE to do – so what do you have to lose? In Vedic numerology Destiny Number – the number obtained by adding numbers from birth dates, months and years, called the Western numerology also life path number. Destiny number – is something with which you have been realized, and what you should do. Numbers are rows of destiny network of relationships of people with the cosmos, the highest code describing the world and co-ordinating framework of thinking, aimed at gaining enlightenment. If the destiny number gets bad, then a suitable internal environment can create a good Soul number, the proper use of stones, talismans, as well as philanthropy. Characteristic features of people with an even Destiny number: a loving, artistic nature that turn ugly in a beautiful, gray in bright vivid colors.
In order to get treatment for your Destiny numbers in terms of Vedic numerology, please Example: If a person was born on November 21, 1978 (11-21-1978), add the month 11 to the day 21 plus the the year 1978 arriving at a total of 2010. Seven Of SpadesSeven is the most mystical of all numbers, the hardest to understand or the most beautiful and rewarding influence in anyone's life.
The Seven of Spades is called a card of "Spiritual Victory." People born under this birth card are powerful and often become leaders.
The Seven of Spades are very trustworthy and capable at handling accounts and finances for others.
It is symbolized by two seven pointed stars, a triangle within a square, or as a six-pointed star within a circle with a dot in the center. Depending upon your inclinations, which are strongly guided by your nature number, you may also be acclaimed as arbitrators, peacemakers or spiritual masters.
His name, and the numbers derived from it, reveals Tenzin Gyatso's development, as well as the talents and issues he will be working with during this life. They tend to force things and break down anything or even anyone who stays on the way to success. Their desire to become a leader or owner increases with the years, but there is some uncertainty of what course to take. In order to work with cosmic energy, consider the vibrational structure of the first nine numbers. It shows you what is your nature, and what capabilities you have to work directly with the currents of the universe.

This destiny number is related to our vibrational influences, obtained as a result of actions in previous incarnations, which gives us a little leeway, but a lot more freedom we have to collect the fruits of our past karmas. When their plans to coincide with the overall goals, they become bright leaders, acting with all their inherent power, without the distraction of anything extraneous.
They are charming and have no lack in romantic involvements as well as they never lack good fortune. They are cooperative and work well in partnerships, and even they sometimes develop tendency for introversion due to fears, they have much more to gain by sharing with others and by working in associations.
In the numerological account of creation, God is believed to have used the power of the Seven’s Love to unite and preserve creation. Many Seven of Hearts leave the place they were born and establish a permanent residence at a distance. Everything that we do not now come back to us in the future or in the next life, and those fruits that we have now, show us a well-earned in past lives.
There are many stories of saints and holy biography of those who created his good karma, but encountered resistance and as a result of life suffered. This is the type of people, from nature with a talent and a psychologist trying to exploit their capabilities. In their behavior can be a lot of children, but despite this, the necessary moments, they are able to show courage. They are good executives, often leaders of welfare groups, housing committees, great agents, negotiators. You cannot accept things at face value so you are constantly questioning, though you do not like to be questioned yourself. Seven of Hearts card is called "The Mystic Heart." The ability to understand people hearts and intuitive tune-up with their emotions and feelings can make Seven of Heart's people great talkers and public speakers (if cultivated), great entertainers and enlightening hosts.
Their work should be stimulating, adventurous, and worthy, or they won't stay with it for long. In criticism of others, suspicion, judgment, and sharp practice, we create our own obstacles and difficulties. The positive vibration of numbers associated with the knowledge of the space mission and the individual’s understanding of his divine mission. Due to the fact that man’s destiny begins to clearly manifest after 35 years, we should take a compromise between what the person wants and what he wants to achieve. There comes a time when he realizes that for his own good should also stay away from the expectations and fulfill their own duty only. And, as we know, there are many stories about bad people who were making themselves just bad karma, but they lived happily and in luxury. They can make a great career in the secret service and greatly benefit from their instinctive perception of truth and falsehood. It also adds an attribute of being over-sensitive and emotional, that they can become suspicious and jealous in personal contacts, and can be an enormous asset in acting professions and theater with your spectacular ability to impersonate different characters. Your golden years are blessed, and even if Seven of Hearts don't become a significant public figure, they gain love and appreciation for things they are doing for others.
If he is typical negative mode – will have to work hard to change the sign of its inherent vibration to the opposite. The fruits of karma, presented in this life, may pose to human good and supportive environment. These stories point to a destiny number of these people: they created for themselves a good (or bad) karma has in past lives, and the good (or bad) karma of this life does not have any effect so far. Stubbornness, a one-sided approach to life make these people or witches or witch hunters, religious fanatics or atheists.
In defending his position even when the power is not on their side, they do not always come around to taste.
Though you take prompt decision, you are quite unpredictable, ever changing and are always youthful. Cooperation, working in a team, having right partners adds significantly to the success, and the older they get, the need in harmonious partnerships becomes more and more important.
They has a reservoir of inspired wisdom combined with inherited analytical ability, which could reward them through expressions of spiritual leadership, business analysis, marketing, artistic visions, and scientific research.
It should be hidden connections between numbers that are able to demonstrate the absence of the necessary contact with the Universal Mind, or to determine the dominant vibration.

Deep inside they know that everything they do will be accounted for, and whatever pain or sorrow they experience is just a debt, payments for which is justly demanded. By using freedom properly, Tenzin Gyatso is able to explore and develop all of his varied talents. Operating on spiritual side of their individuality can bring Sevens to the great heights, and drop them off if they neglect their true spiritual identity.
The higher the number, the stronger its vibration, for example, the destiny number 10 is vibrating more numbers 1 and 20 – is greater 2.
They are active, active, enterprising, ambitious, prone to rivalry and competition, seek to chart a new path everywhere, from cuisine to art. In unexpected situations, such people may lack the imagination and resourcefulness, but vitally important things they focus completely free. You try to learn about, interpret dreams and the subconscious and believe that some mystical powers are able to transport one into past or future. Or they put their efforts into developing a spiritual practice such as psychic healing, astrology or teaching.
Therefore, a person must be disinterested – for a behavior he should not worry about what happens as a result of his actions, he should not worry about the fruits of his actions. Hearts correspond with our childhood - Spring season, the element Fire, the Youth and Love.
Not thinking about the fruits of their karma, a person stays away from the pleasure and pain. Only by avoiding the imprisonment of illusory security is he able to bring forth his abilities. As a higher and the most powerful suit of all, Spades overlook life with a position of authority.
Emotions, intellectual games and evaluation of things do not excite them as much as willpower and wisdom. From childhood, The 14th Dalai Lama dreams of seeing foreign lands, experiencing the sensual and the exotic. With a tremendous potential of willpower, they are the ones who can accept responsibilities and work through any issues to a successful completion.
If the person who is identified with Spades understands his or her true potential - the keys to the infinite wisdom, they find happiness and the greatest satisfaction of all. Any sort of boundary is anathema to The Dalai Lama, which can blind him to his natural limits, and may cause him to overindulge his desire for food, sweets, alcohol, sex, and drugs. All of this combines to give The 14th Dalai Lama a youthful enthusiasm, which others find infectious and attractive. Tenzin Gyatso likes to work with others, but needs to perform his task un-encumbered by the restraints of others. He is a clever and a quick thinker, but his thought processes - like his life in general - can be unorganized and scattered. These characteristics usually make for a lively and exciting love life, but The 14th Dalai Lama must guard against shallow feelings and relationships. Self-discipline and setting healthy limits is the key to The 14th Dalai Lama's success in virtually every area of his life.
Ironically, Tenzin Gyatso will find that as he learns to set appropriate limits on himself, he will develop more self-mastery and realize even greater freedom. The Dalai Lama's tendency is to give up once he has got a project or job under control; he grows bored quickly. The 14th Dalai Lama starts to fantasize about a new challenge, or the rewards of his great accomplishment, long before the work is finished.
But that success depends on The 14th Dalai Lama's willingness to choose certain areas to concentrate on, and to bring them to perfection.

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