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This section highlights your primary purpose and where your energies can be used to benefit not only yourself but the whole planet.
In this section you will read a description of the fundamental Traits of your personality. We all have them to different degrees those negative, reactive behaviours that trip us up when we're feeling a bit 'out-of-balance'.
Remember your Suitable Vocation will also be effected greatly by the interaction of influences that your Soul Urge and Outer Expression numbers provide. We are all travellers on the road of life and each of us has our own path to travel at our own pace.
You could well become a bit of a workaholic and could well become neglectful of the other aspects of your life like family and friends.
Your have the ability to be a master craftsman, skilled trades person, physician or chiropractor. Your Soul Urge Number has been calculated from the numerical value of the vowels in your name.
Many people alive on this planet today ignore their Soul Urge and live grey, unsatisfied lives because of it.
Physical trust involves the willingness to rely on your own instincts, or body wisdom, rather than on someone else's ideas. Self trust doesn't mean accessing other people's ideas, which are stored in the mental filing cabinets. Start acknowledging and nurturing your Soul Urge and you will find that once again there is an increase of energy and joy. Having read about your Soul Urge Number take some time to write down your personal observations.
2: Does this Soul Urge have any relevance to fantasies, daydreams or dreams you had as a child? If you don't strive to express your Soul Urge this time round and get side tracked from what you are here to create and learn, then it's highly likely you'll face a second, third and fourth round under this vibration till you do. 3: Remember and write down at least one time in your life when you have strived to express your Soul Urge. 4: Remember and write down at least one time in your life when you have participated in a scenario totally at odds with your Soul Urge? Your outer expression number has been calculated from the numerical value of the consonants of your name. This is the you that everyone sees as opposed to your Soul Urge which for most people remains hidden from others. Your Outer Expression Number indicates you are a good conversationalist, bright, sparkling and witty, and will therefore have much interchange with groups of people.
You like to be among the best dressed on the fashion list or at least be ahead in style, and you wear bright colours in good taste. You tend to discard anything you consider to have outlived its usefulness, including friends, associates and lovers. Now take some time and consider how your Outer Expression Number effects your dealings with the world. At present are you expressing the positive or negative aspects of you Outer Expression Number? How does my Foundational Number become externalised through the persona, indicated by my Outer Expression Number? There are many calculations used to highlight your unique characteristics these are very influential in the formation and development of your character. One of these consists of certain combinations of numbers are found in your birth chart and are calculated by the presence or lack of specific numbers.
Please be mindful that even seemingly negative aspects of your character serve to create an environment for personal growth. As a child you were extremely shy and sensitive and you probably weren't very comfortable with maintaining eye contact with people. It's up to you to develop some mechanism for protecting your self or you'll end up feeling deeply ill-treated.
You may have grown out of this however and developed other strategies for overcoming your sensitivities and taking control of your emotions.
Throughout your life you go through nine year cycles of opportunities for development and personal growth each year is represented by your Personal Year Number.
In addition to these Personal Year Numbers there are four major Gateways we experience throughout our lives. Great care must be taken as you pass through this Gateway to use the power of this time constructively.
So, if you have prepared the ground, selected and sown your seed wisely your harvest should be a very good one indeed.
Because the Number 8 is about power, you may find that your love life is also subject to power plays. Love and harmony are important focuses as you pass through this Gateway and could well trigger your artistic senses.
Adjustments may have to be made but you will certainly reap the rewards from developing your ability to give and take. If you are living in a harmonious way this year then you'll find that like magic money appears.
This period of your life will be focussed on your emotional state and creating personal freedom.
You could well be faced with many decisions this year and you will find there always seem to be two paths that seems equally appealing. Dedicate some time and finances to your personal appearance as how others perceive you is important. Throughout your life you go through nine year cycle of opportunities for development and personal growth each year is represented by your Personal Year Number.
The energies of this year will bring you many opportunities to share your acquired knowledge with others.
Romantically this year you need love and understanding because your urge to go off by yourself will be overwhelming and appropriate. Each month of your life is also numbered and exerts its own influence under the umbrella of your Personal Year Number.
This should be an exciting and rewarding month for you, during which all previous difficulties can be resolved.
Dedicate some time and finances to your personal appearance this month as how others perceive you is important. Don't scatter your energies or overindulge this month or you'll miss out on many opportunities in the future. This is a bit of a time of fantasies and intrigue, so romantically there are many interesting paths open to you this month. Go through your finances and sort them out - pay off old debts or make arrangements to get them cleared up. Previously unrevealed aspects of your past may well come to light this month, so be methodical in re- valuing any faulty judgements or attitudes that have created these situations. Sensual pleasures are also available this month and you could quite likely have a physically rewarding relationship. Please don't attempt any major new steps into lifestyle changes as it will very likely end in material loss.
Well, this four weeks will be a welcome relief after all that methodical action you took last month. You could well be faced with many decisions this month and you will find there always seem to be two paths that seems equally appealing.

This is a great time to do a bit of self promotion because you will find that you will be able to express yourself fluidly.
Romance can turn up just like a hurricane this month, blowing in when you least expect it and blowing out just as quickly. Keep a watch on your spending this month its easy to get carried away so monitor your finances carefully.
This month the focus is on your domestic circle, your home, your family and your community. If you are living in a harmonious way this month then you'll find that like magic money appears. You may be inspired by dreams and intuition now but you will need the quiet time to hear these inner promptings. It's also a good time to learn and master skills that will aid you in your professional life. This would be a perfect month to take a holiday or a long weekend in the country or lazing on a beach. This is a month of 'instant karma' so if you are not functioning for the highest good, you may well find the Universe slams you on your butt to put you back into place. Romantically this month you need love and understanding because your urge to go off by yourself will be overwhelming and appropriate. As I said before: "This month would be an ideal time to have a holiday in some secluded place - no adventures this month just lots of peace and quiet. Your inner drive for physical accomplishment will be very strong this month so be cautious and expend your energies wisely.
If in the past you have sown the seeds of love and concern for someone you may well find that this also brings rewards. Your shopping sprees this month could reach epic proportions but finances should be there to cover them. Oxygen compatibility is the issue of compatibility of materials for service in high concentrations of oxygen.
Understanding of fire hazards is necessary when designing, operating, and maintaining oxygen systems so that fires can be prevented.
The issues of cleaning and design are closely related to the compatibility of materials for safety and durability in oxygen service. Fires occur when oxygen, fuel, and heat energy combine in a self-sustaining chemical reaction.
Materials are easier to ignite and burn more readily as oxygen pressure or concentration increase. Use of materials which are inherently more difficult to ignite or are resistant to sustained burning, or which release less energy when they burn, can, in some cases, eliminate the possibility of fire or minimize the damage caused by a fire. Although heat sources may be inherent in the operation of an oxygen system, initiation of the chemical reaction between the system materials and oxygen can be limited by controlling the ability of those heat sources to cause ignition. Chemical reaction: An exothermic reaction between chemicals that could release sufficient heat to ignite the surrounding materials.
Electrical arc: Electric current arcing with enough energy to ignite the material receiving the arc. Fresh metal exposure: Heat of oxidation released when unoxidized metal is exposed to an oxidizing atmosphere. Mechanical impact: Heat generated by impact on a material with sufficient energy to ignite it.
Particle impact: Heat generated when small particles strike a material with sufficient velocity to ignite the particle or the material. Static discharge: Discharge of accumulated static electrical charge with enough energy to ignite the material receiving the charge.
Compatibility analysis would also consider the history of use of the component or material in similar conditions, or of a similar component. Hazards analyses are performed on materials, components, and systems; and failure analyses determine the cause of fires. HomeBlogPythagoras Father of Mathematics – Numerology SECRETS about Your BIRTHDAY Kept From YOU! Pythagoras, the father of mathematics, philosophy and the inventor of geometry is also the father of esoteric numerology. Esoteric numerology, then, is the art and science of understanding the spiritual significance and orderly progression of all things. Pythagoras conceived that the first attention that should be given to men should be addressed to the senses, as when one perceives beautiful figures and forms, or hears beautiful rhythms and melodies. The only times that life numbers are not coded to the lowest single digit is when that number is 11 or 22. That’s right, your birth date or birthday, the day you were born, is how you learn about YOU. Are you sure this SYSTEM you are living in didn’t offer you something COOL to play with? They want to keep you in a 9-5 rat race going around in circles for reasons we’ll be discussing more of here on IV, so please SUBSCRIBE to our blog, like, SHARE and COMMENT. Although there are no preferable Life Path numbers in Numerology, … examining your Life Path compatibility. Although there are no preferable Life Path numbers in Numerology, there are certain numbers that complement each other better than others. Learn the Numerology meaning of the number 5 and apply it with free numerology calculator equations. Numerology is the study of the numbers of your birthdate and the numeric value given to your name which reveal a direct relationship to your life path, personality, soul purpose, karmic lessons and more. If you’ve ever wondered why your personality is a certain way, or why you always seem to have the same challenging experience showing up in your life, then getting a numerology reading just may give you the answers you’re looking for.
Next further reduce the number 39 (3+9=12; 1+2=3) to reveal that 3 is your birth date number.
To help you work out your own personal numbers I put together a free helpsheet, it will walk you through the process of working out your numbers in an easy step by step format. Your Birth Date number is also known as your Life Path number, and reveals the opportunities, challenges and lessons you chose for this lifetime. The letters in your birth name are given a numerical value, and when added together they reveal your Personality Number.
Now that you’ve had a chance to add up your Life Path and Personality Numbers, look at the specific meanings below to understand what the numbers mean in your life. Numerology serves to enlighten us so that we may capitalize on our strengths and turn our weaknesses into strengths that will serve our purpose here in this life. Twenty-two:  Number Twenty-two is the other Master Number in numerology and it is the master builder. Life Path and Personality Numbers are just two of the ways that Numerology can help you evolve more spiritually by helping you understand what your soul came here to accomplish in this lifetime. Your numbers can also reveal more about your heart’s desire, karmic lessons, life cycles and pinnacles that you will experience throughout your life.
All the pictures and information shown on this blog are the property of their respective owners. It means recognising that you have cell-level or subconscious knowledge; you know more than any expert can tell you. Your popularity levels will be high - as will your animal magnetism - so a deal of sensual experimentation may result. To do this it is necessary to recognize the difference between emotional reaction and positive proactive behaviour.
Give parties, join groups, attend courses and get out there and become involved with meeting people.

Let yourself recuperate, preferably close to nature as you will return feeling a new sense of clarity towards your circumstances and be ready for the action ahead next month. Success on the material level will be yours, so remember to be efficient, organised and focussed on results.
It is a critical issue in space, aircraft, medical, underwater diving and industrial applications. Ignition risks can be minimized by controlling heat sources and using materials that will not ignite or will not support burning in the applicable environment. In an oxygen system the presence of oxygen is implied, and in a sufficiently high partial pressure of oxygen, most materials can be considered fuel. Design features which can limit or dissipate the heat generated to keep temperatures below the ignition temperatures of the system materials will prevent ignition. Geometry should be considered as most materials are more flammable when they have small cross-sections or are finely divided.
Flow friction has not been experimentally verified and should be considered only in conjunction with validated ignition mechanisms. Pythagoras lived at the same time as Buddha and Lao Tzu and he taught his disciples that life is an endless wheel of reincarnations until we purify and return to the divine. Consequently he laid down that the first erudition was that which subsists through music’s melodies and rhythms, and from these he obtained remedies of human manners and passions, and restored the pristine harmony of the faculties of the soul. With a few exceptions, everything can be factored to a number from 1 through 9 and each of those numbers has an esoteric meaning. Your name given at birth, when transcribed into numbers with a code that has existed since Pythagoras’ day, can tell you the state of consciousness that you have achieved in this lifetime and indicate the record of the growth of your soul as well. Maybe a new iphone, xbox, ps4, fancy cloths, money, etc  and now you are so addicted that you are not even motivated to KNOW WHO YOU ARE?  WILL YOU EVER LEARN WHO YOU ARE? When you delve into numerology, you also delve into the ancient sciences of astrology and tarot.
It also helps you understand who you are deep down and what talents you possess that will help you with your career especially. This number reveals an overall explanation of your true nature and the way you instinctually behave. While these numbers do explain our strengths and weaknesses, they aren’t necessarily set in stone. You are not easily influenced and you are willing to stand alone and fight for what you believe is right. You have a need for expansion and are willing to travel long distances to meet interesting and new people. You’re introspective and well-balanced and you can weather any storm by retreating within for solace. While a number eleven actually reduces down to a number two, as a Master Number of numerology, eleven is considered a higher vibration of the number two. Go ahead and give Numerology a try; you’ll very likely be surprised how ‘spot on’ it is at describing your life so far.
This site is intended for educational and commentary purposes only, both of which are strictly protected by Free Speech. Any obstacles you come up against this month should be dealt with methodically it may take great determination on your part but the rewards will be worth your while. Aspects include effects of increased oxygen concentration on the ignition and burning of materials and components exposed to these concentrations in service. Potential ignition sources are present in almost all oxygen systems, but fire hazards can be mitigated by controlling the risk factors associated with the oxygen, fuel, or heat, which can limit the tendency for a chemical reaction to occur.
He believed that there was an order to the universe and that number were more than a means of quantifying things. The letter and number code, when properly understood and applied, brings us into a direct and close relationship with the underlying intelligence and vibration of the universe.
But the number 11 is what’s called a Master Number and is extraordinarily powerful in Numerology. You are intent on achieving something in your life and as a master number you carry the characteristics of a four with a down-to-earth practicality that will help you reach your goals. From an early age she developed psychic abilities, but likes to class herself as a guidance councilor. Enlightened Consciousness is not responsible for the opinions or content written by its writers. Pythagoras saw in number patterns and geometrical ratios the explanations of all natural phenomena, musical harmony and tonal qualities. The negative of the number two is that you can be too dependent on others and become passive-aggressive. The negative of the number six is that you can become jealous, possessive and unwilling to change your ways. The negative of the number nine is that you can become financially careless, overly emotional and restless. The negative of the number twenty-two is that you can become overly dramatic and emotional. The information on this website is not intended to replace your relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. These pictures have been collected from different public sources including different websites, blogs considering to be in public domain.
He knew that the stars and planets were vibrating entities that produced sound, which he called the harmony of the spheres.
You do need space from your significant other and contact with friends to enjoy your life; and will become quite restless if you are confined. The negative of the number seven is that you can become a loner and difficult to reach because you don’t share your feelings with others. The negative of the number eight is that you can become materialistic, forceful and sometimes treat romantic relationships like business deals.
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A part of you wants to live in the forests or caves where it's peaceful and where you don't have to deal with fears of people or with an underlying sense of paranoia, which they have refined to an art form. You may find that taking on a new course of study fills the gaps and will lead to mental growth and development.
So get your nose to the grindstone and start building those solid foundations for the months to come.
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Developing your verbal communications skills will be very rewarding this month - whether that be in the form of elocution lessons, learning a foreign language or joining Toast Masters.
You may find that under the energy of this month that you change jobs, partners or move and this of course will change your lifestyle considerably.
However few in this world at present have the drive combined with insight and self knowledge to realise these hidden dreams and allow them to manifest into reality on the physical plane. Even as you continue to evolve and learn over time, you will eventually open up to the point of becoming transparent to a spiritual sense of love, wisdom, and justice operating within yourself and everyone else.

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