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STEM Has Roots in Early ChildhoodWhite House calls for equity among youngest learners.The Potency of Peer-to-Peer LearningAs the Minecraft community discovers, teaching others empowers self-education. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Remake Learning is a professional network of educators and innovators working together to shape the future of teaching and learning in the Greater Pittsburgh Region.
By now you must have realized that I love reading books, especially if they are related to eLearning, Instructional Design, mLearning, or Captivate. I’ve attended some of his face-to-face and online trainings in the past and he has a magic mantra of keeping the audience engaged in the class throughout the session.
The mission started with first picking up the Adobe Captivate 6 Essentials book and then moving on to Beyond Essentials.
He has truly adopted the Learning by Doing principle in his books and details out each task and related steps to give you enough practice.
His book is more of a workbook which is full of hands-on, step-by-step exercises with a lot of screenshots to help you learn better. The essentials book covers basics on getting used to Captivate interface, creating simulations, adding interactive and non-interactive objects and styling them with object styles and effects. And when you are comfortable using Captivate, you can pick up the Beyond Essentials book which covers how to record a video demo, apply custom styles, enable branching, and aggregate multiple courses. When it comes to stunning, functional and stylish timepieces, the good folks over at G-Shock are no strangers. When it comes to giving back to the community, no one does it quite like Grammy Award winning superstar Kelly Rowland. A lot of emphasis is placed on understanding the conventions of how to read a book, for example, reading left to right and top to bottom of a page.   Books containing no words are used to encourage and promote speaking as well as story telling language. Phonic skills are embedded whilst a wider range of reading strategies are taught using a range of different books.  Simple comprehension skills are also taught alongside improving expression, fluency and pace within reading. Comprehension skills are developed further with more emphasis placed on what happens within a book as well as considering author choices of language. A wider breath of books is also available in each reading stage, including a range of non-fiction texts, which allow children to broaden their reading skills. In school, the principles of Guided Reading are used to improve and extend the reading skills of each child.  Children are placed into groups of 6 or less enabling the teacher to tailor the teaching to the needs of each group.
The goal of guided reading is to enable learners to become independent, able to read, understand and appreciate texts on their own without the teacher’s help.  In small groups the teacher can observe each child’s behaviour to see the process by which they are creating meaning from the text and then offer prompts to develop strategies.
To set this Reading A Book Pictures as wallpaper background on your Desktop, SmartPhone, Tablet, Laptop, iphone, ipad click above to open in a new window in full resolution then save Reading A Book Pictures on your desktop. A Gallup poll reports that about 37% of Americans read more than 10 books a year, 16% haven’t read any, with the median being 5 books a year.

Movie attendance and Internet usage doesn’t seem to have had that much impact on many people reading books, but they can help people decide which books they would or would not like to read.
If you like to read, indulge yourself during the down times within your day or during your holidays.
Canadian stress and resiliency strategist, Beverly Beuermann-King, CSP, translates current research and best practices information into a realistic, accessible and practical approach through her dynamic stress and wellness workshops, on-line stress and resiliency articles, books, e-briefs and media interviews. The 39 Clues. More than one book, this young adult adventure series is currently composed of 16 separate novels. Geek Dad. Written by the popular author of the Geek Dad blog, this book supplies dads (and moms) with exciting ideas for tinkering, exploring and creating with their kids.
Did you have a favorite childhood book that ignited your love of history, taught you cool science experiments, or helped you form one of your favorite geeky obsessions? Representing more than 250 organizations, including early learning centers & schools, museums & libraries, afterschool programs & community nonprofits, colleges & universities, ed-tech startups & major employers, philanthropies & civic leaders, Remake Learning is collaborative effort to inspire and empower a generation of lifelong learners in Pittsburgh, West Virginia, and beyond. This time I picked up books authored by Kevin Siegel, who is a fantastic trainer and a fabulous person with a great sense of humor.
As a learner, I felt really relieved to see the practice files available for download, which would allow me to follow along the steps. All the instructions and steps are to-the-point and crisp, using just enough words to help you learn. It also covers how you can add audio, video, animation, and PowerPoint slides to your project along with adding quiz questions.
And here’s my verdict: These books are really useful for anyone who wants to learn Captivate. Similar to theater, the presenter reads the script with expressions, emotions and voice-modulation. Guided Reading allows teachers to give immediate feedback on success and the opportunity to discuss further areas for improvement.
Matching a young reader with the book they’ll fall in love with is itself a labor of love.
Since the time it was first published in 1947, Goodnight Moon has remained one of the most popular books for kids — especially those who have trouble falling asleep.
So, my self-assigned task while reading these books was to gauge if his books were as engaging and effective as his training sessions are! The best part about the language Kevin uses in his books is that it is very easy to understand, conversational, and full of catchy phrases… I’m sure you’ll like them as much as I do! It helps you take those baby steps by handholding you when you begin learning and towards the end makes you competent enough to create your eLearning courses with ease using Adobe Captivate 6.
It seems that people in my age group have a harder time reading a book than those are older.

If the book requires your unbroken attention and you have small children running around you or you plan on reading during your lunch hour, this may not be the book for you. Luckily, children’s authors are happy to help, and every year they publish more books on unique, even esoteric, subjects. Matilda devours books, outsmarts conniving and self-absorbed adults, and sticks up for her fellow kids. In that time, she’s taken us through hurricanes and asteroid belts and even the human heart. The two battle against their family members to find the 39 clues — ingredients that hold the key to a serum that can create the most powerful human on earth. But a lot has changed since the late 40s, and children are far less likely to say goodnight to balls of yarn and bowls of mush than they are to end the day with their tablets, smartphones and laptops. It didn’t take me long to realize that his books were actually allowing me to start thinking and working on a project from scratch.
That’s good news for kids, and even better news for the adults trying their best to make reading and learning fun. Each Magic School Bus book is a different adventure, and kids who love science will love riding along with Miss Frizzle’s frazzled students. Each book comes with six game cards that allow readers to jump into the action online, making The 39 Clues a great series for inquisitive kids who love a challenge.
Goodnight iPad puts a new spin on the old classic while it satires our culture’s growing dependence on technology. It had some really important questions that I should ask myself while planning the eLearning project, to some realistic timelines to expect for course completion. Rumor has it that Spielberg will direct a movie based on the books in 2014, so now’s a better time than ever to crack open book one and begin the journey. The Spark Network has rounded up five titles that are sure to thrill geeky kids of all stripes.
Readers Theater generates fluency in the participants reading through recurring exposure to plays and accelerates the understanding of the situation in audience.
It is an activity that integrates reading, speaking, listening, expressing and learning into a single framework.Check out some of the resources below for more information on reader's theater as well as samples and advice on creating your own scripts for the classroom.What is Reader’s Theater About?

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