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New Delhi government passed a new provision of paying the ticket money booked from IRCTC site after delivery. This step is taken to decrease the crowd at the ticket counters and make the people more smart using the internet. The Anduril Technologies will be provision his COD services as they are been authorized for this by the government.
So, finally for the first time the much awaited service is now made available by the government to about 200 cities and will be increased to many more cities later after survey. This service will be firstly available to cities Mumbai, Chandigarh, Pune, Ahmedabad, Jaipur and in states like Bangalore and Kolkata.
If you want no-fluff information about holidays in India, you've come to the right place. Depending on whether you are in or outside India, there are two ways to book train tickets in India: Offline and Online? Once inside the country, you can go to a railway station (there are more than 7,500 of them) and get a ticket from there.
Most international airports in India will have an railway counter (just like a prepaid taxi stand) where certain number of train tickets are reserved for tourists. While the official Indian Railways website is a popular choice, a downside of the service is that it isn’t very user friendly so you end up spending a lot of time just figuring out how the whole booking system works. There are several websites mentioned above along with many others you can book tickets with. IndRail Pass is a permit which allows you unlimited travel for a specific duration; normally not lasting more than three months.
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Indeed Michael, when travelling on the Indian railways, one is able to get the real zest of India. I doubt there is another resource online that answers more practical questions about visiting India online.
I think situation has become better now, since railways have restricted travel agents to book tatkal tickets only after 11 AM.

And I agree with above mentioned comments, Tatkal matters are really messy for a new-comer.
Whenever i visit your blog it give me a nice refreshment as u always talk about our country.
Online booking is very convenient, saves you a lot of time and wandering around the station. Traveling by train is always adventurous but you really have to be lucky to have tickets available. As opposed to the formal web page, this one expenses a little commission; and from what its customers have to say, it’s value it. The Worst thing in Indian Railway is that if you are travelling on some Big Route,Then Forget about an Confirm ticket if you have not booked the ticket before 2 month of the travelling date,and forget about Online Booking in Tatkal. I like to use IRCTC website for train tickets and YATRA for internal flight bookings whenever I visit India (mostly once or twice a year).
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This is most conventional way of booking train tickets and you’ll not be over charged. You can always take advantage of this and buy your reservations or tickets before you come out of the airport.
For example, ClearTrip, although a private website, it beats its government competitor by a long shot; it even accepts foreign credit cards. The names of several Indian cities have been changed in the past few years, so you will have to be careful. This is a cheaper and more convenient option if you plan is to hop from one city to another. She is the founder of YouBihar, the Bihar social networking site and writer on tourism in India. First of all, India never fails to amaze me, from the culture, the people, the food, the country all in all. So i have seen many people’s in india they are try to close with you for friendship in train. This is very useful information to everyone bcz nowadays peoples most are travelling in train only so its easy way to book tickets through online itself.

These are my usual places and I need a combination of rail and air travel and these two websites really are great tool for me to plan my trip effectively.
Well, then boarding a cairns to port douglas bus driven by Coral Reef Coaches professional drivers is the right choice for you. TRAIN RESERVATION 3 HOTEL BOOKING 4 INT FLIGHT BOOKING 5 HOLIDAY PACAKAGES 6 BUS BOOKING 7 CAR BOOKING 8. A new option is added in the available options of booking ticket from debit or credit cards.
If you don’t like standing in a queue, an authorised railway agent (not a ticket tout) can make things go faster for a small commission. They do charge a commission, but it is very low, much lower than any travel agent or hotel would charge.
I absolutely think that going from one place to another in the heart of India through train is a rewarding adventure.
Like the shopping sites, now you can shop or buy the ticket and pay for it after it is delivered at your home.
Currently it employs over one-and-a-half million people, links 28 states and three union territories, operates over 6,000 locomotives running on more than 60,000 km long tracks spread across the country and ferrying over 10 billion people (more than the planet’s population) every year. Here is a simple book that tells you everything you ever wanted to know about this amazing country.
The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation finally offered the service for which everyone was waiting. This gigantic network offers an unmatched variety of trains – from notoriously crowded trains whose photos you often see on the web to cruise trains that offer an unrivalled luxury – and unique way to discover India. Remember if you do decide to buy tickets at the railway station, there are separate queues for women. My book, India For Kids is designed especially for children but travellers going to India can also take advantage of this simple book.
You can find out more about the book here India For Kids: Amazing Facts About India which is available on all Amazon stores.

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