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These are very traditional house name plates and house number signs which have a real touch of class.
Cast brass arch top name plates come in four different sizes with four colours to choose from. This lovely arch top number sign is beautifully polished and can include up to three numbers. This oval house number plate is made from solid cast brass with a polished raised rim and lettering.
A beautiful polished number house plate with an interesting rope effect design around the edge. An elegant house number sign with rope effect edge, includes house number and your choice of motif. With three sizes to choose from these address signs - would look very stylish on any house. London's prime resource for Architectural Salvage, Antique Fireplaces,Restored Cast Iron Radiators, Antique Doors, Reclaimed Wood,Reclaimed Flagstones and Reclaimed Building Materials.

As Cutout specialises in laser cut concepts using Metals, Timbers and Acrylics; we can create commercial and residential signage that will suit any application.
We also produce specialty commercial and residential laser cut numbers and name plates tailor made for your requirements. Our graphic designers here at Cutout can either custom design your signage solution for you, or create your concept using your own design.
Please contact Cutout with your requirements to receive accurate pricing and any recommendations we may have regarding your custom laser cut signage solution.
Our highly specialised Cutout laser cut number plate was custom designed by our resident graphic designer.
We created this specialty piece using two layers of spliced 5mm thick Mild Steel with four precision machined laser cut elements in total to form the number 14. This specialty hand made Cutout piece is completed with our decorative solid Mild Steel rivets and is set slightly off this beautiful bluestone wall facade, creating even more presence and volume to this feature laser cut corporate number. Cutout has designed and manufactured this specialty laser cut custom Corten rusted steel sign for a property near Berwick in Victoria.

We spin the diamond to make the letters wider then we Oxidize the plate to help speed the natural oxidizing of the brass giving the plate a special look. The utmost attention to detail has been involved in creating this stunning and quite interesting contrast between raw Mild Steel surfaces; both a dappled effect and a polished finish have been used. This sign has been fixed between supports, rather than directly onto which would create visible front face fixtures.
Our metal workers have used rusted Mild Steel RHS and our hand-made Mild Steel inserts with beveled edges to finish this specialty free-standing sign.

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