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A brow lift or brow lift surgery is performed on both men and women and is designed to deliver a younger, softer looking appearance to the upper facial area.
For more information on any of the above, feel free to visit the Procedures section of our website, call us on 03 9592 0522 or submit a confidential enquiry via our website. The Aesthetic Meeting is a global gathering of innovators and aesthetic experts and highlights ground breaking new advances in aesthetics, great new products and showcases a range of great speakers. Just from looking at my pictures, which procedures do you think will help improve and feminise my face? Take a look through these examples to see the dramatic improvements in reduction of wrinkles and facial lines appearance that patients have enjoyed thanks to the Dr BK team.
The procedure is most popular with men and women aged 40-65 although is generally considered appropriate for anyone who feels that their brow area has sagged.

Because everyone is different, a trained plastic surgeon will be best placed to recommend the most appropriate approach for you to achieve the desired outcome. It seems that the attempt at raising and narrowing your tip didn't work, or it didn't work well enough.
Whilst lifestyle factors may help keep wrinkles at bay (you have heard it all before - good nutrition, always wear sunscreen, don't smoke etc) there are also other approaches available in wrinkle reduction by way of plastic and cosmetic procedures. The way I see your nose, it requires the very best effort at raising and narrowing that tip. One, the cartilage might still be in a position to keep the tip of your nose wide and drooping. That would be good, because modifying the tip cartilages to raise and narrow the tip is one of the more predictable changes that can be made in a revision rhinoplasty.

It would not be unusual for this to be the case, because raising the tip involves complicated work on the tip of the nose, something not every plastic surgeon can do. The scar tissue can be addressed, by removing all that can be removed, but it's generally less predictable than working on cartilage.When selecting a surgeon, you must be certain to look at his before and after revision rhinoplasty photos, to see if he has been able to make these kind of changes for his other patients.

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