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If the Lantern has taught you anything, it's that most consumer products make their biggest scar on the earth during manufacture and transport, before they ever get into your greedy little hands. Apple's iPad generates 130 kg of carbon dioxide equivalents during its lifetime, according to company estimates. So far, electronic readersa€”not the machines, in this case, but their ownersa€”are far surpassing that pace.
If you're not ready to plunk down $139 for a Kindle or $499 for an iPad, or you just love the feel of dead tree between your fingers, there's one thing you can do to significantly ease the environmental impact of your reading: Buy your books online.
An even better option is to walk to your local library, which can spread the environmental impact of a single book over an entire community. This “zest” ad offered a nice collection of cheerful clips showing the Kindle in several cozy (although somewhat unlikely) places!
When Amazon lowered the price for their lightest Kindles to just $139, they also released a new ad that was clearly aimed at a younger market. The ad eventually won Amazon’s contest (leading to a series of six more ads) — and its music matched the theme perfectly!
I was really proud after identifying which novel Amazon was showing being read in their latest Kindle commercial. Just 12 years ago, she was launching her career by starring in stage plays in Dallas — like Viva Las Vegas with Lou Diamond Phillips, as well as stage productions of Moulin Rouge and Chicago. When Amazon released their first Kindle Fire tablets, they created some excitement with an ad that depicted the entire history of the written word.
Fortunately, you can pause the video long enough to read some of the sentences — and if you type them into Google, you can reveal the secret answer. At that exact moment, 6-0-0, the sun climbed over the skyline of oaks, revealing its full summer angry-god self.
You can read the whole chapter online — NPR Books published a much longer excerpt back in May of 2012 when the thriller was first released. I didn’t want to let the week go by without acknowledging one of my favorite, heart-warming stories. At a site called Mobile Mag, another blogger seemed to agree with that analysis, writing that that there are indeed more apps available for the iPad, it has a larger display, and its operating system is a lot more sophisticated. A pair of pink-faced girls of about ten, all giggly and whispery, are posting their wishes, and just the sight of them gives me a rush of nostalgia. Minnie is drawing earnestly all over her card and has got felt-tip on her hands and her nose. In all the excitement, I almost forgot to mention: Amazon also has a new ad for their Paperwhite Kindle. There was also a lot of discussion about how exactly Amazon will provide the lighting on the screen.
Amazon’s just released two slick new ads to promote their new Kindle Fire HD tablets.
I liked the bouncy song in the background, which adds to the breezy tone of the commercial.
It must be a lot of fun being the woman from the Kindle ad — and then being able to show up with Kindles for all your friends.

She even bought her dad a Kindle for Christmas — then posted a picture of it up on Twitter.
That ad was released in November, when most people were still waiting for their tablets to arrive, so Amazon apparently wanted to remind them how happy they’d be when it arrived. Accordingly, green-minded consumers are usuallya€”although not alwaysa€”better off buying fewer things when possible. Sure, producing one Kindle is tougher on the environment than printing a single copy of Pride and Prejudice. According to the environmental consulting firm Cleantech, which aggregated a series of studies, a single book generates about 7.5 kg of carbon dioxide equivalentsa€”the value of all its greenhouse gas emissions expressed in terms of the impact of carbon dioxide. The newspaper and book publishing industries together consume 153 billion gallons of water annually, according to the nonprofit Green Press Initiative. The production of ink for printing releases a number of volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere, including hexane, toluene, and xylene, which contribute to smog and asthma.
Brick-and-mortar bookstores are horribly inefficient because they stock way more books than they can sell. There’s at least one heart-warming story, one provokative developments, and at least a few people who are definitely deserving of some jeers. Last Friday movie actress Uma Thurman read The Cat in the Hat to more than 250 schoolchildren — many of whom were wearing special red and white-striped hats just like the cat in Dr.
One of my favorites shows a little boy telling his grandmother what he wants in the book that sbe’s going to give him for a Christmas gift.
But I thought it was funny that there was another Kindle ad that had an even stranger connection to Christmas that was much more subtle. It’s Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella, the sixth book in a series of funny books about life as a shopaholic. I once joked that maybe Amazon was sending hidden messages in the ebooks they were displaying on the Kindle’s screen in their ads.
But soon Amazon should start broadcasting them on TV during prime-time commercial breaks, where they’ll presumably be seen by millions. It’s really fun to see how a professional advertising agency captures the fun of owning a Kindle with flashy video clips and exotic music choices. The exact same song was used in a commercial for Bloomingdales, according to the band’s page on Wikipedia. But in real life, she’s a big fan of the Kindle — and gave away over half a dozen of them as a gift this Christmas!
A little girl peeking through a flower-colored curtains watches a mail truck arrive at her house. Reusable cloth diapers, for example, are better than disposables, because the environmental costs of manufacture and transport outweigh those of washing. But every time you download and read an electronic book, rather than purchasing a new pile of paper, you're paying back a little bit of the carbon dioxide and water deficit. Those analyses do not indicate how much additional carbon is generated per book read (as a result of the energy required to host the e-bookstore's servers and power the screen while you read), but they do include the full cost of manufacture, which likely accounts for the lion's share of emissions. It takes about seven gallons to produce the average printed book, while e-publishing companies can create a digital book with less than two cups of water.

Between one-quarter and one-third of a bookstore's volumes will ultimately be shipped back to the publisher and on to recycling centers or landfills. Studies suggest that fewer than one-third of Americans visit their local library at least once a month, and fewer than one-half went in the last year. But it turns out that when you download the longer (free) version of the song from Amazon, it’s actually got some very thoughtful lyrics. The question I’ve asked most often during our marriage, if not out loud, if not to the person who could answer. In fact, I wanted to make this list partly just so I could give a special jeer to all of the authors cited in this story in the Wall Street Journal. And in this one she ponders the next generation of shoppers, starting with her two-year-old daughter Minnie.
There’s a woman relaxing by the pool, a tall glass of lemonade, and a room with a view of the beach.
And her eyebrows go up as she spots a postman trotting up her steps, delivering a package from Amazon — as a voice-over begins.
But today, the Lantern has good news: There will be no Sophie's choice when it comes to e-books.
The actual operation of an e-reader represents a small percentage of its total environmental impact, so if you run your device into the ground, you'll end up paying back that debt many times over. Computer production is not free of hard-to-pronounce chemicals, to be sure, but both the iPad and the Kindle comply with Europe's RoHS standards, which ban some of the scarier chemicals that have been involved in electronics production. The carbon footprint of the average book purchased in a bookstore tops 15 kg of CO2 equivalents, more than twice the overall average for books.
Libraries report that the average community member checks out 7.4 books per yeara€”far less than the three per month consumed on e-readersa€”and more than one-third of those items were children's books. The Kindle in the ad has turned to a poignant page where, as her daughter leaves a card for Santa in a wishing well, the narrator remembers leaving her own greedy Christmas letters. It’s airing only in England, but you can also watch it online on Amazon’s official channel for Kindle videos!
And she’s also receiving a few funny messages herself – from other enthusiastic Kindle owners!
As long as you consume a healthy number of titles, you read at a normal pace, and you don't trade in your gadget every year, perusing electronically will lighten your environmental impact. You'd need to get halfway into your 23rd book on Kindle to get out of the environmental red. E-readers do, however, require the mining of nonrenewable minerals, like columbite-tantalite, which sometimes come from politically unstable regions. And experts can't seem to agree on whether we're at risk of exhausting the world's supply of lithium, the lifeblood of the e-reader's battery.

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