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After successfully building a brushless controller i have decided also to build my own brushless motor.
Before start to design something you need to know the RPM needed,torque needed,running voltage, max Amps. Delta connection will give you higher power per cooper amount, higher RPM, higher current, lower phase voltage. STAR will give you lower RPM, higher torque (1,73 more than dela) , higher the voltate, lower the current. If the thickness of the magnet is bigger and  you will need a bigger magnetic field to start demagnetize it.
Next step is to run mathematical analysis in magnetic field to see if i have some areas with saturated magnetic field. Because the losses in the core lamination are increasing  with increase (non linear) in frequency we want to have a frequency as low as possible for max motor RPM.

Custom Magnets received  and tested by heating up to 120 Celsius to see if  any drop in magnetic field occurs. My name is Berca Iulian, i`m from Romania, i have electrical engineering studies i work develop new 3Phase inverters for Brushless motors and PMSM. I`m designing in Eagle-cad : brushless controller circuits, dc motor controller circuits,protection circuits,etc. I`m constantly improving my design for a robust brushless controller, with all protection needed (overcurrent, over-temperature,fault output, torque control) also ramp acceleration and deceleration and adapting timing angle. This is the newest version with 4 mosfet in parallel per switch  IR4110 but doesn`t matter what mosfet you use as the volgate and current is good for you.
In the right upper corner command module and in lower corner a dc-dc converter module from ebay. This is not very easy task because you need hi temperature magnets and are not so cheap and easy to find for your needed size.

The actual temperature where magnet start to loose strength is size, shape and magnetic circuit dependent. The time rinse obtained with avago IC ACPL-P343 was 1,2uS at 12Khz, not so good  if you want the switching losses low. I decided to make a reverse outrunner motor design because is more easy to cool the stator if is outside. If you have a magnet attached to a piece of steel  i will demagnetize at higher magnetic flux than in a free space.

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