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The exact process for registering your kit car seems to vary depending upon which local Vehicle Registration Office (VRO) you go to.
To qualify for a current registration, the vehicle must have been built using all new components, with one exception, the engine. To qualify for an age related registration, the vehicle must have been built using a combination of new components and components from a single donor vehicle. When building a Tiger Cat, it is possible to get an age related registration without much difficulty providing the forms are filled in correctly. Alternatively, you can register the replacement engine on the donor vehicles V5 certificate.
If your built vehicle doesn't fit into either of the above categories, it will be assigned a 'Q' registration.
In the past, this was been snubbed as being a 'bad thing' and was taken to indicate some sort of inferior quality. Essentially there are three parts to the registration process - an inspection of the vehicle, the Single Vehicle Approval test and the registration paperwork. The process at the VRO should take around 30 minutes, at the end of which, you should leave a bit lighter in the pocket with a valid tax disc and a huge grin as you can now get some number plates and legally drive the car on the road.
Surprisingly enough, many people are not aware of what takes place with the car registration when you buy a car. So, the question I get asked a lot is, “Does the registration transfer with the vehicle or does it start over? No, unfortunately, you don’t get to start a new registration period with the vehicle.
To purchase a bond, Click on the link above and select your State and then select Defective Motor Vehicle Bond from the choices provided. All In One Vehicle Registration Service is a Privately Owned Business and is NOT affiliated with the DMV.
V5C, V5 document, Log book - all these are the names of one and the same paper - document on the registration of the vehicle in the UK. On title page displayed the number of the certificate on registration (Document reference number) registration number of the vehicle (Registration number), name and surname of the present owner, its address.
In 2010, the design of the cover page V5C changed, so don't be surprised if you see the document of the old sample. For starters, you need to record all the data of the previous owner: name and surname, his full postal address. Before sending the letter to the DVLA, you need to pay to mail a fine in the amount of 25 pounds for the lack of the certificate of registration and to enclose payment receipt of the letter. One of the hassles most expats have to endure is having to buy a car in an entirely new country. When the kids and I first arrived in Johannesburg, I fully expected to find a shiny new car in the garage.
So, in hindsight, if you’re purchasing from a car dealership, you can go ahead and pay them, get the car in return, and let them then handle all your paperwork without worry.
But there is one thing you still have to do it in person, and that's applying for a Traffic Register Number.
So, your number one requirement, if you want to purchase a car in South Africa, is to have at least one permanent visa together with a work permit in your family’s possession. Having a permanent visa can definitely help you with a lot of things, just as having a U.S.
Hi Sine,Your blog has been a fantastic resource - thank you for all of the helpful information (we're relocating to Cape Town in 4 weeks). I got it real bad from these guys here, bought a car from a dealership and they told me I had to apply for a TRN. Registration Mark: If you have an already purchased registration number on a V750 retention certificate, enter the number here, otherwise leave this box blank.

The registration begins when a record is created for a vehicle for the first time a record is created with the California DMV. Never buy a car without checking the status of the registration or the history of the vehicle. This document contains all the information about the history of the machine, its current and previous owners, technical parameters of the vehicle, and much more. As well as the information about the previous owner: his name and surname, address and date, when the car was on it decorated in England.
Here reflects all data of the car: the registration number, make and model of the car, date of first registration, body type, class of taxation and much more.
Usually the owners don't know the procedures car sale for export (since before've never done this!), so you have to intelligibly explain the seller of this procedure.
This situation is acceptable, as in England, the driver is not required to be in possession of this document, sitting behind the wheel. Car prices are about twice as high on average as in the United States, so you best adjust your expectations. You might not have a bank account yet, in which case you would need a bank draft made out in ZAR.
But I was still lucky in that he had his permanent visa, whereas many expats arrive here without them, in which case they are stuck without a car. Most insurance companies will insure your vehicle over the phone according to the make of the car, and then follow up with an at-home visit to make sure you actually own a car and aren’t buying phantom insurance. I didnt have a visa at the time and couldnt get it so I never got the Certificate of Registration. That sounds like just the kind of bureaucratic nightmare you can encounter in South Africa. Even though it should be possible, if the lady behind the desk tells you it's not, what can you do but send your husband instead?
Registration plates in the UK and Germany have a maximum of seven characters.Some 37,000 people are employed in the motor industry in Ireland. Even if you purchase the vehicle from a dealer or a private seller, the registration still stays with the vehicle.
With this coupon the new owner can use the car for 2 months, until he receives a letter from the DVLA with the new document V5C (usually wait for the letter should be just a couple of weeks). The seller enters in this coupon projected date of export, puts the date and the signature, the rest of the document, he shall give it to you (do not forget, that must be necessarily filled in blocks 6 and 8). Things don’t move that quickly in South Africa, and he hadn't even gotten his own company car yet, driving a beat-up Toyota rental instead.
What’s more, the market is not quite as big, so once you've settled on a car you like, you might not be able to find one. But it's a good idea to set up a local bank account as one of your first items to do, and this might be a good time to do it.
Instead you show up with what was mentioned over the phone, get sent home again because something that wasn’t mentioned is missing, and show up a few days later with the missing one, only to be told that now something else is required as well. They will also most likely require you to have a tracking service like Altech Netstar (about R180 per month). These are very useful tips, and I'm sure a lot of people will find this useful if they do plan on buying a car in South Africa. So the dealership that's since then closed has the old registration for the car, and you need that to get it transferred to you, right? Some times just taking the time to check the registration to see if its expired or just checking the history of the vehicle can save you the headache¬†from a bad investment.
Name of the document - "Certificate of registration" duplicated in all the languages of the European Union. The rest of the document, in this case the previous owner immediately after the sale sends mail to the address of the DVLA.

The coupon of the seller sends to the DVLA mail and registration of the car in the UK will be cancelled. This, of course, not very well, but should not become a reason for a refusal on purchase of a good car. The form is very simple: you need to specify the details of the car (make, model, color and VIN number) and information about yourself (name, surname, postal address in the UK(!!!), contact telephone number and date of purchase of a car). Check some used car websites (like Autotrader) early to get a better idea of what’s out there.
I'll be talking about the details of bank accounts some other time, but rest assured it will involve a bunch of documents - passport with residence permit, lease agreement, etc. The application process will take a few days, meaning you will have to go there again (on the Friday following the Wednesday) to pick up your certificates, at which time the transfer of ownership can take place.
I was left driving a car with an expired license disc and you would not believe how lucky I got getting through police checkpoints unnoticed.
Neither I nor my husband are permanent residents, we both have temporary visas, based on his work permit. You will have hands on the basic certificate of registration with full technical data of the vehicle. On question 3 answer "I bought the vehicle from the previous keeper or motor trader and I have not received a V5C yet" (tick the box opposite), put signature and date. You'll need all those as well when registering your car, which is what I'll talk about in a minute. Once again, the car dealership might offer to apply for the Certificate of Registration on your behalf, but since you'll still need the Traffic Register Number, you might as well do both at the same time. At least that is true for the spouse and kids, and I assume it's the same for the work permit holder.
Had you brought your husband that time, they would have asked for your utility bill 2 years back, or the copy of the passport of your cousin, once removed, on your mother's side. Im currently stuck with the car and need to sell it as I will be leaving soon a couple of visits to the Traffic Department was to no avail, they keep telling me I have to get hold of the company that sold me the car.Does anyone know what I can do to get the certificate of registration?
Can you perhaps go to another dealership dealing with that brand of cars - maybe they can go into the system, and print out something that shows the details of the car? In fact, read it now so you can print out the Road Traffic Act where the license issue is addressed. However, most companies employ one or more drivers, so in our case I made use of that service quite a bit before I inherited aforementioned Toyota. It’s a film that protects your windshield and windows against being smashed in, and most higher-end cars will come already equipped with it. I eventually advanced to the inner sanctum where a very bored-looking woman took all my papers and proceeded to enter everything into a computer. Eventually she wanted to see my passport, but after a quick glance handed everything back to me and told me it was no good, she couldn’t give me the traffic register number. It’s a good thing to have if you're concerned about security and crime in South Africa.
Most people will be there for a drivers’ license renewal or something of that sort, and you should be whisked right through to the car registration counter. People who were trying to be helpful, like colleagues and relocation agents, instead gave us our first glimpse into South Africa's racial tensions.
If you have a work permit and are the bread winner so to speak, you should be okay with opening a bank account and buying a car and such things.
When you're about to hand over several hundred thousand rand, you are not going to just brush away a warning, no matter how insensitive.

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